App of the Month: BC Zapier Integration

Diana Iliescu - Monday, October 30, 2017

Business Catalyst and Zapier Integration

While BC is a great platform and has a lot of built in features, there are times when we need to extend its capabilty or integrate it with an software application. With the Zapier connection you can now easily connect your BC website to the hundreds of applications available within Zapier.

Some examples are:

Slack notifications from webform submission

If you love Slack as much as we do, then you would know how great it is to communicate with your team. Bring in customer enquiries and orders into Slack and keep your team in the loop with clear and easy communication.

Submit a CRM case from a Facebook lead

If you run Facebook Marketing campaigns then you may know how hard it is to get your leads out of Facebook and into the platform you use as your CRM and handling prospects. Now with the Zapier integration you can easily pull in your leads and assign them to the appropriate staff.

Push or pull data from an external CRM

If you have out grown the inbuilt CRM or simply using something different then we have you covered with this integration by allowing you to quickly and easily connect up a range of external CRM's. Simply check the Zapier App Directory for your preferred CRM.

Send or receive customer information from support software

Use a customer support software? Great, you can now connect to a variety of software applications to ensure you have a central repository for all of your customer enquiries and details. Checkout the Zapier App Directory to see if your favorite tool is supported.

What is your use case?

We understand that businesses no longer use one tool to achieve greatness and that an open and connected world is the only way forward.
With this in mind we are proud to offer our Zapier integration which connects BC to over 800 Applications.

You can find out more about the BC Zapier Integration and install it from the BC App Store

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