Become a BC Guru yourself

- Friday, June 01, 2012

Ever wondered why some Partners thrive with BC, earning big bucks and getting a lot of clients? And others don’t do that great?

BC Gurus' PRO subscription has been internationally recognized to help you become the BC Partner all clients want to work with. Discover the unfair advantage of the world’s smartest Business Catalyst partners in their weekly presentations, tutorials, templates, tools, and training.

BC Gurus are ready to share their secrets with you and teach you how to become a guru yourself -  in June,  if sign up for a Standard or Premium Partnership you will receive 3 months of free PRO BC Gurus membership.

Upon signing up for your BC Partnership you will get instant access to the PRO community for 90 days. Not only that, but you will get the standard signup bonuses: a prototype template and another template of your choosing from the Template Library

You will get instant access to everything mentioned above plus:

  • Playbook with 140+ pieces of content
  • PRO-only Forum
  • Monthly Webinars
  • BC Template each month
  • White-Label Client Video Trainer App
  • Access the Job Board

Since we are including all this with your Partnership, you are locked and loaded with the best experience in the business to succeed. You will have instant elite tutorials and resources to arm you to win that next deal. To WOW! your next client with an amazing project that will be a standout in your portfolio.

You will be taught how to build a referral network, tackle vertical markets, and so much more. Don't let "trial and error" be your strategy. Don't be kicking yourself later when you are all alone when you have that big problem.

Start now, become a BC Partner today, and for the first time ever, get BC Gurus PRO when you sign up for your Partnership.

To claim this amazing offer:

  • Click "Upgrade & Power up the Partner Portal" in your Partner Portal
  • Choose your plan: Premium - $1995 or Standard - $995
  • Add your personal and credit card details
  • Submit