Episode 33 of the BC Podcast - Holiday Giveaway Winners Announced!

Diana Iliescu - Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Tune in for Episode 33 of the Business Catalyst podcast! In this episode, we announce the winners from the big Holiday Giveaway, listen to an interview with long time partner Karim Ardalan, get an update from Brent’s recent trip to Romania to visit the BC engineering team, and then get this month’s Story Challenge. Don’t miss out, listen below.

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In this episode :

  • Brent Weaver and Brian Lowry announce the Holiday Giveaway winners by doing a drawing from all the entries
  • Learn about Karim Ardalan’s company MIS and his BC-specific projects AidBC.com and BackupBC.com
  • Get an update from Brent Weaver on his recent trip to Romania to visit with the BC engineers about upcoming developments and features
  • Learn what the Story Challenge is and how you can win a free install of the Homepage Slider or Client Trainer Apps

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Brent & Brian