Adobe is committed to delivering exceptional software and services to our customers. It’s in our nature to innovate and try new things, and it was in this spirit that we acquired Business Catalyst in 2009. While we re-focus on products that broadly provide our customers with the most value, on 26 March, 2018 Adobe announced the end of development for Business Catalyst as of 26 March, 2021. As COVID-19 created profound uncertainty for many Business Catalyst customers, End-of-Life was extended and Adobe will now stop hosting sites on 26 September, 2021. We encourage customers to download their data and migrate to other systems well before this date. Customers' data will be retained by Adobe until 26 September, 2021, after which date the data will be deleted. We thank our Business Catalyst users and want to help them make a smooth transition to a third-party service. Please see the following documentation and FAQs for more information on site transitioning.

Migrate your website

Depending how your website was built, refer to the resources below for help with the migration process:

Business Catalyst Recommended Migration Partners

Haven't decided where to move your sites? Business Catalyst Recommended Migration Partners deliver powerful platforms and services for digital agencies..

Re-publish from Muse

If your site was published to Business Catalyst using Muse, migrating to another platform is covered in this article:  how to re-publish your website.

Upload your website to another platform using FTP

Learn how to download your website to your computer and upload it to a different platform.

Download your website data to your computer

Learn how to download your CRM contacts, products, webapps and other site data to your computer.

Backup your emails and take your new site live

This article describes how to back up the email accounts and point the DNS records to your new website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the End of Life take effect?

On 26 September, 2021.

Will this end-of-service affect paid sites as well?

Yes, all sites, including trial and paid sites, partner sites, etc. will be affected by the end of life.

Will data be available for download beyond the service end date?

No. Data will be deleted. We encourage users to download their data before the service end date.

How long do I have to export my data?

All Business Catalyst servers will be taken down on 26 September, 2021, after which all customer data will be deleted. Please export your data before 26 September, 2021.

How long will you keep my data? What will you do with it?

We will retain your data until 26 September, 2021 or until you delete your site, whichever is sooner, so that you can transition to another product.

Do you recommend another product for me to use?

While there are other hosting solutions available in the market, Adobe does not recommend a specific product. We do however have Business Catalyst Recommended Migration Partners. These partners have committed to provide a high quality of service in migrating sites off Business Catalyst. Adobe has vetted each partner’s capability to handle site migration but does not otherwise warrant their performance in migrating your site from Business Catalyst. You should conduct your own evaluation of a Recommended Migration Partner to ensure that their services are sufficient for your needs before engaging with them; migration services will be provided to you subject to the partner’s terms and are separate and apart from your relationship with Adobe.

For basic websites and Creative Cloud users, we provide documentation to help transition to GoDaddy, should the customer choose this replacement. Furthermore, with increasing consumer interest in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) website creators that leverage customizable templates to quickly build responsive websites, Adobe is making an investment in the DIY space and  welcomes customers to explore Adobe Spark and Adobe Portfolio.


Will new features be developed?

No, new features will no longer be developed on Business Catalyst. We are maintaining a small team to correct critical issues, but no new work is being done. The Business Catalyst team will maintain PCI and GDPR compliance throughout the lifetime of the product and develop any new features needed in this respect.

Will Adobe still fix the bugs in Business Catalyst?

We will continue to repair critical issues (related to security, payments or customer data for example) when they appear, however, the work will be limited to bugs that have a high security or high stability risk. We will not be fixing minor items with small impact or that have a workaround which can be used.

Will my site be closed down?

At this time, all sites will continue to be live and the public will see no difference in your site. However, from 26 September, 2021, all sites will no longer be live, they will not be accessible either to the general public, or to the site administrators. Please find an alternative platform for your site and data before this date.

Can I continue creating trial sites?

Trial sites can no longer be created.

Can I upgrade my trial site to paid?

Trial sites can no longer be upgraded to a paid site.

Can I downgrade my site or make any other plan changes?

Yes, you can continue making any changes to your site plan and extras until 26 September, 2021.

Can I still purchase extras?

You can continue purchasing extras until 26 September, 2021. Please note that all extras expire on 26 September, 2021 and can no longer be used after that date.

Can I continue sending newsletters?

The e-mail marketing features will continue to work for the duration of your site. You can continue sending emails until 26 September, 2021 at which point all newsletter credits remaining in your account will expire.

Can I still redeem my commissions?

You can continue to redeem the commissions available in your account until 26 September, 2021. Following this date this feature will not be available anymore.

What happens to the commissions below $500?

There is no longer a minimum redeemable commission amount. Any accrued amount can be redeemed.

Will I be able to use Adobe Muse or Dreamweaver to update my site?

Yes, until 26 September, 2021, if your desktop app functions properly.

Will I still have technical support for Adobe Business Catalyst?

Yes, until 26 September, 2021. However, our support team will give a higher priority to cases regarding platform migration questions, in addition to critical security, compliance, and availability issues.

Who can I contact for further help?

If you have additional questions, please contact our Customer Support team.