Important: Final Migration Schedule

Cristinel Anastasoaie - Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Important: For all future updates surrounding the migration, please refer to the dedicated website.

Last update: 2:00 AM February 19, Australian EDT

This is the final announcement of the Sydney datacenter migration plan. The dry-run has been successfully completed and we have a green light to proceed with the migration plan previously made public.

Important notice: While confident that the migration will take place at the scheduled date and time, we are continuing to investigate migration scenarios. If between this announcement and the scheduled migration time we discover anything that might put the migration at risk, we are going to put our plan on hold until we find a solution.

As part of this migration, all sites located on the legacy Sydney datacenter will experience an offline maintenance window of up to 8 hours. Action will be required on your behalf - please read on for further details.

  • What is happening: We are migrating all sites and BC application infrastructure from Sydney Primus to Sydney Ultimo in one bulk-move
  • Target Start Date/Time: 12:00AM Sunday 20 February 2011 (Australian EDT) | 5:00AM Saturday 19 February 2011 (US Pacific) | 1:00PM Saturday 19 February 2011 (London) | Check local times here
  • Target End Date/Time: 8:00AM Sunday 20 February 2011 (Australian EDT) | 1:00PM Saturday 19 February 2011 (US Pacific) | 9:00PM Saturday 19 February 2011 (London) | Check local times here
  • How Long Will It Take? We will have a scheduled maintenance window of 8 hours, during which all sites hosted on Sydney Primus will be unavailable. Partner Portal access and new site creation will be unavailable at this time as well.
  • What are we doing? We will be replicating all databases between Sydney Primus and Sydney Ultimo. We will also setup a high-speed direct datalink between the 2 locations, to ensure databases are kept in sync prior to the migration. At the scheduled time of the migration we will reconfigure DNS settings and make other related BC architectural changes to point to the new Ultimo Datacenter. We will also need to restart all web servers.

Customer Impact

During the migration Business Catalyst services will be entirely or partially not available. See the below table for a high-level overview of the impacted services depending on their location:

Data centers Impact Details
Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney DC) 8 hours downtime; all services will be unavailable More details below
All other data centers Some services will not be available More details below

Actions required

Following the migration some actions are required on your behalf. Check the below for a summary of necessary actions:

Customers Action required Reason Details
Sites previously hosted on Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney) DC with external DNS Must update their DNS settings to point to the new data center IP address. Sydney legacy data center IP address will be decomissioned 60 days following the migration. More details below
All customers with domains redelegation to BC (including customers on Sydney) Must update nameserver information to point to new Business Catalyst nameservers. Legacy nameservers will be decommissioned  in 60 days following the migration More details below

Customer Impact - details

  • All Customers (on any data center): During the 8 hour maintenance window, you will experience the following:
    • BC Extension for Dreamweaver and Triangle will not work
    • BC Partners won't be able to login into Partner Portal
    • All user management functions will be unavailable (i.e. create user, edit user, delete user)
    • DNS management tools will be unavailable
    • Setting a start page will not work
    • Clicking "Webmail" from the Admin Console will not work
    • Users will receive an error upon logout
    • Users may experience intermittent logouts as session tokens expire
    • Users who are associated with a Partner Site on the legacy DC will be unable to login to all sites
  • Sites hosted on legacy Sydney data center: In addition to the above, all sites hosted on legacy Sydney data center will be offline for the maintenance window of 8 hours. There will be no front-end pages being served or Admin Console access.

If you have sites on the Legacy Sydney DC (Primus) with externally hosted DNS, you will receive a list of these affected sites via email on Friday, February 18.

Once the migration is completed, all sites will be fully functional with two exceptions:

  • Search will be unavailable for up to 2 days for All sites hosted on Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney) data center
  • FTP will be unavailable for Sites hosted on Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney) data center with internal DNS until DNS settings are updated.

Steps you need to take - externally hosted DNS

In order to ensure a smooth migration for your customers, please action the following steps:

Step 1. Email your affected clients our pro-forma notice email

We have published a set of pro-forma notification emails which you can send to your clients to warn them of the upcoming migration and the impact it will have on their site. There are two versions:

  • Whitelabled-email.html is the unbranded version and you should customize and use this version if you are a Premium Partner who has rebranded the CMS. You will need to change the logo at the top and put your own signature at the bottom before sending it out
  • Businesscatalyst-email.html is the BC branded version if you prefer to use our brand and name when sending the email to your clients. It contains the same migration details.

You can download the notification email package here.

Step 2. Set TTL down to 1800 for all client sites that have externally hosted DNS

For partners or site owners with externally hosted DNS, we advise you to set the TTL for your records down to 1800 (30 minutes) during the next week in preparation for the migration so that when you do make the required IP address change following the migration, the settings will take a shorter amount of time to propagate.

In the coming days you will receive a separate email from including a complete list client sites under your Partner Portal that have their DNS hosted externally.

Step 3. Following migration, change the IP address of A-Records for all sites with externally hosted DNS

For all sites with externally hosted DNS, you will be required to update your DNS settings with your DNS host following the migration. This involves updating the IP address your domain points to, to match the IP address of the new Sydney Ultimo data center. We recommend that you update your external DNS settings as soon as possible following the migration.

Please refer to this page for detailed instructions on updating your external DNS settings.

The engineering team will be keeping a proxy server in the legacy Sydney Data center so that all requests coming in to the old legacy IP addresses will get routed through to the new data center transparently. Likewise the pages being served will come from the new DC through the proxy server back out to customers. This is not a permanent solution but gives you a longer window in which to make your DNS changes and also lessens impact to your customers when you do make the change. We will likely keep the proxy server running for a minimum of at least 30 days after the migration before we fully decommission the legacy data center.

Steps you need to take - internal (redelegated) DNS

For all other sites (including those hosted on all other datacenters) with domains redelegated to Business Catalyst, you will need to update your DNS redelegation to use our new nameservers. This process involves redelegating your domain from our legacy name servers (which use sub-domains), to our new name servers (which use sub-domains). For instructions please refer to this knowledgebase article. You will have a time window of 60 days to do this following completion of the migration.

Following this date, we will be decommissioning our legacy nameservers.

Stay up to date

For the latest information regarding this upcoming migration, please bookmark and refer to:

As the BC Blog is itself hosted on the legacy AU datacenter, it will be unavailable during the migration. To keep you up to date, we've launched an independent site at where you'll find all the latest news during the migration period.

Kind Regards,
Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager