Business Catalyst Platform Vision

- Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hi all,

Over the last several months, since joining the Creative Cloud product offering, we've been relatively quiet in terms of where we see the Business Catalyst platform evolving and at what pace.

I've created a video blog entry detailing my perspective on Business Catalyst. We want to build an extensible, modern platform in order to give you, our Partners, a great product to sell. The current code base does not give us the velocity we need to advance the product, however. We’re focusing our efforts to gradually re-invent Business Catalyst, starting with the infrastructure, platform and web publishing pieces. Making it web scalable and really usable, while maintaining a dedicated team focused on incrementally improving the current product, (a team we will set up in the next 45 days).

While you won't find a detailed, committed road map in this blog post, we know you want one and we are already working on this. We'll publish it in the next 3 months, to continue giving you more visibility into what we're doing behind the scenes.

Since joining the Creative Cloud, Adobe is doubling down its investment in Business Catalyst, and this translates to a great future ahead of our product, our Partners, and our end customers.

I'm eager to make this vision a reality!