Announcing our April system update - Blog SEO improvements, optimized site import tool and more

- Thursday, April 11, 2013
April 2013 System Update

We’re happy to announce the details of our upcoming April system update, scheduled to be deployed April 22, 2013. This release includes highly anticipated SEO updates to our blogging module, an optimized site import feature inside the Partner Portal, and more.

For a detailed list of included improvements, including bug fixes, please refer to our official release notes post on the community forums.

Feature highlights

Blog SEO improvements
Based on valuable Partner feedback, we’re implemented several SEO improvements that you can take advantage of when using our built-in blog module. These updates include:

  • Ability to fully edit blog and blog post URLs
  • Option to migrate blogs to SEO friendly URLs, removing the “_blog” in your URLs (see below)
  • Dedicated user interface and tags to specify and display blog post metadata (title and description)
  • Support for additional, custom metadata inside the blog post detail layout (eg. Facebook “og:title”)

Existing sites are required to enable the new SEO friendly URLs for blogs under Modules > Blogs inside the Admin Console:

Optimized site import feature
We’ve optimized and reinstated the popular “Site import” option when creating new BC sites via your Partner Portal.

You can access the site import tool by simply clicking “Create site”, selecting the option and then entering your desired URL from your Partner Portal.

Please note that in addition to the existing 50mb limit, we've now imposed a cap of 100 pages that can be imported at once, to avoid any performance issues.

Other improvements

Spam protection engine improvements
As part of our on-going effort to combat spam across BC sites, we’ve introduced several new anti-spam measures for comments including enforcing a minimum comment length before the comment is sent to Akismet, and introducing a minimum number of URLs per comment before considering it spam.

Google Maps API updates
We’ve upgraded our Web App mapping feature to utilize the latest version of the Google Map API.

If you’ve set up this feature and generated an API key in the past 2 years, this upgrade will be seamless. If your site’s integration is older than 2 years however, action is required on your behalf. Please see this blog post for details on generating a new API key for your sites.

Workflow enhancements for Creative Cloud members
As freelancers or agencies, many BC Partners also have a Creative Cloud membership, which includes 5 webBasics sites. We’re enabling Partners to better take advantage of these sites, with several requested workflow improvements:

  • You can now delete trial sites created via Creative Cloud
  • webBasics sites redeemed from Creative Cloud can now be upgraded to higher Business Catalyst site plans
  • Dashboard improvements for Creative Cloud sites

Updates to beta InContext editor
We’ve made several updates to the new InContext editor, released in beta as part of our last system update. These improvements include:

  • Support for templates
  • Ability to allow ice:editable=”html” on links (ie. the A tag)
  • Support for section reordering (moving up/down)
  • Support for editing Modules

You can enable the new editor from your Admin Console under Site Settings > Beta Features. Once enabled, the new editor will be shown under the “Content” editing section of the Admin Console.

Important note

As announced in our recent townhall meetings, we will be decommissioning our recently launched beta analytics engine as part of our upcoming migration to Amazon Web Services. This is due to a compatibility issue with the new cloud infrastructure we’re moving the Business Catalyst platform to.

Sites that have activated the beta analytics engine will be seamlessly rolled back to the regular analytics engine, and no action is required on your behalf.

We hope you enjoy this upcoming system update and look forward to any feedback you might have in the comments section below.
The Adobe Business Catalyst Team.