New Community Forums

- Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello everyone, your friendly forum moderator here.  I'm very happy to share with you something we've been working on and thinking about for some time.

Today, along with the release of our latest version, we've also completely reworked the Community Forums. The old forums are still available and will continue to be for a few weeks (after which they will become "read only"), however we ask that you start posting new threads in the new forums. If there are particular old posts which were missed and need to be answered or you think are particularly valuable in terms of information, please *bump* them and we'll consider moving them over. While a valuable resource, the old forums have become a bit long in the tooth to moderate and often people will bump threads that are years old and have nothing to do with their current issue. This makes it hard to have a conversation and also provides lots of conflicting information.

Our new forum listing is more than doubled and much more specific in name, which should make them that much more browse-able. Additionally, new forums exist for discussions that obviously needed to happen, but weren't necessarily pertinent to any specific system area. Some examples of these are:

  • HTML/CSS/JS Forum - The idea here is to provide a place to talk shop, show off tutorials you find interesting, provide resources for awesome new libraries, etc.
  • Marketplace - Partners are finding themselves in more and more situations that involve  taking on work that beyond their areas of expertise. Luckily we have a great community of partners with expertise in a myriad of competencies.
  • API & Third Party Integration - We find more and more people wanting to extend BC or complement it with another service. Up till now, there really wasn't any area to discuss this fully and we really want to foster more conversations about methodology and availability of solutions.
  • General Discussion - This is an area to talk about... well we're not really sure. To begin, we plan on having a thread of Show & Tell so you can show off your work.
  • Newbie Corner - No question is a stupid question here, if you feel truly lost in the BC well of knowledge post here and someone can help you along. This will be a great spot for free partners to get their wings and old partners to offer a helping hand.

We want you to talk shop, to have conversations about the reasons behind your design concepts, show off your slick AJAX hackery, etc.

We hope our new layout will enable a more conversational approach to the forums, while maintaining them as the educational resource they have become. We will continue to moderate the forums and jump in as necessary when we can provide an answer unique to our abilities. And don't forget our BC secret agents who prefer to remain anonymous.

However, at the end of the day its all about enabling you and providing a way to pass along your experience. I would like to personally thank Liam, Matthew, Vincent , and all of the other regulars I am forgetting for contributing so much to our community.


Justin Price - Adobe BC Forum Moderator