Business Catalyst Mail Issues

- Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today we had an extended period of downtime for the Adobe Business Catalyst mail service. These issues have now been stabilized. I'd like to apologize on behalf of the team at BC and offer an explanation of what happened:

  • Issue: Business Catalyst clients with hosted email were unable to access MailEnable application. This was intermittent and affected all users
  • Time of Incident Start: 19 Jan 2011 8:32AM PST
  • Time of Incident End: 19 Jan 2011 5:48PM PST
  • Technical Action: The BC Operations team successfully applied a patch received from vendor (MailEnable). Additionally, they replaced the virtual and physical machine that the mail server was hosted on and investigated the network switch and firewall. Performance is looking good now.
  • Vendor Action: MailEnable are currently gathering more information to help determine the root cause
Although the situation is currently stable, our engineers are continuing to work with MailEnable in investigating the root cause to ensure this does not occur again.

Update on Migrating from MailEnable to OpenSRS

The ultimate solution to solving our mail issues is to move all users from MailEnable over to OpenSRS, our new mail vendor. With this move you will get a new webmail interface, improved performance and reliability and, 2GB of mail storage. 

We're making progress towards this goal, and the good news is that as of yesterday all new and existing trial sites will be provisioned with OpenSRS mail accounts when they are upgraded. Regarding seamlessly migrating existing customers; we are still working with OpenSRS to finalize a date, but I'm hoping that this will be in mid-late February at the latest. I will keep you updated as progress occurs. 

You Can Move to OpenSRS Now...

Update: Due to the upcoming mass migration to OpenSRS, we are no longer processing manual mail migrations. More details at:

Thanks for reading and apologies once again,

Eddy Chan
Product Manager at Business Catalyst