EZ-BC helps you reskin BC templates right in your browser

Magda Neagu - Sunday, February 05, 2017

With active assistance from their fellow BC partners EZ-BC / Code Production team built some new exciting tools that are aimed to help any BC partner win more deals from potential projects.

With the latest update of Custom Templates partners are able to create real-time demo sites off of Business Catalyst templates offered by EZ-BC/Code Production. And they don’t charge you for it.

Here are the main 5 features:

  1. Change the logo of the template with your prospect's real logo;
  2. Change template's colors and styles to match your prospect’s desired color pallet;
  3. Rebuild template's menu/sitemap however you want;
  4. Create a demo version without Code Production branding and customization tools and send it to your prospect for review… Yes, he can review it on his mobile devices as well.
  5. Reskined version of the template will arrive to your partner portal with all the sitemap and styles changes. With most of the work done basically.

You can try the editing and customization of templates here.

About EZ-BC/Code Production
EZ-BC/Code Production is a BC partner since 2008 and a Partner Advisory Board member. With over 1,000 BC projects delivered EZ-BC/Code Production team specializes in products and development services for the Business Catalyst community. For more info visit ez-bc.com.