Incident report - accidental email newsletter limit reached warning email

Cristinel Anastasoaie - Wednesday, May 13, 2015

[Updated - May 14th 11:30 PST]: We've just sent a follow-up email to explain the incident. Since we've used the BC Email Marketing engine, the broadcast has been limited to BC partners and business owners that had the email address registered with BC and opt-in to receive emails.

As you are probably aware, customers have received a warning email with the following subject: "Warning: You Are Close To Reaching Your Email Newsletter Limit". The email was sent from a Business Catalyst email address or the partner email address (for white-labeled Partner Portals). This email has been accidentally sent and does not reflect the actual email credits a site has.

First, we apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused you, and offer you a detailed explanation on what happened and what measures we're taking to prevent this in the future.

The accidental emails were caused by an incorrect parameter update following a minor system update on Monday, May 11th:

  • Due to an incorrect parameter update and use, the internal engines checking the email quota on Business Catalyst paid sites (Partner sites are also considered paid sites) have considered all sites reached their email quota and automatically triggered the email credit limit warning email
  • The error impacted a large number of Business Catalyst paid and partner sites
  • The email has been sent to Business Catalyst partners and to all admin users with Administer System privileges
  • The email has been sent from a Business Catalyst email address or from the Partner email address (if the site was under a white-labeled Partner Portal)
  • The email has been also sent to Creative Cloud members which have published a site on Business Catalyst

To contain the problem and to prevent such incidents in the future we have:

  • Temporarily disabled the automated warning email engine
  • Investigate the code updates to find the root cause of the incident
  • Fixed the incorrect parameter issue
  • Updated the warning email engine to add an additional check at this level

A service update will be done shortly and restart the automated warning email engine.

Once again, our apologies for any inconvenience this incident might have caused. Our team is fully committed to provide the utmost level of support to all our customers and we continuously dedicate efforts to improve our services.


The Adobe Business Catalyst Team