Episode 50 of the BC Podcast – Beth Kahlich

- Wednesday, October 07, 2015

In this month’s interview Beth Kahlich from the Dallas Search Engine Academy shares her experiences as a Business Catalyst Partner and an SEO business owner.

Tune in for Episode 50 of the Business Catalyst podcast!

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In this episode:

  • Michael Sallander announces the BC App of the Month.
  • Beth shares tips on running a successful business.
  • Beth answers questions from the Business Catalyst community.

During this interview, Beth shares a lot of what she has learned over the years. I'm listing a few highlights, but you should listen to the entire interview to get the most out of her experiences.

Get Out Of The Office. Don't Give Up.
Beth has done all types of marketing over the years, but she has found that getting out of the office, and meeting people face-to-face has been the best way to attract more clients. But, it isn't a one-time event. It's about building relationships.

"The big thing is to be regular and not give up. You can't just go to the Chamber of Commerce for a month and expect all of this business to roll in. You have to form relationships with people. And, as you form those relationships, and they understand what you do, then suddenly you will get an email or a phone call…Whatever marketing you do, don't give up on it."

It took Beth two years of hard work to build up her business where she wanted it to be. Beth encourages others to stick with it, “because it's worth it”.

Spend too much time with those who don't invest in their online business can destroy your productivity. That's why it's important to find your ideal customers as quickly as possible. Beth shares some ways to qualify.

Beth does a lot of training. This has led to lots of work. She feels as though it attracts the right kind of work.

Don't spend your first interaction with telling the prospect how great you are. Ask questions, stop talking, and listen. Learn as much as you can about them. This will give you clues on if they are serious about investing in their online business.

Plan Long-term.
If you prospect is looking for a quick-fix and not a long-term plan, you want to know that as soon as possible. Make sure your prospect knows if you are offering a long-term solution.

"We are going to do all of the things above the board that are not trying to fool Google. That are going to increase your visibility in search engines. We are going to measure the baseline. We are going to see what happens when as we make these recommended changes. We'll modify our plan to make the good stuff work better for you...We are not going to put you in a position...that will damage your site in the long run."

Your Quote is Valuable.
When you quote on a project, you are building a valuable plan. Get paid for that work.
"If you work on a quote for hours and you give them all of your knowledge, that's a product. You should be compensated."
By charging for this work, you are also qualifying prospects. You will learn how much investment they are willing to put into their business.

To learn more, listen to the entire interview.

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