Introducing Adobe ID

- Saturday, April 21, 2012

Update 25/04/12: Adobe ID merging workflow will be re-enabled today, and you'll be able to update your Business Catalyst partner account to use an Adobe ID. Read the Adobe ID merge FAQ here:

Update 23/04/12: After two days of Adobe ID merge, in order to improve on the process and to correct some issues that arose, we decided to put a hold to the Adobe ID merge process for 48 hours. We target to resume the merge again on Wednesday, 25/04/12. Existing accounts that have already been merged will continue to function properly.

Update 23/04/12: Please note that your login email address will change to your Adobe ID email address across all BC sites. If you'd like to keep your current login email address, please create a separate Adobe ID for it and then merge this with a newly created Adobe ID."

Hi everybody,

Starting with today, you can update your Business Catalyst account to use an Adobe ID, your account. This means one less login to remember and you can sign in with the same username and password you use to sign in to other Adobe products.

If you don’t yet have an Adobe ID, creating one takes only a few seconds, and doing so will pave the way for you to take advantage of Adobe’s  Creative Cloud service launching this spring. Sign in to update your account now.

Why merge your account with your Adobe ID? 

By having one single account across all your Adobe products, it would allow you to better manage and maintain your product portfolio. One single account will mean less credentials to remember, as well as improved access to support and a continuous relationship with Adobe. You will be able to see all your cases, no matter what Adobe product they belong to, and move seamlessly between various products.

The unique ID will work across all Adobe products and services such as:

Step by step

1. When logging in for the first time in your admin section, you will be prompted to merge your Adobe ID with your Business Catalyst account. If you do not have an Adobe ID, this will be the place to create one.

2. Once you create or enter an Adobe ID you will be signed in with the new credentials to your Business Catalyst account.

Please remember:

  • If your Adobe ID e-mail address is different from your Business Catalyst address, this will be your new credential to login. Your Business Catalyst e-mail address will no longer work
  • Once you make the merge this is a non-reversible process. You will no longer be able to go back to your old credentials. 
  • If you use our webmail (the OpenSRS webmail), you’ll need to enter your old credentials to access the emails and not your new Adobe ID login
  • For sites defined in Dreamweaver, you’ll need to update the FTP credentials for each site to use the new Adobe ID credentials
  • For API calls you will need to update the credentials to use the new Adobe ID

Help and support

For more information and troubleshooting guides, read the Business Catalyst Adobe IDs FAQ