Announcing our March 2013 system update

- Tuesday, March 19, 2013
March 2013 System Update

We're happy to announce the details of our upcoming system update, due to go live 26 March 2013 PDT. This release includes a new look and feel for the Partner Portal, improvements to our Web Apps module, exciting new beta features, and over 30 important bug fixes.

For a more detailed list of everything included in this update (including bug fixes), please refer to our official release note post on the community forums.

Feature highlights

Refreshed Partner Portal
We've given the Partner Portal a fresh coat of paint, to match the look and feel of the v3 Admin Console interface. You'll find all the tools and resources you're used to in this updated UI.

Refreshed Partner Portal

While working on the Partner Portal, the team also worked in a few handy improvements based on Partner feedback:

  • List filters for the "My Sites" (previously "Clients") section
  • Customer, invoice and commission lists can now be sorted
  • One click sign in to any site from both the site list view and detailed site management screen

Web App improvements
We’ve made several improvements to Web App module templates, giving you more flexibility when building your custom Business Catalyst applications. These improvements include:

  • {tag_itemid} is now available in all Web App templates (list, detail, backup, edit)
  • {tag_datasource_id} is also available in all Web App templates (list, detail, backup, edit). For example, assuming “author” is a data source, you will now have access to {tag_author_nolink} and {tag_author_id} from all templates
  • {tag_photo_nolink} and {tag_photo_value} consistency improvements
    If added multiple times, they render each time, in every layout added
    {tag_photo_nolink} in detail view will output the same thing as in list and edit layouts – the image in an img tag

All 3 tags can also be inserted from the data tab of the Admin Toolbox, when editing a module template.

Improved campaign editing experience (out of beta)
After months of testing and customer feedback, we'll be moving our improved email campaign editing experience out of beta for you and your clients.

The new editing experience is easier to use for your clients, and separates content from style inside email campaigns. Using InContext Editing mark-up, you’re now able to define editable regions inside the HTML code of your email newsletter templates. 

New SBO campaign editing experience

To give you more flexibility, we've also left the original editor in place if your clients prefer to use it. You can adjust the campaign editors settings inside your Partner Portal under Tools > Online Editor Settings.

New beta features

Recurring campaigns (ie. weekly newsletters)
With this feature, we're introducing a new type of campaign that sends recurrently at a set period. This is ideal for sending weekly/monthly newsletters or reminders at the end of each month to customers.

Recurring cmapaigns

You're able to select a period for recurrence (eg. every 3 weeks), plus a time and day of the week for the campaign to send. Combined with the recently added ability to embed modules inside email campaigns, this can be used to completely automate regular newsletters that dynamically pull in your most recent blog posts, or featured products from an online store.

You can enable this feature under Site Settings > Beta Features. To provide your feedback or report any issues, please visit this forum thread.

Other improvements

Email deliverability enhancements
We've introduced two new changes with the goal of improving our email deliverability rates.

  • Campaigns and operational emails (ie. workflow notifications) will now be signed with DKIM, acting as a digital signature and improving overall email deliverability.
  • These emails will now also include a "sent via" header if the FROM email address is not a domain that has it’s DNS hosted with Business Catalyst.

Switch between multiple sites from the Admin ribbon
You can now switch between the Admin Console of multiple sites while logged in, from the Admin ribbon in the top-left of your screen. You’ll see a list of your 5 most recently created sites, and with a simple click will be automatically logged in to manage each.

Improvements to "Develop" mode
Several improvements have been made to our "Develop" mode, including:

  • A handy list of related files now appears when editing a page
  • Files you were previously working on are auto-reopened when switching back and forth from "Manage" mode
  • Search functionality for code view is now available

Additional eCommerce tags
We’ve added additional tags which allow you to render gift vouchers and discount codes on both invoice and order layouts.

Product export improvement
The product export feature now generate a CSV file instead of an Excel document, for better compatibility

We hope you enjoy this system update and look forward to your feedback on the new features we've included. Stay tuned to the BC Blog for more Business Catalyst news in the near future!