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BC webinar - BC Sandpile: a community building love story

Diana Herac Tuesday, January 27, 2015

We'll meet Wednesday, February 11, for a webinar that talks about BC Sandpile: a community building love story.

Urszula Richards, Scott Reynolds and Adam Zoblotsky will tell the story of how the BC Sandpile was born and in an interview-style webinar answer key questions about building and nurturing a successful community.

We will still be offering a 15% discount to all webinar attendees that upgrade a trial site using an annual site plan but the discount code will only be offered live, via the webinar session.

You can register for this webinar here:

Also, if you could not join us live or would like to review some parts of the past webinars, you can click on the title and access the recording of past webinars here:

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to send them over to

See you there!
The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

Episode 42 of the BC Podcast - Stephanie Campanella

Scott Reynolds Monday, January 26, 2015

My podcast strategy is to interview various Business Catalyst Partners who are willing to share their experiences with specific areas of their business. Marketing is a great place to start. After having a few conversations with Stephanie I knew she would be the perfect Business Catalyst Partner to interview about the subject.

In this month’s podcast, Dave Haggblad and I start out by discussing the January 2015 system update, including date filters, partner-to-partner site transfers, and web app improvements.

Then, Stephanie Campanella from Summit Web Design and Tradies Get Online speaks to me about the advantages of Niche Marketing.

Tune in for Episode 42 of the Business Catalyst podcast!

Listen to this month’s podcast:
Simply click the play button below to stream the podcast via your browser. player

Alternatively, you can download the podcast in .mp3 format for offline listening.

In this episode:

  • Scott and Dave Haggblad talk about recent system update
  • Interview with Stephanie about Niche Marketing
  • Business Catalyst Quiz Question

It’s amazing what you can learn when you simply ask (and listen). Stephanie had a lot to share about Niche Marketing. Here are my favorite quotes from the interview:

It won't shrink the business, it will make it bigger” The idea of limiting your customers to a specific type may seem counter-intuitive, but Stephanie makes some powerful arguments on why it can grow your business.

There are a hundred different electricians and they have different strengths.

It’s important to realize that even in Niche Marketing customers can be similar but they not the same. Knowing your industry saves a significant amount to time on research, but you still need to know your client’s business goals and their strengths. And, as Stephanie points out in the interview, making a deep dive into your customer’s business allows for better long tail keywords.

Stephanie uses as much Business Catalyst for her own company as she can, including the entire CRM. She also uses the built-in reporting tool to make intelligent decisions in her marketing, like when to schedule email campaigns.

It’s really about picking the right time to send it to the right audience. And, and the more niche you are the stronger connection to your audience you get, therefore the better data you get."

According to Stephanie, another reason to use Business Catalyst in your own company is that it shows that she's committed to the platform, even for her own site. There's nothing more important than your clients knowing they can trust you.

It was a blast interviewing Stephanie, and I can't wait for my next interview.

Scott B Reynolds

Transitioning all sites to the new Business Catalyst rendering engine (BC.NEXT)

Cristinel Anastasoaie Thursday, January 22, 2015

Starting Wednesday, January 28th, we will begin gradually transitioning the Business Catalyst sites to our new rendering engine.

Already used in production by thousands of sites, this new engine is faster, more reliable and gives you access to additional functionality like named parameters for modules, Liquid language support and increased SEO score by enabling browser caching for static assets, plus our new admin editor with HTML 5 support and enhanced code view (in the beginning, we'll deploy with those features set to off but they can be enabled via the Beta Features page). As part of the transition, new features or enhancements will only be included in this new system engine.

The transition process starts on Wednesday and will be completed towards the end of this spring, when the current rendering engine will be decommissioned. It will be a multi-stage process that is looking to gradually move sites while limiting the customer impact. You can find below the transition schedule:

  1. Milestone 1 (Jan 28, 10:00 AM UTC): Existing trial sites & all sites on webBasics and webBasics+ plans will be transitioned to the new engine. Additionally, all new trial sites will be created on the new engine.
  2. Milestone 2: All sites on the webMarketing site plan
  3. Milestone 3: All partner sites
  4. Milestone 4: webCommerce sites located on the EU datacenter
  5. Milestone 5: webCommerce sites located on the AU datacenter
  6. Milestone 6: webCommerce sites located on the NA datacenter
  7. Milestone 7 (late April): All remaining sites will be switched to the new version; the current version will be decommissioned.

Note: The dates of the next milestones will be announced in time on the Site Transition Schedule page, based on the progress of the transition. We estimate that all sites should be fully transitioned to the new engine no later than mid Q2 this year.

The move does not include any updates to the admin user interface that will impact your customers and should not have any impact on the site uptime, performance or functionality either. Partners will be able follow an updated transition schedule by visiting the Site Transition Schedule page and subscribing to the transition plan email alerts.

Even if we we'll transition the sites automatically, we strongly encourage you to see how the sites behave on the new engine before it's actually scheduled for transition (you can enable temporarily a website to be rendered on the new engine, just for you, from the Admin Console Beta Features page). This will give you more confidence that the transition will go smoothly and you won't encounter any problems.

For more information about the transition, read the Site Transition FAQ.

Thank you for your support,

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

Brass Tacks– A free webinar not to miss in January

Brett Stockley Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last October Pretty Digital spent a week with the Business Catalyst team in Romania. We took an extensive list of feature requests and were fortunate enough to sit with the engineers and get a lot of input into the release.
You’re going to love this release and it will make your life much easier moving forward.

In this Brass Tacks we’ll be discussing the January 2015 BC System Update:

  • What’s in the January System Update
  • How you’ll use these new features to build better sites faster
  • Why is this an awesome release

Pretty Digital have been meeting regularly with Business Catalyst to help them with BC.Next and define what Partners need. And as always we’ll be reviewing all system releases in Brass Tacks.

Here’s what we’re focusing on:

  • Web app enhancements: We’ll show you how these small tweaks can mean big gains
  • Liquid Data types: Awesome new data and date manipulation features
  • More Global Data: A first step in making more of the CRM useful
  • API enhancements: And how the new API is amazing with module_data
  • How BC.Next is going, what is next
  • And the rest – See the release notes here

Since BC.Next has been released into production for NEW sites we’ve been able build websites in BC with features previously not possible. Our site builds are becoming faster and they’re much more feature rich. We’re building BC APPS to help control features inside our websites. We love to help other partners advance forward with BC and Brass Tacks will help you learn and understand what is possible with Business Catalyst.

  • Australia (Sydney) - 9:30 AM - Thursday 29th January
  • USA (San Francisco) - 2:30 PM – Wednesday 28th January
  • Europe (London) - 22:30 PM - Wednesday 28th January

Register to get to this Brass Tacks session.

BC Sandpile: Explore The January 2015 System Update

Scott Reynolds Friday, January 16, 2015

We all love when Adobe releases a system update, but reviewing improvements and bug fixes on your own can be time-consuming, Fortunately there is a group of Business Catalyst Partners who meet each and every week to discuss BC related topics. Meet BC Sandpile.

At our next Sandpile (Jan 20th) we will explore the soon-to-be-released (Jan 19th) system update. Why go at it alone? Join us as we discuss and review the January 2015 improvements.
Sign up for meeting notifications here.

System Update:

  • Liquid data type updates
  • Enhanced Web App Items user interface
  • Additional User Information available through globals
  • Bug fixes on the new BC engine
  • Apps and APIs
  • Redactor (new admin editor) updates
  • Transfer site between partners

Learn more about our weekly Business Catalyst Sandpile sessions.

Scott B Reynolds

System update - Liquid data type updates, additional APIs, automated transfer site and lots of fixes

Cristinel Anastasoaie Thursday, January 15, 2015

[Update - Thu, Jan 15 14:00 UTC] - The release has been pushed to Monday, Jan 19, at 9:00 AM UTC

Thursday, January 15, we'll release a system update that brings major improvements to the new BC version. The most important ones are the updates liquid data types and adds new filters, which we already announced on the developer forum. Besides these changes, the release also includes a series or other enhancements and bug fixes that go from updates to the web app item details interface (new control/field types), admin editor and other admin interfaces updates and bug fixes, additional global variables and other bug fixes around liquid and new engine.

Liquid data type updates

  • All date time fields are correctly set to their corresponding type in Liquid
  • Implemented Globals.Site.DateNow for retrieving the current date time in the site's time zone
  • Implementing the following filters for date time formatting: date (without parameters), datetime
  • Implemented convert filter for explicitly converting variables to date time, numeric, string or boolean

More information about these updates can be found on our documentation site.

Enhanced Web App Items user interface with new widget types for custom Web App fields (available on BC.Next version only)

  • Added a "Please Select" option for web apps Drop-down List and DataSource field types. The option will be displayed only if it's enabled by users; by default, the option is off for backwards compatibility reasons
  • Allow users to use a rich content editor for the Text Multiline field type. The rich content editor depends on the "New admin editor" Beta Feature
  • Added client side validation for Text Multiline field value length. The field value cannot exceed 4000 characters, including rich formatting line breaks
  • Use Chosen SELECT menu type instead of the browser native SELECT control for the Drop-down List, List box List, Datasource field types
  • Enhanced Checkbox List and Radio List display. The list of items shows 8 items at a time with scrollbars added when there are more items.

Note: these enhancements are available on BC.Next version and are not supported by the web apps APIs yet, this will be included in the following release

More user information available through globals (globals.user enhancements):

  • With this release the following information is available as part of global.user variable: iswholesaler, customerType (id & name), leadSourceType (id & name), industrytype (id & name), ratingType (id & name), email2, email3

Bug fixes on the new BC engine:

  • 3865708 - Added support for maxLevel for { module_categorylist }
  • 3865704 - Exposed new tag for  wholesaler price: tag_wholesalerprice and liquid variable {{wholesalerPrice}}
  • 3860836 - Fixed a bug causing the site upgrade to fail w/ "An error occurred" when site was on Consolidated Billing
  • 3910328 - Fixed a bug preventing less than operator from working
  • 3853972 - Fixed an escape issue with module_data when placed on a product detail page
  • 3912163 - Fixed a bug preventing modules with parameters containing liquid variables that reference an array from rendering
  • 3863130 - Fixed a caching engine problem preventing module_ccsecurity to work because it was using cached request tokens

Apps and APIs enhancements and bug fixes

While the main focus is the next BC version, we are are continuing the work on the APIs, and this release will also additional APIs that will be ready to be consumed by module_data or through BC apps.

  • blog APIs - the complete set of blog APIs, with full read/write capabilities will now be available in this release.
  • events APIs - for this release we're providing a read-only version of events APIs, that allows partners to use them with module_data;
  • create and last update now provided for CRM and a lot more APIs
  • updated product apis to expose the canonical url and also the product url within a catalog when within a catalog

For detailed information on available APIs and properties, visit the BC documentation site.

Additionally, the following issues have been fixed and included in the release:

  • 3911072 -  updated sites api to also retrieve the free partner site if asked by consumer. Additionally, fixed an issue with /api/v2/admin/sites/current generating a 400 bad request response when called from a app installed on a free partner site
  • 3861306  - fixed a bug preventing customers from installing apps on sites containing unauthorized apps with status "Associated"; this usually happened if the site has been replicated from an existing site with apps installed

Redactor (new admin editor) updates

  • Updated JS Beautifier lib to 1.5.3 ( MIT)
  • Allowed accolades inside module token
  • Increased column wrap to 150 characters in Code View
  • Showing the Module Toolbox for Outbound Emails to be able to insert tags in Redactor
  • Updated Module Manager to show the module preview inside an IFRAME instead of inline
  • Fixed Redactor initialization in Forum Posts
  • Enhancements for code formating in Redactor

Redactor bug fixes and enhancements

  • 3853258 - Allow users to change the "Upgraded Content Editor" flag value from Admin Beta features page
  • 3855035 - Fixed an issue causing the editor to stop working and break after updating the default page template from a site based on Universalis template
  • 3845155 - Fixed an editor issue that was breaking the BC module code placed inside SCRIPT tags into multiple lines when loaded in Design view; as a result, modules stopped rendering after saving the page
  • 3815314 - Fixed a code formatting issue when saving a web app layout while in code view
  • 3849544 - Fixed an issue that was incorrectly appending "vs=<build version>" to the default blog post author picture
  • 3909415 - Fixed an editor issues generating unnecessary additional new lines to page content when saving a web page in Admin or Develop tab.
  • 3858938 - Updated alignment for some pop-up dialogs; this was a more generic problem with some of the admin interfaces
  • 3858839 - Fixed an insert module bug that did not insert the code included in a SCRIPT tag of a module containing validation scripts
  • 3863061 - Fixed an insert module format issue which was inserting all HTML code on a single line
  • 3862998 - Fixed an issue causing Module Manager to now worked when inserting configurable modules from Dreamweaver
  • 3834398 - Removed the "Customize" module link displayed in Module Manager when inserting modules with no additional configuration options
  • 3858041 - Fixed the Module Preview for rmodule_webapps in Module Toolbox
  • 3864604 - Fixed a JavaScript issue preventing users from closing js alert pop-up dialogs in site Admin Interface
  • 3864869 - Fixed an UI issue in Web App Details->Autoresponder that generated an incorrect behavior when switching templates
  • 3863843 - Fixed an interface issue preventing module manager from being displayed on admin sections where only tags were available for insertion

Transfer site between partners

For various reasons, partners and business owners are sometimes looking to transfer sites from a partners to another. So far, this request has been handled through our Accounts team, which had to communicate and get approvals from all the three parties involved: existing partner, new partner and business owner. With this release, we will be providing an admin user interface that will guide partners and site owners through the process without any interaction with the accounts team.

Please note that we haven't changed the conditions that need to be met when transferring a site. Also, the restrictions and limitations previously applicable to the manual move still apply to the automated process (site needs to have all invoices paid, existing payments and extra charges will not be transfered with the site).

Site transfer can be initiated from site's Admin > Site Settings > Site Management user interface, Site Transfer section. This section is only available to partners and to business owners that are directly paying the site to Adobe.

We hope you will enjoy this release and look forward to your feedback.

The Business Catalyst team

Australian Business Catalyst Christmas Party followup

Brett Stockley Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Business Catalyst partner Christmas party this year was a blast. Hosted again this year by Pretty Digital, it was funded by Business Catalyst. We kept it casual this year, choosing a well-known Sydney pub called The Golden Sheaf over a club venue. Last year it got a bit loud and was hard to network. So this year we started earlier and quieter, but finished in a blaze of glory, as typical at Business Catalyst gatherings.

The Pretty team turned up early for a team dinner and were joined initially by a small group of BC partners for some food. Then as 8pm came around more and more partners joined us. A healthy bar tab was implemented courtesy of our mates over at Adobe, who will be happy to know we did use it all, and I had to be cut it off around 11pm. By midnight people had come and gone but the party had grown beyond BC partners as we mingled with the crowd.

These functions are important. Meeting yearly to catch up on the year just past. Discussing projects we’ve been working on, challenges, solutions, and services we offer. Exchanging ideas and getting to know each other. This year I really enjoyed catching up and look forward to next year

Brett Stockley

App of the Month: Dev-in-a-Box

Diana Herac Monday, January 12, 2015

This month, we're introducing Dev-in-a-Box built by ONE Creative.

Dev-in-a-Box is a jQuery plugin unlike anything else. It is the complete toolkit for the front-end web developer. If your job is to build websites, Dev-in-a-Box can save you hundreds of hours otherwise spent writing and implementing js functionality.


  • Requires no JS knowledge. Dev-in-a-Box is used entirely with HTML data attributes. You don’t need to write a single line of JavaScript.
  • You cannot outgrow Dev-in-a-Box. It is used by everyone from new web designers all the way to the most advanced front-end developers.
  • It’s features, called tricks, can be used separately, or in concert to accomplish the most amazing functionality.
  • Each trick has a number of options that can be set to help you accomplish the most custom features.
  • The possible features and functionality you can create with Dev-in-a-Box are limitless.


  • Active Nav: ActiveNav makes it easy to create truly dynamic navigation throughout your site. It can be used to produce active states on your menus, or even to dynamically build secondary and even deeper navigation based on the current section of your site.
  • Crumbs: Crumbs creates breadcrumbs anywhere on your site, intelligently naming them based on your actual page names defined in the admin. You'll never look back.
  • Date: Date is a powerful way to display custom-formatted date and time information anywhere on your site. It harnesses the functionality of moment.js, while maintaining the simplicity of Dev-in-a-Box.
  • FormMagic: FormMagic takes all the headache out of working with forms in BC. Feel free to get rid of the clutter BC automatically adds to your forms. You can delete the JavaScript and strip your forms down to their skivvies, resting assured they will work even better than they did before. Enhanced validation and easy Ajax are the hallmarks of this amazing trick.
  • Same As: For those times when you need to copy one field's value to another, SameAs has your back. It even allows you to setup copy groups, like billing and shipping fields, or do math or concatination with the field values. It’s easy syntax simply could not be faster to implement.
  • Secure: Make BC's security features work for your site, not against it. Secure can guide users back to your primary domain after performing a transaction on the worldsecuresystems secure domain. Or it can run a custom script, or even redirect a user out of a secure area, when the system automatically logs them out. It even automatically redirects pages the secure domain when there is a payment form on the page.
  • Trigger: Trigger gives you the ability to use one element to 'trigger' a behavior on another. For instance, you may want to add or remove a class when a button is clicked.

About the Developer

ONE Creative is one of Business Catalyst's top development partners.
ONE is championing a movement to establish high development standards in the community through best practices, better tools, and higher skills.

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

Support availabily during the winter holidays

Florin Carlig Friday, December 19, 2014

It's that time of year again and in order to give our Support team a well-deserved rest, we'll be adjusting our schedule over the holiday season. Please find our team's availability during the holiday period outlined in the table below.

On those days marked as "emergencies/incidents only", we'll have an on-call team members available in the unlikely event of a service outage or emergency issues. From December 29-31 support will be available as per usual on all channels, however we'll have a smaller team online as we expect an overall lower volume of traffic. During this timeframe Accounts support will offer only limited coverage.

December 22 Full coverage
December 23 Full coverage
December 24 Full coverage
December 25 Emergencies/incidents only
December 26 Emergencies/incidents only
December 27 Emergencies/incidents only
December 28 Emergencies/incidents only
December 29 Limited coverage
December 30 Limited coverage
December 31 Emergencies/incidents only
January 1 Emergencies/incidents only
January 2 Full coverage

Up until December 24 and from January 2 onwards, Support will be fully operational and available via all channels. Thank you for all of your support during 2014, looking forward to a great 2015!

Thank you,
The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

European Business Catalyst Christmas Party

Diana Herac Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This year, join Wysi and SiteGlide, UK-based Partners, for the second European Adobe BC Partner Christmas Party!

This is a great chance for European BC partners to get together for a great evening of food, drinks and meeting other BC partners. You'll have the chance to discuss the latest BC improvements, share stories and best practices, enjoy a 3 course Christmas meal and specially brewed beers.

So if you're a BC Partner/Muse designer that's looking forward to learn more about BC, this is an event for you!

Location: Zero Degrees Microbrewery
9 Bridge St
Reading, RG1 2LR
Date: Tuesday 16th December 2014
Time: 7:30pm onwards (food served 8pm)

If you wish to attend, don't forget to RSVP here!