DNS Enhancements Coming Next Week - October Release Notes

- Friday, October 15, 2010

Our engineers have worked hard to push this release in only 3 weeks to get us back on track. We've got a system update to be deployed next week on 19 October 1:00AM US PDT (check local times). This one is an important one as we've got some DNS enhancements that the partner community has been requesting for a while now and we're also pushing out a truckload of bug fixes. The deployment will take a few hours but as usual we don't anticipate any major disruptions to BC service, however it will still be prudent to not time customer demos or site launches around this time.

DNS Enhancements

Redirect non-WWW domain to WWW domain - the most important enhancement we've made is to allow users to redirect "domain.com" to "www.domain.com". Here are the instructions on how to change your existing setup to take advantage of this change:

Case 1: domain.com is the default URL, www.domain.com is a forward to domain.com

What you should do:

  1. Delete the www.mydomain.com Forward entry
  2. Delete the mydomain.com entry
  3. Use the "Add a Hostname(A)" option on the right in the Action Box to add www.mydomain.com and set it as default URL:
  4. Use the "Add a Forward" option on the right in the Action Box to add mydomain.com as a forward to www version:
Case 2: www.domain.com is added, domain.com is a forward to www.domain.com

What you should do:

  1. Edit the www.mydomain.com record and set it as default:
Case 3: domain.com and www.domain.com are both added as A records (hostnames). Neither of them is a forward.

What you should do:

  1. Delete the mydomain.com entry
  2. Use the "Add a Forward" option on the right in the Action Box to add mydomain.com as a forward to www version:
  3. Edit the www.mydomain.com record and set it as default:


Case 4: You don't have any domain added yet or you want to add a new domain

What you should do:

  1. Use the "Setup a Domain Name" option on the right in the Action Box to add your domains. Configure the interface like this:

Set WWW domain as default URL for your site - since you can redirect non-WWW domains to WWW domains, we've also added the ability for you to set the WWW domain as the default URL for your site. That means all absolute links that are rendered on your site will use this default WWW URL.

Edit the Country and Culture set for your system and secure URLs - another much requested enhancement, we've updated the DNS Manager interface so you can now set the country and culture for your system and secure URLs. This is really important as although your site might be in one language i.e American English you need to collect payments in the currency of another country i.e British Pounds. In this case you can now go to your secure URL settings and change the country for the secure URL to be United Kingdom.

De-coupled the Default Domain for Site and Email - starting with this release we have decoupled the default domain for your email and your site. What this does is allows you to change default domains for your site without having to delete your mailboxes as they can remain on the old domain. Mail sent to the new site default domain still gets received as it has aliases setup on the new domain which redirects the mail back to the original inbox.

Important: Changes to Newsletter Overage Purchase Workflow

In the release that we are going to push live next week, we’ve also changed the email notification logic so now the behavior will be the same as for disabled sites:

  • If the customer billing relationship is with the partner only - then only the partner users will receive warnings for blocked email campaigns
  • If the customer billing relationship is directly with Business Catalyst, the notification is sent to all site users
  • If the customer is on the billing plan where the partner is billed in the 1st year but the customer is billed by BC in the subsequent period then the notifications for blocked email campaigns will be sent to all site users
  • If the customer is on bill-on-account the notification is sent to all site users

Our (Long) List of Bug Fixes that will be Delivered

In no particular order:
  1. Fixed WYSIWYG editor problems affecting Safari and Chrome including an issue where text was being deleted when changing font face and also an issue where font size or CSS styles were not being applied in
  2. Updated System Messages to differentiate between "404 - Page not found" and "Credit card failed" errors
  3. Fixed a system problem causing forum notifications to not be sent
  4. Updated the Change Billing Type user interface to display invoice date & number for each invoice in the list
  5. Improved performance on the FTP server to avoid timeouts when browsing folders with large number of files
  6. Fixed a bug in the new web form builder to prevent duplicate Field ID's
  7. Fixed a bug causing "{tag_producttaxrate}" tag to generate extra zeroes in invoices
  8. Fixed a performance problem in the web app item export to prevent timeouts when exporting a large number of items
  9. Corrected a problem in web apps that was causing the web app item template to reset to default after the item is updated on the front-end
  10. Deleting a default domain as a rebranded partner will no longer delete all A records of your partner sites (free or paid)
  11. Fixed DNS user interface to allow customers to move a domain name from one site to another (by deleting it on the first site and adding it on the second)
  12. Fixed and email management problem causing email accounts to stop working after changing the default domain
  13. Blog posts are now being published automatically when the release date is reached
Until next time, we hope you make good use of the DNS enhancements!
Your Friendly BC Product Manager