Episode 47 of the BC Podcast – Jayne Burgess

- Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In this month’s interview Jayne Burgess from Flirt Group explains why it’s important to go out and see your clients in-person. She also discusses the advantages of being flexible, and making life easier for everyone involved in a project.

Tune in for Episode 47 of the Business Catalyst podcast!

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In this episode:

  • Michael Sallander announces the BC App of the Month
  • Jayne explains why it’s important to meet clients in person
  • Jayne discusses how she makes life easier for those around her

Two of the biggest take-aways from my interview with Jayne is how she goes out of her way to make a personal connection with her clients, and also tries to make life easier for the people around her.

Get out the door.
When possible, do site-visits. Meeting your clients in person will help build a personal relationship. Many of your competitors do everything online and communicate only through email. If you take the time to see your clients, you will have a huge advantage over virtual companies. You will stand out.

Also, seeing your client’s work environment will also give you a better understanding of how their business operates. Understanding the “big picture” will allow you to solve their overall business problems, not just quote on a website.

Make it easy.
Jayne figures out how to make the workflows as simple as possible for her developers and her clients.
For example, Jayne won’t make her clients log in to a project management tool if their normal workflow is email. She makes her client’s workflow easier and then adapts to get the information into the Flirt Group’s internal workflow.

To learn more, listen to the entire interview.

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