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BC Sandpile - January meetings

Monday, January 06, 2014

BC Sandpile is a weekly online meeting run by Business Catalyst Partners for the purpose of sharing ideas, best practices, and networking.

Weekly Day/Time:

  • San Francisco: Tuesdays, 5pm (all times adjusted in relation to this time)
  • New York City: Tuesdays, 8pm
  • London: Wednesdays, 1am
  • Sydney: Wednesdays, noon

How To Use Business Catalyst in Develop Mode - 7th January (8th in AUS) 2013
Scott B Reynolds from Thrise and PrestoBC will show how to best use the develop mode in Business Catalyst. Following this short presentation, the group will discuss which tools they use to build BC sites.

Marketing with Business Catalyst (3 of 3) - 14th January (15th in AUS) 2013
Adam Zoblotsky from Mustard Mouth Marketing is going to complete his three part series on Marketing with Business Catalyst. Be sure to watch Adam's previous marketing Sandpiles on the event's details page.

Business Catalyst Questions and Answers- 21st January (22nd in AUS) 2013
This Sandpile we are going to ask the group questions. The answers will likely uncover solutions and techniques that will better everyone who attends. Some of the questions that will be asked are listed on this event's details page.

Top 5 jQuery Techniques Every BC Developer Should Know - 28th January (29th in AUS) 2013
Michael Sallander from BC Academe will show off the top 5 jQuery techniques every BC developer should know. Even if you're not a developer this is a Sandpile you won't want to miss.

Full schedule:
Sandpile Recordings:

The last showcase of the year is on Responsive Design

Diana Iliescu Monday, December 30, 2013

Kerry Ballard, Managing Director of BC Partner Dezines Internet Solutions Limited, has shared with us her experience in providing Responsive Design to their clients over this past year, which it's proving to be absolutely critical in all of their web projects now.

Retailers announced last week that they had seen massive online sales over the past few weeks leading up to Christmas, and the vast majority of the online sales generated, were from Smartphone and Tablet devices. They indicated that a good proportion of customers were browsing their website in the evening whilst watching television, as opposed to browsing from the desktop in the home office or at work.

Kerry thinks every web development company needs to understand what's happening in terms of consumer behavior, and with that in mind - it becomes very apparent that Responsive Design is playing a major role in driving consumer engagement and buying behavior.

Below she describes one of her completed projects - the website TriDri Diving:

“TriDri Diving approached us in the summer of 2013 initially to scope out whether we could create a transactional website that would showcase their new diving accessory product ‘TriDri’ – an effective device that rapidly dries the inside of drysuits. It was important that we launched the website by October 26th the weekend of DIVE 2013 International Dive Show at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. The client had seen our full service approach website (also responsive) at and from that, felt we were the right web development company to work with.

After a number of meetings, we accepted the project and agreed to deliver an engaging website that allowed customers to buy online with minimum fuss. Understanding BC, we knew the fully integrated platform would permit us to create a website framework that allowed customers to create online commercial accounts and access secure forums. Page content needed to be precise and layout simple, but we recommended a responsive design for the website, as we understood how consumer behavior has changed very quickly when buying online over the past year, and there is now an extremely strong trend to using mobile smartphones and tablets to purchase goods - it was critical therefore, the website functioned on any device! Our client required access to powerful CMS and CRM systems and prior to DIVE 2013, needed to send out an email marketing campaign to drive brand and product awareness, driving traffic to the website and the DIVE 2013 trade stand. Social Media tools were also important and the client wanted to maximize the effectiveness of the technology that powers the BC platform. A multi-platform instructional video was created by us, and we are planning to add additional video content of the product in use in real time scenarios in the near future.

The client has received advanced training from us, to maximize their use of the website, plus they have access to video support resources at our dedicated platform website Having seen good online sales since the site went live, and excellent feedback from visitors at DIVE 2013, our client is currently preparing the next phase of their email marketing campaign to target the Police, Fire & Rescue, Military, Professional Divers, Oil & Gas companies, Sports and Recreation sectors. We are supporting them as they develop their business, but without BC, it would have been extremely challenging to deliver such a powerful integrated platform, at a price that was affordable for the client.

We have been a BC UK partner now since early 2010 and it has revolutionized the way we can deliver solutions to a range of businesses and organizations with start-up budgets to £300M + turnover! Business Catalyst is allowing us to solve complex problems for high end projects and as a company, we have grown in confidence knowing we can truly develop websites that drive brand awareness, customer engagement and revenue for our clients.”

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team wishes you all a Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!

Diana Iliescu Monday, December 23, 2013

It's been a busy 2013 at Business Catalyst - we've migrated our servers to Amazon, brought you a range of new features, and started work on some exciting new technology to help you build your own BC apps in the new year.

We'd like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. See you in 2014 for what's bound to be our best year yet!

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

Video of the Month: Enhanced Responsive Design with Dreamweaver

Diana Iliescu Friday, December 20, 2013

We're continuing our journey this month in the world of responsive design. Now we're exploring the option to create responsive projects in Dreamweaver using the Fluid Grid Layout feature to help make designing for multiple screens easier.

Fluid Grid Layouts provide a visual way to create different layouts corresponding to devices on which the website is displayed by displaying content in containers that have widths set to percentages, which react proportionately to changes in screen sizes.

Check out the video below to see how designing for multiple screen sizes can be simplified with the enhanced Fluid Grid Layout. You will also see how enabling a class based workflow gives you more control over shared properties and behaviors on your Fluid Grid Layout framework.

Support availability during holidays

Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's that time of year again and in order to give our Support team a well-deserved rest, we'll be adjusting our schedule over the holiday season. Please find our team's availability during the holiday period outlined in the table below.

On those days marked as "emergencies/incidents only", we'll have an on-call team members available in the unlikely event of a service outage or emergency issues. From December 27-31 support will be available as per usual on all channels, however we'll have a smaller team online as we expect an overall lower volume of traffic. During this timeframe Accounts support will offer only limited coverage.

December 25 Emergencies/incidents only
December 26 Emergencies/incidents only
December 27 Limited coverage
December 28 Limited coverage
December 29 Limited coverage
December 30 Limited coverage
December 31 Emergencies/incidents only
January 1 Emergencies/incidents only
January 2 Limited coverage

Up until December 24 and from January 3 onwards, Support will be fully operational and available via all channels. Thank you for all of your support during 2013, looking forward to an exciting 2014!

Thank you,
The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

December 11th Responsive Design Webinar: recording & showcase

Diana Iliescu Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanks to those of you who attended our BC webinar with Paul Cheney.

If you were unable to join us live, you can access the recordings below:

Paul was also so kind to showcase a website for which he used responsive design, for a better understanding of the client's requirements, implementation and benefits. Please read below his description:

The Rudd Law Firm wanted a new site (to replace a WordPress site) that was mobile friendly and easy to update. I used a responsive template with Media Queries so the site automatically adapts to the end users phone, tablet or desktop. The client also wanted the flat look popular with Windows and some mobile phones operating systems.

The slider on the front page uses a BC "Content Holder" for the required JavaScript and HTML code. This slider is touch enabled for tablets and phones.

This site also features two different uses of the "News" module. The standard use is in the "News and Articles" section and the second use is on the home page as well as several others that displays a random "Featured Practice Area".  These are coded using the HTML5 <aside> tag and controlled with CSS.

All my clients get a set of instructional videos which show them how to login and make changes to their site. I used the BC "Media Downloads" and BC "Categories" to create a hidden "help" page.

This site started out as a Photoshop graphic showing the client what to expect. We went through several revisions until they approved the layout, colors, fonts etc.  Next I built a single html page which they could then view on phones, tablets and desktops. Once that was approved, I moved the template into Business Catalyst and built the site.”

And last, don't forget to register for our upcoming webinar:

Wed, January 15th: SEO with Katherine Anderson from Sirocco Web Design and Business Catalyst SEO

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to send them over to We will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

Thank you and hope to see you in next month’s webinar.

Don't miss the last BC Partner Webinar of the year!

Diana Iliescu Monday, December 09, 2013

Don't forget to register for our webinar on Wednesday:

Wed, December 11th: Responsive Design with Paul Cheney, Ph.D. from Spartan Design Web

To help you put your learning into practice, webinar participants will be receive a 15% discount on their next website. (*Some conditions apply, see below)

Registrations are now open for the January sessions as well:

Wed, January 15th: SEO with Katherine Anderson from Sirocco Web Design and Business Catalyst SEO

If you could not join us live, you can click the links below to access recordings of our past webinars:

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to send them over to We will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

*15% discount coupon applies for new site upgrades on any yearly/biyearly desired plan. Coupon validity: 31-Dec-2013, only available for the webinars’ attendees.

Thank you and hope to see you there!

December - the month of Responsive Design

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

In a world where everyone is holding a mobile phone or tablet, and we are consuming content on various screens, have you ever wondered:

What is responsive design? 

Every online business out there is seeing a major shift in the consumption habits of their audiences: tablets and smartphones are becoming the main environment for accessing sites.

Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows.
Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.
”- Jeffrey Veen

For those of you who create websites and services, all this leads to a singular conclusion: it's clear that a business owner needs a website that works equally well on every device.
This is where responsive design steps in.
Responsive design is an approach aimed at building sites to provide an optimal viewing experience on all screen sizes, tablets, smartphones, iPads, Kindles along with desktop and laptop computer screens. A responsive site adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries.

If this got you curious and you want to learn more, sign up for our webinar  on December 11th where Paul Cheney, a full-time professor of Digital Media at Utah Valley University,  talks about Responsive Design in Business Catalyst:

In simple terms, a responsive web design figures out what resolution of device it's being served on. A responsive site will detect the type of device and change the site's behavior accordingly, whether we are talking about resolution, number of columns, image size and so on.

Why should I create responsive sites?  

The benefits are obvious: You build a website once, and it works seamlessly across thousands of different screens. Whenever you update your website, it will update for every device and display correctly on every screen. You only have to update in one location, where with a separate mobile site would require a separate location requiring updating as well. With responsive design you get to control what every screen size will be viewing.

Find out more

Business Catalyst enables you to create responsive design in your web projects and we are here to teach you more about this. Stay tuned in December for a series of articles and video tutorials focused on building beautiful responsive sites with Business Catalyst and other Adobe tools.

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team


BC Sandpile - December meetings

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

BC Sandpile is a weekly online meeting run by Business Catalyst Partners for the purpose of sharing ideas, best practices, and networking.

Weekly Day/Time:

  • San Francisco: Tuesdays, 5pm (all times adjusted in relation to this time)
  • New York City: Tuesdays, 8pm
  • London: Wednesdays, 1am
  • Sydney: Wednesdays, noon

Integrating Social Media & Business Catalyst - Cash In On Your Passion! 3rd December (4th in AUS) 2013
In this BC Sandpile, Jonathan Hinshaw from Ebway Creative will cover the philosophy of social media and how to incorporate it into your Business Catalyst platform and/or business.

Creating Tags in Business Catalyst 10th December (11th in AUS) 2013
Scott B Reynolds from Thrise and PrestoBC is going to show how to connect different parts of a Business Catalyst site using dynamic tags. This presentation will walk through a web app submission process that creates and assigns tags to web app items.

2013 SEO Update Group Discussion 17th December (18th in AUS) 2013
There have been a lot of changes recently in the search engine world, and we are going to sort through it. Katherine Anderson from Business Catalyst SEO is going to guide the conversation. This is not a presentation but a group discussion on the recent changes (Hummingbird, etc). Please come prepared to participate.

Drop In For A Drink - Open Meeting 24th December (25th in AUS) 2013
This is an open meeting where all Business Catalyst topics are on the table. Or, just drop in for a drink!

Happy New Year - Open Meeting 31st December (1st in AUS) 2013
This is an open meeting where all Business Catalyst topics are on the table. Or, just drop in for a drink!

Full schedule:
Sandpile Recordings:

Episode 32 of the BC Podcast - Huge holiday season giveaway!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tune in for Episode 32 of the Business Catalyst podcast! In this episode, we cover our upcoming Holiday Parties, hear from the folks at the BC Sandpile, talk about the future "BC app revolution" and more. Don't miss out, listen below.

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In this episode :

  • Hear from Scott, Ursh and Penny who run the BC Sandpile
  • Learn about our upcoming end of year events
  • Get the latest scoop on the "app revolution" coming to BC in 2014

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