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A head start for your BC Partnership – powered by Kiyuco and TribeVita

Diana Herac Friday, June 01, 2012

In June, we have partnered with Kiyuco and TribeVita, leaders in this space, to provide additional value to your Business Catalyst partnership.

Kiyuco is a leader in providing dedicated education in the Business Catalyst platform. As an online subscription, Kiyuco  releases a weekly tutorial on topics ranging from basic Business Catalyst “how tos” to more complicated web apps and JQuery integrations. Kiyuco has as much education as you would need to familiarize yourself with the BC platform.

  • 150 + Video tutorials about Business Catalyst
  • Newest tricks, tips, code samples, and application tools.
  • Specific 101 tutorials for BC Newbies
  • Beneficial tips for designers and developers
  • BC Module-specific tutorials
  • Education filtered by Functionality
  • New content released weekly

The team that drives Kiyuco pushes the BC platform to the limits, and then shares how they did it… a win for all BC Professionals. With this 90-day subscription, you can use Kiyuco as your go-to source for BC education.

Additionally, we are offering a $250 template (or credit) from TribeVita, the premier marketplace for “ready-to-go” templates on Business Catalyst. Not only do TribeVita’s templates look like small businesses with full context for a genre, but all the latest modules and web apps are also pre-styled and wired into the Business Catalyst platform. This provides a significant jump-start  to any website project, which increases margins and makes projects much easier.

  • Templates pre-wired by trained BC Experts
  • Perfect for websites with small budgets
  • Increases margins by at least 50% on projects
  • Saves time and money on development
  • Includes Mobile versions of templates
  • Provides HTML email templates
  • Sales tools and PSDs included
  • Quality design and quality code
  • Full of the latest modules and custom web apps

Each week, TribeVita releases a new template, which offers a lot of variety. You can choose to leverage one of these templates for your own Partner website to get your site branded and launched quickly so you can start promoting the platform. Or you can use it for a client project, and transfer their brand to a specific framework that fits their business logic. Either way, there is a wide-variety of templates to choose from, many which even include mobile. Check out how TribeVita has helped other BC Partners do business.

Don’t miss out. Sign up to be a Standard or Premium Business Catalyst partner in the month of June and take advantage of these resources to help get you “up to speed” with the BC Platform.

To claim this amazing offer:

  • Click "Upgrade & Power up the Partner Portal" in your Partner Portal
  • Choose your plan: Premium - $1995 or Standard - $995
  • Add your personal and credit card details
  • Submit

To learn more about the Business Catalyst Partnership, visit

To learn more about Kiyuco, go to

To check out TribeVita’s templates, visit

Network upgrade and security enhancements on June 2-3

Dragos Manescu Thursday, May 31, 2012

To ensure the highest security and reliability levels for our services, we have scheduled a firewall and network upgrade on our Asia Pacific and North America datacenters. Although this process should have no impact on the normal functionality of the datacenters, services may experience brief interuptions during the upgrade.

Please find below the upgrade schedule:
  • for our Asia Pacific datacenter: Saturday, June, 2 from 01:00 am until 07:00 am EST, local Sydney (EST) time (check local time). 
  • for our North America datacenter: Sunday, June, 3 from 01:00 am  until 07:00 am EDT, local New Jersey time (check local time).

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences generated by this network upgrade.

The Business Catalyst team

San Francisco BC Partner Evening Event: Book Your Spot!

Jackson Palmer Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Update: Don't forget, the event is only a few days away! We still have a few seats left, so register today and don't miss out.

We're hosting an official evening event for all Business Catalyst Partners, in our San Francisco Adobe office. 

The Adobe-sponsored evening event is free for everyone to attend and will run between 5:00-9:00PM PDT on the 31st May, 2012.

To attend, simply book your spot below. We ask that each staff member from your team who'll be attending fill out the form, so we can best cater and manage the event. Once registered, we'll send you through location details and keep you updated.


We'll have special guests Jason Tinnin from Simpleflame, and Brent Weaver from BC Gurus from the US presenting, plus BC Evangelist Adam Broadway showcasing some leading edge Partner and client case studies. 

31 May, 2012 Schedule:




Arrive and setup
17:30 Adam Broadway
Intro and overview of BC
17:45 Brent Weaver Positioning and selling your Business Catalyst services
18:45 Jason Tinnin  Taking Business Catalyst to the next level - case studies and examples
19:30 Break
20:00 Adam Broadway
Showcase of Partners / Client case studies and the vertical approach
Q&A and closing
21:00 End of day

Townhall meeting recordings

Diana Herac Friday, May 25, 2012

Hi everybody,

Thank you for attending yesterday's sessions. We have recorded both sessions and you can find the links below, in case you were not able to attend. Our agenda included:

  • Introduction and announcements
  • Partner Development team- backlog
  • OneSaaS - Business Catalyst integration live demo
  • Q&A

For the recordings please see below:

As always, if you have any suggestions or comments they are welcomed.

Register for our upcoming May Partner Townhall sessions!

Magda Neagu Thursday, May 17, 2012

You're invited to our next Partner townhall meetings scheduled for May 24.

Stay up to date with what is coming out in our next release, what the plans are for the future and how you can best prepare yourself and your customers.

Join us on May 24, to discuss all of this and much more. Don't forget to register at the links below:

5:00PM Australian session

7:00PM CET / 10:00AM US session

Introducing Adobe Business Catalyst user groups

Diana Herac Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Passionate about BC? Want to share your BC knowledge and build a strong community in your area?

Whether your focus is design or development, print, video or the web, Adobe User Groups strengthen community networking, unveil the latest technology innovations and reveal the techniques that turn novices into experts, and experts into gurus.

What’s in it for you?

Some of the benefits of being an Adobe User Group manager include:

  • Software Raffles – groups are allowed to raffle one copy of select Adobe software every 6 months to help drive attendance at group meetings
  • "Tech Wednesday" presentations
  • One Acrobat Connect Pro account - for streaming and recording group meetings
  • Adobe MAX discount
  • Third-party partner offers
  • Access to private user group manager mailing lists
  • Access to selected Adobe beta programs
  • Free ACE certification exam
  • Interaction and support from a worldwide community of Adobe User Group Managers

What are the requirements for launching a BC user group?

The primary requirements for an active Adobe User Group are a willingness to hold monthly meetings (at least 8 times a year) and to maintain an active web presence.

What is an active web presence?
An active web presence is a site on Adobe Groups and/or an external website that includes a summary of you group’s activity.

Is there anything else I need to do to be an active user group?

  1. User Group Managers must contribute information to our records and help us keep a database for active user groups.
  2. User Group Managers will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which will allow them access to information that will help you run your group.
  3. Adobe User Group Program values "face-to-face" meetings, at a physical location. There is a program category of "virtual" groups who meet online using their Adobe Connect licenses, but these groups are not eligible for certain program benefits (UGM software, software raffles, etc).

To ensure diversity, Adobe only recognizes one user group per product for each metropolitan area. Make sure to check the listings of user groups to see if a similar user group already exists.

How the Adobe Community Team evaluates New Groups

adobe user group

What are the necessary steps to launch your BC user group?

  1. Apply for Adobe User Group:
  2. Secure a venue
    Secure a safe and professional venue to accommodate your meeting.
  3. Recruit members
    Invite all of your friends and professional contacts that you think could benefit from this type of community.
  4. 30 Day Trial in AUG Program
    During this Trial Period, all you need to do is keep your Community Manager aware of your efforts.
  5. Fill out the AUG Info Form
    Your Community Manager can help you with this step.
  6. Hold 1st Meeting
    You can build an interesting agenda, invite long-time BC professionals to share their knowledge and be sure to gather feedback for your meetings’ topics before and after the presentation. Don’t forget to include a Q&A section in the end.
  7. Contact Adobe Community Manager
    Just write a short e-mail to your Community Manager and summarize how the meeting went.

If you’ve completed all the steps, you are confirmed as an official Adobe BC User Group.
For further questions and suggestions feel free to contact us at

Standard/Premium Partner? Register for access to our new paid Partner forums!

Jackson Palmer Monday, May 14, 2012

We're excited to announce the launch of a new, private venue for paid Partners to discuss Business Catalyst in confidence and stay in the loop with the latest news direct from the BC team. This is part of the on-going value offered as part of your paid partnership with Adobe Business Catalyst.

In contrast to LinkedIn or the public community forums, this forum is not visible or accessible by your clients - meaning you can have open discussions without the worry of customers reading the thread. We also benefit from the new, intuitive user interface of the redesigned forums, which we hope everyone enjoys.

If you're a Standard or Premium Partner, we highly recommend you sign up for access to the forum. Simply fill out the form at:, and we'll grant you access as soon as possible. Once you have access, you can browse and participate in the discussions at:

Looking forward to seeing you on the new private forum,

Dublin Data Center Power Upgrade from May 12, at 7:00pm IST to May 13, at 8:00am IST

Florin Carlig Saturday, May 12, 2012

Business Catalyst European Union Data Center will undergo electrical maintenance on Saturday, May 12, from 7:00pm IST to Sunday, May 13, at 8:00am IST.

Even though there are no other expected interruptions, electrical maintenance always carries an increased risk for service interruption.  
If problems do arise at any time during the weekend, BC will have staff on-site to address them and ensure that all systems are brought back online as soon as possible.

FedEx Scheduled Maintenance - May 26 and June 9

Cristinel Anastasoaie Friday, May 11, 2012

Please be advised that the FedEx production environments will undergo a planned system update on May 26 and on June 9, which will result into up to 6 hours of downtime for each day. During the downtime, the FedEx Rating, Shipping, Tracking and Pickup  services will be unable to process transactions for all customers.

Start Date and Time End Date and Time Duration Functionality Affected
May 26, 2012
9 p.m. CT
May 27, 2012
1 a.m. CT
4 hours Rating
June 9, 2012
9 p.m. CT
June 9, 2012
11 p.m. CT
2 hours Rating
June 9, 2012
9 p.m. CT
June 10, 2012
3 a.m. CT
6 hours Tracking

Please notify your customers about the scheduled maintenance.

Listen to Episode 18 of the BC Podcast!

Jackson Palmer Friday, May 04, 2012

Meet BC Partner Richard Harbutt, hear the latest on BC's inclusion in Adobe's Creative Cloud, get the scoop on our upcoming San Francisco and Sydney Partner events, and of course listen out for a fresh HTML quiz question in Episode 17 of the BC podcast!

Listen to this month's podcast:

Simply click the play button below to stream the podcast via your browser.


Alternatively, you can download the podcast in .mp3 format for offline listening.

To subscribe and receive the BC Podcast each month, you can find us on the iTunes store here or by simply searching "BC Podcast" from iTunes.

In April/May's Episode :