Brand new Custom Templates from Code Production

Roxana Moldovan - Monday, July 11, 2016


Two reasons:

1. Nothing extra

Usually, when you buy a template you get a lot of needless pages, features, content, files and code which have to be removed later.

Code Production’s new template solution allows you to just purchase those parts needed for a particular project. That way you don’t have to waste time removing unnecessary parts.

2. No limits for designers - re-skin and then let our developers complete your site

When you purchase a template, along with a setup of the selected pages onto your Partner Portal you also get a full set of PSD files. You can re-skin the purchased PSD’s to match your client's needs (including adding new pages/elements/content). The Code Production team will then supply you with a quote and apply the changes to the template with fast turnaround.

It will be the same developers who developed the template working on your site updates. This means they are working with code they developed, making the whole process efficient and cost effective.


Nowadays, almost everyone uses templates. Primarily for low budget projects, or as a starting point for a larger custom project.

Earlier this month Code Production conducted a survey among their BC Partner clients to find out the biggest challenges which BC Partners face working with templates.

For almost 100 BC Partners who took part in the survey the biggest challenge is this: with templates it’s hard to plan your budget and delivery.

All templates require at least some development involvement. Based on the Code Production’s survey, 66% of BC Partners handle their further development in-house, while 34% outsource.

But no matter what your workflow is you are still at risk of:

  • having limited capabilities in customization;
  • over-paying developers to work in someone else’s code;
  • spending your own extra hours on development, instead of concentrating on sales and management;
  • extra expenses;
  • limiting your ability to accomplish on time.
    Custom Templates is a solution exclusive to Business Catalyst that helps eliminate these risks to a maximum degree.

Get your first Custom Template from Code Production

A universal template that includes everything BC offers with extra modern features needed for an average small to midsize website or the base for a more complex site.

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Design and sell your own custom templates

Are you a designer? Code Production invites creative designers to design custom templates and receive commissions from every sale.


Code Production (EZ-BC) is a premium BC partner since 2008 specialized in development services for the BC community. Code Production has completed almost 1,000 Business Catalyst projects with partners around the world.