Automatic Backups by Backup BC Partner

Carolyn Frost - Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Earn Passive Income Reselling Automatic Backups to Your Business Catalyst Clients.

Automatic Backups is a new service by partner BackupBC , that automatically backs up Business Catalyst websites. And you can resell it to your clients for a passive monthly income stream, just like you do with Business Catalyst hosting.


We provide a complete sales kit which makes the whole process quick and easy!

The FREE sales kit , comes with everything you need to start generating passive income by selling Automatic Backups to your clients:


  • Landing Page
  • Email Campaign
  • Weekly Messages
  • System Announcement
  • Install Email
  • Proposal Language

In less than an hour you can implement the entire sales kit and launch your campaign. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start earning passive income!


What’s New About Automatic Backups?

Automatic Backups was created by BackupBC, the original backup app that launched at the BC App Store in 2013 and has created tens of thousands of backups. The number one feature request has always been, "When can we get automatic backups?"

So what's new about Automatic Backups?


  • It’s automatic! You choose how often you want your website backed up - daily, weekly, or twice-monthly. Just set it and forget it.
  • No need to run manual backups or wait for the backup script to finish. You don’t even need to be logged in to the admin console. In fact, you don’t have to lift a finger for your website to get backed up on the schedule you set.
  • It performs backups server-side rather than client-side, so it won't slow down your browser even when performing On-Demand backups.
  • It backs up all the APIs that are currently available.
  • It’s a subscription service. You pay a low monthly fee and your website gets backed up for you.

On Sale Now

Go to the BC App Store , and use the following discount codes now through the end of March to lock in low FOREVER pricing on the three versions of the app: :


  • Automatic Backups Per Site
  • ($14.99/month FOREVER, regularly $19.99/month).
  • DISCOUNT CODE: bcdiscount
  • Automatic Backups Unlimited
  • ($149/month FOREVER, regularly $199/month)
  • DISCOUNT CODE: bcdiscountunlimited


About the developers

Karim Ardalan founded his web development company, MIS, Inc. in 1995. He became a Business Catalyst partner in 2008 under the name dashbee and has developed over 150 BC websites. He is a frequent speaker at BC events and is a member of the Partner Advisory Board. In 2011 Ardalan founded AID+BC, which helps the community learn about all things BC and Muse. Anybody who works that hard needs a good night’s sleep, and now with BackupBC he gets it.

Joe Wellborn started designing websites when Netscape still came in a box. He discovered Business Catalyst in 2009, and soon afterward he founded Practically Inspired, LLC to focus exclusively on BC. When one of his clients inadvertently deleted a few hundred web app items he started thinking about a backup solution. Now he sleeps soundly at night and wishes the same for you.