BC.NEXT - New Admin Editor

Cristinel Anastasoaie - Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Editing content in Business Catalyst admin could sometimes be a daunting task for partners and customers alike. The standard editor found in pages and in any other interface from the Manage tab has many limitations, such as the lack of contextual information (styles, fonts, etc.), improper automatic code formatting and stripping, or an unusable code view. The In-Context Editor available in the Edit tab is more user friendly, but it only allows edits of static content.

With the upcoming release and continuing through the year, we plan to change all that. Both editors have reached their limitations and we plan to replace and/or greatly improve them, as webpage editing is the most used feature in Business Catalyst.

A new content editor for admin

With the Public beta version, we’ll start by replacing the standard admin editor, found in all interfaces from the Manage tab, with a more modern one (redactor.js) which we already use in the In-Context Editing and Email Campaign editors. Moreover, we’re changing the editor available when using code view, with the same one used in File Manager. This provides a much better editing experience when editing code. 

Overall, the new editor will come with:

  • Modern visual editor that presents the option for contextual formatting
  • New file manager and link manager interfaces
  • New code view editor with code formatting and highlighting
  • Future capabilities like paste image with transparent upload (to be enabled later

At first, the new editor will be disabled and Partners will be able to switch sites to the new editor from the Beta features section in the Site Settings admin menu. Take the time to try it out and provide us feedback to improve the integration and add any critical functionality that is missing.

Visual InContext Editor with dynamic data support

Since version one, In-Context Editing aimed to make web pages easy to update with little or no training by providing a tool similar to what business owners are used to when creating offline documents. Furthermore, it has always been meant to help designers and developers protect the design integrity by restricting the areas a business owner can edit. 

The current version of the editor partially achieves that, but it is limited in terms of which sections of a page can be edited, while also requiring developers to manually set-up editable regions. Thus, ICE can be an effective selling tool, but less of a site management tool.

With the new rendering engine in place, we now have the foundation that will allow us to enable stunning editing experiences for partners and customers alike. So yes, we’re going to update ICE once again, to solve the two major limitations it has: inability to edit dynamic content and the sometimes tedious process to set-up editable regions.

Although it will be only partially be available in the public beta, the new version of the editor will allow you to:

  1. Automatically detect editable content in the page and highlight it - including site wide templates, page content, content holders and module layouts.
  2. Enable in-context editing of dynamic data (like a product name, or product image)
  3. Link to the admin user interfaces when editing is not possible in context (e.g., product pricing, which is too complex to edit in-line)
  4. Seamlessly work with the Liquid language for dynamic data editing
  5. Preserve backwards compatibility with old ICE mark-up
  6. Automatically detect module generated content and allow users to edit just the content without damaging the module definition

We hope these updates will make editing content on BC a stunning experience.

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team