Announcing our September 2013 system update

- Thursday, September 05, 2013

We are excited to announce our updates for this fall, scheduled to go live on September 10th. The release includes a host of new features as well as improvements and bug fixes.

For a detailed list of included improvements, including bug fixes, please refer to our official release notes post on the community forums. 

Improved webform spam protection

Starting with this release we will have an improved mechanism for webform spam protection, updated daily and based on an external service blacklist. This will ensure that you only receive legitimate submissions through your webforms, and remove some of the unwanted messages you have been receiving. 

Each form submission will be checked and there will be a daily limit on the number of submissions possible from a single IP, before this IP is listed as spam. 

If you use a specific API that would submit repeated webforms please let us know and our support team can help you whitelist your IP. The limits will be revised based on feedback from our partners, and allow us to protect both partners and end customer better.

SEO metadata updates for products in E-commerce

We know you have been pretty excited with our SEO for blogs that we have released in the past, so we wanted to bring this functionality on the e-commerce side of Business Catalyst as well. Starting with this release you can set meta description for individual products, as you can see in the image below. If you want information filled in the UI to be updated on the site please update the Large product layout to include the new tags. 

You have now available an interface that would allow you to specify the product meta description and we moved the Product title in the same section. We've added support for {tag_productmetatitle} and {tag_productmetadescription} tags on the Large Product Detail layout to display the individual product meta description and title.


New custom report- Customer and e-mail marketing lists

To allow you to export the information from the CRM in conjunction with the e-mail marketing lists, you can now use the filtering options of this new custom report. Instead of exporting the list of subscribers from the E-mail marketing screen and then merging it with a customer report you can just create a custom report, select the CRM information you want and filter by a particular marketing list

Recurring campaigns are out of beta

We are happy to announce that our recurring campaigns feature is out of Beta, with several improvements suggested by our partners. We have added in the ability for a daily recurring campaign that will not be sent on week-ends, as you can see from the image below, as well as added support for the {tag_deliverydate} to be used in the campaign subject line as well. 

InContext Editing improvements

Our new Incontext editing UI has also received some attention this release, with a new auto-detection mechanism to automatically "see" the editable regions from a page, if no editable regions have been specifically defined, as well as added support to insert images in the HTML-type editable regions.

In addition we have also linked the editor with the AdminConsole roles and permissions to edit pages or templates. 

Other elements in this release include:

  • bulk actions on products, that will allow you to bulk enable/disable products or assign and remove tags from multiple products. 
  • Added Role responsible as a column to the import/export file in E-commerce APIs to allow you to specify the name of the role that's notified when the product is approaching stock limits
  • Added support for importing/exporting the "Tax never applies" for product prices.
  • Partner portal improvements in the invoicing reporting, that will allow you to see the invoice paid date as well as a separate section for next invoices due. 
  • A number of bug fixes and improvements that will be listed in our detailed forum post

Hope you enjoy this release and looking forward to your feedback, as usual!

The Business Catalyst team