App of the Month: Webapp Utilities

- Friday, February 10, 2017

Webapp Utilities App is an extension for partners and developers using Business Catalyst who are looking to save time on a number of features and also expand on the abilities of web apps.

This App supports the new pay-once-use-many feature of the BC App Store. A single purchase will allow a partner to install this app and use it on all their websites, which is a great feature for utility-based tools such as this app. This is one of a series of apps from Pretty that offers great utility functionality to BC.

Webapp Export

You can very easily Export both the webapp and the custom fields of a webapp. Through this process you are offered 2 downloads: one CSV file for your webapp and a second CSV file for your custom fields. All the processes in this App support a CSV file for easy saving and management. By offering separate CSV files for the webapp and its custom fields, it allows the developer great flexibility in their options to manage between their websites.

Webapp Import

By using this webapp CSV, you can simply import into the App and it will generate your webapp. Not only can you export and import webapps, but through the CSV method (using the examples and templates provided) you can create your webapps through CSV. As a developer you can create and modify webapps through spreadsheets and simply import them into your websites - even faster than creating them in the admin.

Webapp Custom Fields Import

As with the webapp CSV, you can select to which webapp you would like to import a custom fields CSV and import it. It is that easy. Through this method you have many options, for example you can form a number of CSV files of set custom fields for your projects and simply import these into a variety of webapps.

Quick Delete Custom Fields

Managing custom fields within the admin can be quite slow for a busy developer. Through this part of the App you can simply select the webapp you wish to manage and very easily select the fields you wish to delete, which is great for large webapps.

Webapps to JSON

This comes in two parts:
1. You can choose any webapp and convert ALL its webapp items into a single JSON file. This is very useful both for Ajax implementations and for module_json use. It’s a great way to get around the 500 limit that plagues many developers implementing certain solutions. This is a static JSON file, every time changes are made to a webapp you will need to run an update to the JSON file, but for many use cases this is still a great option.
2. The second part is an easy JSON file manager, where you can view all the JSON files that have been created and also delete these files through this App.

Important notes

• Module_json ONLY supports files below 5MB. A 5MB+ size file is quite large for JSON but you can use such files in Javascript solutions.
• You will find your installed App at the bottom of the Webapp Section of your admin menu.
• You will need to delete your webapps through.
• This app is a single purchase to use on all your sites under a single partner account.

About the developer

Pretty is an Interactive website design agency with strong expertise in Adobe Business Catalyst. Part creative, part technical and part strategy, a Pretty website design is Search Engine friendly, easy to manage and adheres to best marketing practices.

Pretty has offices in New York | Sydney and consults to Business Catalyst Partners to help them achieve custom solutions and to build their designs into best practice functional BC websites.