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Episode 44 of the BC Podcast - Katie Zulanas

Scott Reynolds Thursday, March 26, 2015

In this month’s podcast, Katie Zulanas from MediaTrik walks us through the steps her company takes in a web project.

Tune in for Episode 44 of the Business Catalyst podcast!

Listen to this month’s podcast:
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In this episode:

  • Congratulations to the BC App of the Month developers and prize winner
  • Interview with Katie Zulanas from MediaTrik
  • Business Catalyst Quiz Question

Stop Losing Clients.

Once you do business with MediaTrik, you aren’t going anywhere. And, that isn’t by accident. Katie has put a lot of thought into creating a process where clients are quickly entered into MediaTrik’s system. This process happens quickly and efficiently.

And, once your project is complete you’ll find your new team continues to support you. And, there is good reason MediaTrik is so attentive to your needs. Katie and her team know if you feel like they are a part of your team, you are more likely to buy into their other services, like SEO.

To find out more, listen to Katie’s interview.

Scott B Reynolds - Thrise

Resources mentioned in podcast:

App of the month: Social Store Admin App

Diana Herac Wednesday, March 25, 2015

BC Social Store Admin App will help you display your e-commerce products on your desired Facebook page. You can reach out more customers and get more traffic to your e-commerce site.


  • Easy steps to display your products
  • Product updates done in real-time
  • Any catalog product can be displayed
  • Add custom banner to your Facebook page

Note :

  • The features is not available on Facebook mobile
  • We have used new render engine (e-commerce v3 API is used)

About the developer:
Zoondia Software (P) Ltd is a mobile application development company that brings together cutting edge technologies and innovative ideas and apply them for your business.

The benefits of a live chat software

Diana Herac Thursday, March 12, 2015

In these modern business times, online channels are the in tools when one wants to get more customers into your business. In addition to phone, email, and personal service, LIVE CHAT is a great instrument for online customer support. It can lead to satisfied customers, increased sales, and a reduced cost of doing business.

And this is also one of the best means of getting instant response from a business enterprise. It yields one of the highest satisfaction rates among customers and has become a leading method for online support in the modern business world. The 2013 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full Service Performance Study has this to say:

“Within the online channel, the chat feature has become the leading contact source, as 42% of fullservice customers indicate using a live online chat feature vs. email (23%) or other social media forum (16%). Additionally, online satisfaction is highest among customers who use the chat feature”

The overall involvement is quick when customers engage in live chat with a live customer service representative. For faster and efficient service, your clients will welcome the facility to easily get an order number and enter a confirmation code into a chat box. While chatting on live chat, your client can continue browsing through product lines and easily view online products. Live chat will have the added advantage of very few interruptions to the present online transaction. In fact, you can easily provide this support all the way to checkout or closing of the sale.

Advantages of Live Chat

Increased website revenue
Live chat builds up and increases trust and confidence in your products and services. After using Live Chat, your clients and browsing site visitors are more likely to buy your products and services than with other methods of getting customer attention and closing a sale. Instead of using the telephone and being made to wait on the line, or waiting for an email box reply which may take some time, more customers will prefer to use Live Chat and receive immediate attention.

Improved Customer Service
Live chat enables your clients to quickly locate a customer support representative who will assist them with any problems and information concerning your products and services. This will in turn enable you to increase company revenues.

Reduce Customer Care and Sales Costs
Live Chat client care will enable your business to reduce the overall cost of providing customer service through tollfree telephone support lines within your conventional client assistance desk system. Traditional customer assistance processes used in business could then be retired.

Pursue Sales leads and Feedback
Getting your visitors to contact you online through Live Chat will enable your sales team to seek new leads and help improve closing sales with your online browsing visitors. Live Chat enables your sales and customer service team to initiate Live Help chat requests to your online browsing site visitors. This allows your operators to ask your site visitors if they need any help before the potential customer leaves your web site.

Considering all the benefits included when using Live Chat, we're happy to announce a new helpdesk tool that can be integrated with any Business Catalyst site - LiveAgent.

LiveAgent is a multi-channel helpdesk tool that collects communication from your customers, lets LiveAgent process it and route it to the right support representatives at the right time.

Learn how to setup Live Agent with your BC site in minutes through this simple tutorial and start connecting with your customers.

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

Updating Business Catalyst customer on-boarding experience

Cristinel Anastasoaie Thursday, February 26, 2015

With the upcoming release of BC.Next, which comes along with an enhanced rendering engine, new mark-up that gives an improved control over the data and layout, and improved module mark-up for better readability, we will be updating the Business Catalyst site and partner sign-up to take advantage of these updates. 

As part of the change, we are going to restructure our site templates portfolio in order to gradually replace them with a collection of templates standardized on top of template frameworks, which aim to reduce time spent to learn BC and take a site from trial to production. As a first step, starting March 1st, 2014, we are going to end the pilot program ran in collaboration with BC Gurus, which offered a collection of 15 additional templates which, while having a modern design, were using the legacy BC methods and mark-up, making them hard to customize and transform into a real project.

The next step will be to replace the remaining BC templates, which inherit the same legacy and hard to read mark-up,  with a collection of templates based on our Universalis templates, but updated to use the latest additions in the platform, especially new module syntax and liquid mark-up. We plan to launch these together with Liquid 1.0 later this year.

And, since we know that BC partners know better than us how to build templates other partners can use, we are also looking to provide a framework that will allow partners to publish standardized templates into the Business Catalyst site create wizards and get paid for that.

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

Episode 43 of the BC Podcast - Kristen Lindsey

Scott Reynolds Thursday, February 26, 2015

In this month’s podcast, Kristen Lindsey from Apokrisis speaks to me about her successful sales techniques.

Tune in for Episode 43 of the Business Catalyst podcast!

Listen to this month’s podcast:

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Alternatively, you can download the podcast in .mp3 format for offline listening.

In this episode:

  • Congratulations to the BC App of the Month developers and prize winner
  • Interview with Kristen about her sales techniques
  • Business Catalyst Quiz Question

Be A Business Partner

“We are not just orders takers for a site, we want to have their solution to be integrated in their overall business goals.”
Speaking with Kristen, I am reminded how important it is to be seen as a business partner, not an order-taker. It takes building trust and setting expectations early on, but it makes for a more valuable relationship.

“Business first, then marketing”
Kristen uses the business goals established in the proposal process to create a monthly dashboard showing progress towards those business goals and return on investment. This not only keeps communications open, but also allows for opportunities to help clients move towards those goals. Being a business partner makes you extremely valuable and of course leads to more work.

“It’s the businesses that really try to integrate their website into their overall business that have the most success.”
It’s our job to explain why this is true. Kristen, and the rest of Apokrisis have obviously have done a great job proving that the work they do is a great return on investment.

Resources mentioned in podcast:

Scott B Reynolds - Thrise

BC Sandpile: a community building love story webinar recording

Diana Herac Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thanks to those of you who attended our February BC webinar - BC Sandpile: a community building love story presented by Urszula Richards, Scott Reynolds and Adam Zoblotsky.

In this webinar they presented the story of how the BC Sandpile was born and answered key questions about building a successful community.

If you were unable to join us live, check out the webinar recordings here:

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to send them over to We will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

See you next time!

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

Liquid Lessons special offer

Diana Herac Saturday, February 14, 2015

Are you struggling with how Liquid Markup will help you build better online businesses? Liquid Lessons is a new course that provides step-by-step examples showing how to best use Liquid Markup in your projects. This course shares solutions to common problems, and helps you build up your Liquid Library.

A Liquid Library is more than just a collection of code snippets. Combining includes with variables is a simple, yet powerful concept. Imagine pasting a couple lines of code to do something that would have taken hours/days to build from scratch. The concept of a Liquid Library can revolutionize Business Catalyst.

This course is starting at $199 (USD), and will go up in price every time a new lesson is added. If you make the purchase now, you will get the entire course, several Liquid Library items, and all future lessons for only $99*. This coupon will only be good until we add our next lesson, so lock that price in now.

Coupon Price: $99* (USD)
Use this link to redeem this coupon:

Remember, this offer will expire when new lessons are added (which will be soon).

Student Reviews:
“Awesome insights into liquid markup for business catalyst”

“Great course to help business catalyst partners get their heads around liquid. The concept of building a library is super helpful and examples to get started are brilliant. Thank you!”

“Good overview and introduction to Liquid Markup for Adobe Business Catalyst. The lessons are well thought out and organized. Includes downloadable code to use.”

* Coupon is for a limited time.

App of the month: Solid Admin Menu

Diana Herac Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dave Arlin, Scott Shefler and Michael Sallander teamed up to create Solid Sky, a company dedicated to building apps for Adobe Business Catalyst.

The great thing about building apps on Business Catalyst is that they didn’t need to learn a new language. They took the same skills (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) they were already using to build websites and applied them to the Open Admin APIs through the Javascript SDK, making the whole process simple.

Customize the Admin Console to Provide a Better Experience - They set out to help developers change the menu labels in the admin so that the labels can more accurately reflect what their customers use the feature for, such as changing “customers” to “members”. As they started doing this they realized that renaming was just the beginning; there is great value in reordering, regrouping, disabling and adding new menu items. These customizations give the business owners a more intuitive, easier to use admin experience.

Practical Use Cases

When they are not creating apps, Scott Shefler and Michael Sallander are running a web agency called Chicago Digital. Chicago Digital has already put the app to use in a few productive ways:

Personalized Support Center - Support tab that automatically logs users into a support secure zone on their partner website. This portal shows customers their support plan, hourly rate, account manager, training video library, custom videos/documents, and ability to submit a support ticket or hop on live chat.

Regrouping Web Apps - There were over 30 web apps used to build the content rich website for the United States Drug Testing Laboratories. Their goal was to simplify the content management process by using web apps but with so many web apps it became overwhelming to find the right one and understand what it does. Using the solid admin menu app Chicago Digital was able to break the web apps into meaningful groups, giving the client a clearer understanding to their meaning and their relationship with other Web Apps.

Endless Possibilities - This app gives developers the ability to customize and integrate third party functionality into the admin allowing endless possibilities to create custom experiences. This is all done through a simple drag and drop interface that will even save the most advanced developers time.

The app is available at the BC App Store. The installation process is simple and you could be customizing the BC admin console for your clients in minutes.

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

February 2015 Sandpile Schedule

Diana Herac Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Weekly Day/Time:

  • San Francisco: Tuesdays, 5pm (all times adjusted in relation to this time)
  • New York City: Tuesdays, 8pm
  • London: Wednesdays, 1am
  • Sydney: Wednesdays, Noon

Reliable Email Campaigns in Business Catalyst with Matt Knighton
3rd February (4th in AUS) 2015
Sending Emails can be daunting. Checking all those email clients and making sure your email gets the best response is at times overwhelming. Help is at Hand. In this presentation Matt Knighton from BC App Centre and M R K Development will show you some of the tricks and tools he has found to make sure your emails get to inboxes in a reliable way.

Making a Good Living as a BC Partner
10th February (11th in AUS) 2015
In this panel discussion, three experienced Business Catalyst Partners will share how they run their businesses to be financially successful. Learn how they do marketing, sales, contracts, billing, client training, and much much more.

Using Dreamweaver as a Business Catalyst Partner
17th February (18th in AUS) 2015
Scott B Reynolds with Thrise will walk us through recent Dreamweaver updates and share time-saving techniques of using Dreamweaver and Business Catalyst together. Join us as we take a second look at Dreamweaver to see what’s new, and how we can update our workflows for the modern web.Emmet with Dreamweaver to write your HTML and CSS quicker.

Full schedule:
Sandpile Recordings:

Brass Tacks January webinar recording

Diana Herac Friday, January 30, 2015

This January, Liam Dilley from Pretty presented some key aspects on this month's BC release and the practical examples to go with each item:

  • Web app enhancements: small tweaks can mean big gains
  • Liquid Data types: Awesome new data and date manipulation features
  • More Global Data: A first step in making more of the CRM useful
  • API enhancements: And how the new API is amazing with module_data
  • How BC.Next is going, what is next

We had some issues matching the hours and considering daylight savings in the process and this is why some subscribers couldn't make it to the new hours. We apologize for this mix up.
If you missed this session or you simply want to see it again to check out Liam's demos, you can access the recording here

More interesting Brass Tacks sessions will follow so stay tuned!

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team