Enabling Multi-Channel Digital Success in the Era of Rapid Transformation

Diana Iliescu - Thursday, December 28, 2017

Capturing the attention of customers has become a challenging task that is spread across multiple touchpoints. In an age where customers demand businesses to be accessible when they want, and how they want, digital marketing professionals shoulder the responsibility of enabling that connection between brands and consumers.

Omar Ahmed leads SEO and Content Marketing at Complete Business Online, a digital agency and Adobe Business Catalyst partner in Sydney, Australia. He discusses how Business Catalyst has enabled CBO to deliver impactful, multi-channel digital campaigns for enterprise-level customers in Australia.

We live in an era where consumer behavior, catalyzed by the proliferation of mobile devices, is driven by a need for real-time information, immediate action, and instant enjoyment. The purchase journey for a prospect with the sudden urge for pizza will typically be a quick Google search, find out what’s open, read reviews, and walk right in. A short process, but one that pits at least 4 to 5 local contenders against each other for a slice of business.

Digital marketing is now the art of dominating what Google defines as “micro-moments” in a customer’s journey. The tricky part is that these moments can take place across a variety of channels. It could either be an organic search, a social media referral, well-placed PPC advertisement, or even an SMS. To be successful, your marketing should be agile enough to place your brand when and where the customer is paying attention. This warrants the need for technological dexterity; a platform that can enable agility and do it at scale.

Aligning Technology with Strategy

As an agency, a sizeable chunk of our customer base comprises of businesses that operate on a multi-location, franchised model with nationwide presence. As a result, the level of competition that they face, and we have to deliver against, is spread across channels, devices, and territories. Often the strategy will involve two layers, one at the national level and the second one on a much more granular, area or local basis.

It’s like piecing together a large jigsaw puzzle and making sure that it stays that way. And that puzzle will look different depending on the industry that we work with, from automotive to retail, and skin care to PR. From a technology perspective, Business Catalyst allows us to map the strategy and digital channel delivery back to one platform. From content management and web development, mass email marketing campaigns and search engine optimization, and everything in between.

Reliability at Scale

By leveraging Adobe’s managed platform and caching capability, along with the underlying core technology on world-class AWS systems, we are able to deliver faster and more engaging experiences across a plethora of devices at scale. Importantly, we can make changes easily, especially from a search engine compliance perspective. This is particularly important for SEO, as Google is set to roll out “Mobile First Indexing” not too far out from now. For a client that happens to be Australia’s largest network of skin care clinics (93 and growing), Business Catalyst enabled us to easily improve site performance and reduce load times, resulting in significant improvement across SERPs and mobile index.

Another example is email, a known generator of ROI. The flexibility with which we can use Business Catalyst for mass email campaigns has enabled our clients to stop worrying about the logistics and focus on crafting targeted messages. The results and reliability accorded by the platform have allowed us to position our agency’s email marketing strengths better, and validate it with successes from the market.

Capacity for Innovation

Technology, as good as it may be, always has room for innovating further. As Business Catalyst partners we’re glad to have the ability to create apps that serve business objectives. The automotive industry can be brutally competitive, with a 2016 study from Google highlighting that a customer will have hundreds of online interactions before deciding where to buy the car they want. In such a scenario, social proof and validation can capture attention like no other.

For our automotive sector clients, we’ve created and used the Social Media Feed app that allows posts from social media to be pulled and shown automatically on a website. Site visitors are immediately able to see social proof in the form of happy and satisfied car buyers, leading to an increase in sales inquiries.

For every business that truly wants to deliver multi-channel digital impact and dominate micro-moments that lead to purchase, Adobe Business Catalyst will enable it smoothly.