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September 18th 2013 Partner Orientation Webinar recording

Diana Iliescu Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thanks to those of you who attended our orientation webinar with Greg Marcel.

If you were unable to join us live, you can access the recordings below:

  • Keeping It Small But Making It Big - with Greg Marcel from 2140 Interactive
  • Adding value to clients by upselling products & services - with Brendon O'Sullivan from Bosweb
  • Learn how BC Gurus leverages Web Apps to power their popular Business Catalyst community website - with Brent Weaver from BC Gurus
  • Online Marketing - with Brett Stockley from PrettyPollution
  • Developing an Effective Sales Strategy for Your Web Agency - with Tim Gentle from Design Experts
  • Dreamweaver & Business Catalyst integration - with Adam Broadway (Download presentation deck)
  • Business Catalyst integration with Muse -  with Daniele Beaumont and Chris Kellet

  • Also, don't forget to register for our upcoming webinar:

    Wed, October 23th: Muse & BC: A dynamic duo with  Karim Ardalan from AID+BC

    To help you put your learning into practice, webinar participants will be receive a 15% discount on their next website. (*Some conditions apply, see below)

    If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to send them over to We will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

    Thank you and hope to see you in next month’s webinar.

    *15% discount coupon applies for new site upgrades on any yearly/biyearly desired plan. Coupon validity: 31-Jul-2013, only available for the webinars’ attendees.

    September Townhall recordings

    Thursday, September 26, 2013

    Hi everyone, 

    A big thank you to those of you who could join me yesterday for the Townhall meetings. If you were not able to make it you can find below both recordings. 

    This month we discussed about:

  • Introduction and updates
  • Google checkout
  • A new BC site
  • September release notes
  • Amazon migration
  • DNS changes
  • CMS Critics Choice
  • Q&A 

  • To watch the recordings check out the links below:

    Hope you enjoy the recording, and let us know if you have any questions.


    Special offer: Get started with BC Client Training

    Tuesday, September 24, 2013

    BC Client Training

    BC Client Training is a client training website that empowers you, the Business Catalyst Partner to train your clients on every aspect of using BC through an extensive library of video tutorials.

    With your subscription, you have access to the entire library of tutorials that you can embed on your Partner site and call your own. The training is white labeled and feature professional voice talent in both US and Australian accents. New tutorials are added all the time and existing tutorials are updated to reflect all of the upgrades and changes the BC platform goes through. Here's an example of the training videos available:

    In addition to being a very professional method of teaching your clients the ins-and-outs of BC, the training serves as an added value to your hosting allowing you to raise hosting your rates and to start creating a monthly residual income from every client you put on the BC platform.

    Special offer for BC Partners

    If you're not currently training your clients on how to use the BC platform, here's a great offer that will get your clients hooked on using the BC system, lighten your support load, and help you add value to your hosting plans so you can start earning residual income from every client you put on the BC system.

    Integrate the video training library of over 60 tutorials (and growing) on your Partner site, free for 2 months using the promo code SUCCESS2013

    To get started, simply visit the registration page.

    This offer is open to all Business Catalyst Partners. Take advantage of this deal before time runs out on October 31, 2013.

    Scheduled database management for Sydney Amazon data center - Sept 20th

    Thursday, September 19, 2013

    Hello everyone, 

    As part of our migration process and in order to ensure the best level of performance, a scheduled database maintenance will take place on September 20th. The maintenance will have minimum customer impact as it is targeted to take place outside regular business hours.

    Maintenance schedule

    Start time: September 20th, 23:00 Sydney, Australia  
    Duration: 30 minutes 
    Datacenter: Sydney AWS 
    Customer impact: The admin area of your site will be unavailable for the duration of the database maintenance. 

    For up to date information on the system status please check the Business Catalyst System Status page. 

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this service interruption. Please make sure that your customers and team members are aware of these updates. 

    Thank you for your understanding and support. 

    The Adobe Business Catalyst team

    Join us for the September Townhall webinar

    Wednesday, September 18, 2013

    Hi everyone, 

    We are meeting once again to talk about what's new with BC and what changes you can expect in the next few releases. This month we will discuss about:

    • Google Checkout
    • The latest release details
    • How our migration to Amazon is going
    • What is happening with the DNS for sites
    • CMS Critics choice 
    • ... and many more

    Join us by registering for this event in one of the two sessions available:

    Australian/European morning session which is taking place at:

    SYDNEY, Australia
    5:00p Wed, Sep 25 2013
    6:00p Wed, Sep 25 2013

    LONDON, United Kingdom, England
    8:00a Wed, Sep 25 2013
    9:00a Wed, Sep 25 2013

    SAN FRANCISCO, United States, California
    12:00a Wed, Sep 25 2013
    1:00a Wed, Sep 25 2013

    US/European evening session taking place at the following hours:

    SYDNEY, Australia
    2:00a Thu, Sep 26 2013
    3:00a Thu, Sep 26 2013

    LONDON, United Kingdom, England
    5:00p Wed, Sep 25 2013
    6:00p Wed, Sep 25 2013

    SAN FRANCISCO, United States, California
    9:00a Wed, Sep 25 2013
    10:00a Wed, Sep 25 2013

    Hope to see you all there!

    A fresh new series of Partner Orientation Webinars - don't forget to register!

    Diana Iliescu Wednesday, September 11, 2013

    September reveals the topics of the Partner Orientation Webinar series we've prepared for you till the end of the year!

    Join our experienced BC Partner Greg Marcel from 2140 Interactive on September 18th for a business session, where you will learn about making the most of a one person shop.

    Wed, September 18th: Keeping It Small But Making It Big with Greg Marcel from 2140 Interactive

    To help you put your learning into practice, webinar participants will be receive a 15% discount on their next website. (*Some conditions apply, see below)

    Wed, October 23th: Muse & BC: A dynamic duo with  Karim Ardalan from AID+BC

    The series continues in November and December with 2 special presentations where you will see the future of BC in action. For these 2 sessions we have a special surprise, as we are preparing some very cool features with Business Catalyst. :) Registrations are now open for those instances as well, and we will be sending out more details and a reminder as we move closer to the presentation dates.

    Wed, November 13th: Surprise Session

    Wed, December 11th: Surprise Session

    If you could not join us live, you can click the links below to access recordings of our past webinars:

    If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to send them over to We will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

    *15% discount coupon applies for new site upgrades on any yearly/biyearly desired plan. Coupon validity: 31-Dec-2013, only available for the webinars’ attendees.

    Announcing our September 2013 system update

    Thursday, September 05, 2013

    We are excited to announce our updates for this fall, scheduled to go live on September 10th. The release includes a host of new features as well as improvements and bug fixes.

    For a detailed list of included improvements, including bug fixes, please refer to our official release notes post on the community forums. 

    Improved webform spam protection

    Starting with this release we will have an improved mechanism for webform spam protection, updated daily and based on an external service blacklist. This will ensure that you only receive legitimate submissions through your webforms, and remove some of the unwanted messages you have been receiving. 

    Each form submission will be checked and there will be a daily limit on the number of submissions possible from a single IP, before this IP is listed as spam. 

    If you use a specific API that would submit repeated webforms please let us know and our support team can help you whitelist your IP. The limits will be revised based on feedback from our partners, and allow us to protect both partners and end customer better.

    SEO metadata updates for products in E-commerce

    We know you have been pretty excited with our SEO for blogs that we have released in the past, so we wanted to bring this functionality on the e-commerce side of Business Catalyst as well. Starting with this release you can set meta description for individual products, as you can see in the image below. If you want information filled in the UI to be updated on the site please update the Large product layout to include the new tags. 

    You have now available an interface that would allow you to specify the product meta description and we moved the Product title in the same section. We've added support for {tag_productmetatitle} and {tag_productmetadescription} tags on the Large Product Detail layout to display the individual product meta description and title.


    New custom report- Customer and e-mail marketing lists

    To allow you to export the information from the CRM in conjunction with the e-mail marketing lists, you can now use the filtering options of this new custom report. Instead of exporting the list of subscribers from the E-mail marketing screen and then merging it with a customer report you can just create a custom report, select the CRM information you want and filter by a particular marketing list

    Recurring campaigns are out of beta

    We are happy to announce that our recurring campaigns feature is out of Beta, with several improvements suggested by our partners. We have added in the ability for a daily recurring campaign that will not be sent on week-ends, as you can see from the image below, as well as added support for the {tag_deliverydate} to be used in the campaign subject line as well. 

    InContext Editing improvements

    Our new Incontext editing UI has also received some attention this release, with a new auto-detection mechanism to automatically "see" the editable regions from a page, if no editable regions have been specifically defined, as well as added support to insert images in the HTML-type editable regions.

    In addition we have also linked the editor with the AdminConsole roles and permissions to edit pages or templates. 

    Other elements in this release include:

    • bulk actions on products, that will allow you to bulk enable/disable products or assign and remove tags from multiple products. 
    • Added Role responsible as a column to the import/export file in E-commerce APIs to allow you to specify the name of the role that's notified when the product is approaching stock limits
    • Added support for importing/exporting the "Tax never applies" for product prices.
    • Partner portal improvements in the invoicing reporting, that will allow you to see the invoice paid date as well as a separate section for next invoices due. 
    • A number of bug fixes and improvements that will be listed in our detailed forum post

    Hope you enjoy this release and looking forward to your feedback, as usual!

    The Business Catalyst team

    North American Data Center migration complete

    Monday, September 02, 2013

    After a long day on Saturday we are happy to announce that our team has completed the migration of the North American Data Center to the new Amazon infrastructure.  All existing sites were successfully migrated during the maintenance window, and are now serving from the new Amazon Web Service infrastructure. 

    We’d like to thank everyone for their patience during this migration period, and ask that if you encounter any issues in the coming days that you immediately report them to the Support team for investigation, though our chat and tickets channels.

    We are working towards our final migration step, the transfer of our Australian sites to the new Amazon location. A date for this migration will be announced once the final checks and preparations are complete, so stay tuned on our blog and other channels. 

    The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

    BC Sandpile - September meetings

    Monday, September 02, 2013

    BC Sandpile is a weekly online meeting run by Business Catalyst Partners for the purpose of sharing ideas, best practices, and networking.

    Weekly Day/Time:

    • San Francisco: Tuesdays, 5pm (all times adjusted in relation to this time)
    • New York City: Tuesdays, 8pm
    • London: Wednesdays, 1am
    • Sydney: Wednesdays, 10am

    Leverage Your Partnership With Adobe -3rd September (4th in AUS) 2013
    Are you making the most of your partnership with Adobe? Diana Herac, the BC Sales Consultant for Adobe will be joining us to explain how you can best leverage your partnership with Adobe. This is also a great opportunity for you to ask questions directly from in an "insider". Details:

    Adobe Muse with James Malloy -10th September (11th in AUS) 2013
    Learn how to create and publish a site using Adobe Muse that is optimized for desktop and devices, including phones and tablets. Learn quickly how to incorporate some of the most popular web design features, including: Slideshows, social media, google maps, forms, and more. Details:

    Spam Free Comments with Dave Haggblad - 17th September (18th in AUS) 2013
    This week Dave Haggblad from Digital Ink Multimedia will demonstrate installation of the DISQUS commenting system on the blog section of a website. DISQUS is an easy to install and simple to use system which has all but eliminated spam comments on the websites he has installed it on. Details:

    Open Business Catalyst Meeting - 24th September (25th in AUS) 2013
    Do you have a Business Catalyst question? Do you have a cool project you want to show off? Do you have a Business Catalyst addiction and need a fix? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is definitely the meeting for you. Details:

    Full schedule:
    Sandpile Recordings: