A Message From Paul Gubbay, VP of Product Development

- Friday, February 04, 2011

Hello BC partners. My name is Paul Gubbay. I'm the VP of Product Development for Design, Web & Interactive at Adobe and one of the people responsible for the acquisition of Business Catalyst. We are very excited to add Business Catalyst to our Web Pro organization which includes Dreamweaver, Fireworks and BrowserLab. We believe that Business Catalyst is a critical component of a full solution to help Web Pros be successful building multi-screen online businesses.

Sydney Data Center

As you know, we've been going through some growing pains. We've faced several challenges over the past two weeks which have caused significant problems for our customers, including issues with hosted email services and the stability of our original Sydney data center. We are working around the clock to do everything we can to resolve these issues (please reference Eddy's earlier post). Of course these outages are unacceptable for our customers. Therefore, we will issue a full month credit for all sites that were hosted on the legacy Sydney data center & those that experienced issues with hosted mail (details coming soon).

In addition you should know that we have been heavily investing in Business Catalyst:

  • The team has grown to 3 times its original size at acquisition
  • We have recently moved operations to a dedicated IT department within Adobe
  • We have spent millions in brand new data centers that are built with new Adobe supported hardware

New Data Centers

Now, as you may know any new site created in Business Catalyst is automatically hosted in one of our spanking brand new data centers which were spun up to provide reliability and to handle a greater load. Our plan was to migrate sites from the original data centers to the new over the first half of this year.  However, the growth of BC has obviously out-accelerated our plan to migrate to the new data center.  Therefore, we are going to significantly increase the migration process over the next couple of weeks.  Once this is complete and the original data centers are shut down we will see considerably improved reliability.

We will do everything in our power to reduce the impact to the community during this time. However, please understand that we will not be able to accommodate everybody's needs. There is no one perfect time that works for everyone. However, we will try to get as close as possible based on your feedback. We are listening.


When an outage occurs we have an immediate response team that springs into action and within minutes they enter what we call the "war room". Rest assured that while some of you are waiting for a response, and wondering what is going on there is a full team actively working through every angle to resolve the issues ASAP. For the latest information on any issue and our plans to resolve it, please refer to:

  • Our Twitter feed provides the most recent information and should be updated frequently during the outage. The team has committed to this.
  • Our Blog is updated with more detailed information once we understand the situation and have something valuable to say.

If you are on a forum thread during an outage I would ask that as partners you help direct traffic to one of these two places. You will also see posts from us as well directing users to Twitter or the blog.

The Team

You'll be happy to know that the original BC team has been integrated within Adobe. This is not BC & Adobe. We are one company. Any autonomy that the original BC team maintains is to ensure that they have bandwidth to successfully run their business rather than have a larger company get in the way. There are several people on the Business Catalyst Management team:

  • Bardia Housman – Original founder of BC. Now responsible for strategy and product vision. Please note that Bardia does not run Engineering or Operations.
  • Rocky Offner – Dir. Of Engineering for Web Pro and oversees BC along with Dreamweaver and BrowserLab.
  • Eddy Chan – Product Mgmt. Of course you are all familiar with Eddy.
  • Bogdan Ripa – Dir. Of Engineering for Business Catalyst. Bogdan runs a team of 40+ exceptional engineers that work long hours improving the BC system.
  • Laurent Rouquette – Operations. Laurent is part of a newly formed IT group within Adobe and has recently taken on BC operations. He's been working diligently helping to get the new data centers operational and is overseeing the upcoming migration.
  • Matt Nade - Manager of Customer Support, driving live chat, our Twitter status account and formal Support channels.

Business Catalyst has a bright future at Adobe. And we know that this is possible because we have great Partners. It has been painful to watch some of the recent issues and our top priority is to resolve them and put this behind us. We will get through these growing pains and with the new APIs, BC V3 and many other plans we have in the works, we're setup for a very bright future.

Paul Gubbay
VP of Product Development
Design, Web & Interactive