March release - File Manager 2.0 (alpha), new User Management UI and a range of bug fixes!

Cristinel Anastasoaie - Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last Update: Tuesday, 20 March 2012, 12:30 AM PST – The release date has been moved to Wednesday, March 21st to allow us investigate potential instability problems. We apologize for this delay.

Hi everybody,

As already mentioned in the monthly Partner Meetings, we're happy to announce a new Business Catalyst release, scheduled to go live on Tuesday, March 20th. You can watch the Partner Meeting recordings for an overview of the release, or refer to the full release notes below for all the details:

Our March release includes:

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New File Manager (Alpha, partners only)

We're proud to introduce the first public release of our new File Manager. Designed with productivity and ease of use in mind, the File Manager is an entirely new concept. When complete, it will be a full replacement for the current Pages, Templates, Module Templates, System Pages and old File Manager interfaces. The new File Manager is based on our rich client side, API based UI framework - we know you'll be impressed by how it performs :)

In this Alpha release, the following features are available:

  • Browsing files (including /_System folder, pages and templates)
  • Editing multiple files
  • Code editor with syntax highlighting, and code completion (including BC modules and tags)
  • Saving as draft and publishing Pages and Templates
  • Business Catalyst Toolbox, including module, tag and code snippets insertion

Some of the known issues which will be addressed in upcoming releases include:

  • IE8 browser compatibility
  • Folders containing special characters such as # and & cannot be accessed from tree list
  • File editor upper bar does not properly handle page info display/navigation on multiple rows

The File Manager is available only to Partners for now. Before introducing it to your business owner clients, we need to address permissions, design view editing and more.

We are looking forward to your feedback. Please let us about any issues you encounter, or your suggestions for improvements.

SEO options enabled out-of-the-box

The Site Settings -> SEO menu entry in Admin Console has been removed. The available options were:

  • SEO friendly URLs for eCommerce, Announcements, Web Apps -- these will be enabled for all sites
  • Enable partial URL matching for SEO friendly URLs -- this will remain as is for all sites, and will no longer be possible to enable it for new sites, which will have it turned off
  • Enable sitemap.xml for search engines -- this will remain as is for existing sites, and always enabled for new sites

Note that trial sites will not be indexed by search engines. Should you want to disable search engine indexing after upgrade, please use a custom robots.txt file or upload an empty sitemap.xml.

If you'd like to use a custom sitemap.xml file, simply upload it to your site. If this file exists, it will be served instead of the BC-generated sitemap.xml.

Should you still need to access the SEO settings, they will still be available for a short period at!/Utilities/SEO.aspx

Updated user and email accounts user interfaces

To simplify the user and email accounts management workflows and increase Admin interface performance, we're updating their corresponding user interfaces beginning March 20th.

While email and user accounts will continue to share data to facilitate email and admin access for the same email address, the management of emails and user accounts will be separated. In addition, for better security, the user and email accounts will be created using an invitation workflow, which means that the user creating the account will not be able to set a password for the account they are creating.

The old user interface will preserve its functionality which allows admins to manage users and email accounts.

In addition, by separating the email and user account management, we are dropping the option of having a user that doesn't have admin and email access. While these accounts will continue to live on the system, they will have no interface to manage them. To manage these, you will need use the old user interface to enable email or admin access for each of these user accounts.

Note: The new interfaces for user and email accounts management will be made localization-ready using the Adobe Content Translation Tool starting with the next release. For non-English customers we recommend the use of the old user interface.

Other updates

  • Deleted sites will be permanently removed from the system 30 days after the site has been deleted via the Partner Portal or Site Admin Console.

Issues fixed by March release

  • Issue 3130084 (released Marh 8th) - Fixed a bug causing web forms to always send the email from and impacting rebranded partners
  • Issue 3130433 (released March 8th) - Fixed a bug preventing form to email functionality to accept multiple email addresses in the TO address (separated by comma
  • Issue 3127444 (released March 8th) - Updated the code cleanup library to prevent removal of basic formatting tags
  • Issue 2986957 (released March 8th) - Fixed bug preventing users from updating credit card information for site plan orders
  • Issue 3085600 - Improved performance on Ad Rotators Audit Log and "Reports and performance" reports to prevent timeouts on large data sets
  • Issue 3127440 - Fixed a bug causing an "Object has moved" error when either the username or password fields are missing from a registration form
  • Issue 3133339 - Fixed a bug causing an "Object has moved" error when an invalid username or password is detected into a the secure zone registration form
  • Fixed a issue causing an "Object has moved" error when an existing CRM user tries to subscribe to different secure zone

Business Catalyst V3 fixes

  • Updated the visual behavior of pop-up dialogs to prevent the unfriendly resize visual effect after the screen loads
  • Fixed a problem causing the web form properties dialog to be repositioned right after it loads instead of keeping its initial position
  • Updated several report screens to enable horizontal scrolling when the content is wider than the screen (ex: customer reports)
  • Fixed a bug causing the file upload bar to display under the upload manager screen

What's next

New user interface V3 default for new users - pushed to April release

We've pushed the change of the default user interface for new users into the April release, so that we are able to better integrate some of the new features we're working on, such as the new File Manager and User and Email account management interfaces.

Updated domain management

Continuing the journey started with User and Email account management, we're going to update the domain management user interfaces to be more intuitive and faster to use without losing the functionality available today.