New pricing and plan names starting March 20th

- Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last Update: Tuesday, 20 March 2012, 12:30 AM PST – The release date has been moved to Wednesday, March 21st to allow us investigate potential instability problems. We apologize for this delay.

Our March 20th release will bring a series of changes that have been announced in our most recent Partner Meetings, and that we will publish on our blog starting today. The first series of these changes relates to new plan names and pricing, as well as a change to our Terms of Use.

New plan names and a new plan

We wanted our plans to have names that are more descriptive of what they actually include, and as such, starting with this release they will be updated as follows:

Current name New name
webBasics (* New plan)
Starter webBasics+
Business webMarketing
Pro 1 webCommerce
Pro 5 webCommerce 5
Pro 10 webCommerce 10

The names will also change for your exiting websites, so please check the corresponding new name inside your Partner Portal.

webBasics is an entirely new plan and includes the necessary tools for a basic website, with limits designed to fit your basic needs. Here is a quick look at what it will include:

Features Limits
Web Forms
Social sharing

1 user (partner account not counted)
Email hosting not included
Storage: 100MB
Bandwidth: 1GB/month

The pricing for this new plan will start at US$5.99/month and it will be available for purchase beginning March 20th. We have introduced partial support for Web Form submissions in the plan, via email notification only (no workflow support or CRM reports).

New pricing scheme

Starting with this release we will change the way we look at pricing, and by default present the yearly pricing, including an integrated 10% discount. This means that the default option to pay for your site will be one year in advance.

Monthly payments are still available, and they are slightly less expensive than our previous prices, so your new websites will not be impacted. The only price that changes is for the new webBasics+ (former Starter) which will be updated with the inclusion of Web Forms. For an overview of the prices please see the table below:

US$ Monthly Yearly (discounted /mo rate)
webBasics $6.59 $5.99
webBasics+ $12.21 $10.99
webMarketing $18.88 $16.99
webCommerce $38.88 $34.99
webCommerce 5 $58.88 $52.99
webCommerce 10 $79.99 $71.99
AU$ Monthly Yearly (discounted /mo rate)
webBasics $7.77 $6.99
webBasics+ $16.10 $14.49
webMarketing $21.66 $19.49
webCommerce $41.66 $37.49
webCommerce 5 $61.66 $55.49
webCommerce 10 $81.66 $73.49

The pricing will only affect new websites, and old websites will remain on the existing pricing scheme, so your existing invoices will not change.

Our discount for the bi-yearly payment will decrease from 20% to 15%, also starting March 20th. Again, previous orders are not affected by this change, as it only applies to new purchases.

Adobe ID integration for partners

Beginning March 20th you will be able to use your Adobe ID to login to Business Catalyst. This will allow you to have one single login for all Adobe websites and services, and one single login for all support systems provided by Adobe. Your Adobe ID is the same login that you currently use on or websites.

If you already have an Adobe ID and a Business Catalyst ID separately, you can ask our support staff to merge the two accounts for you into one single login, starting March 20th.

New Terms of Use agreement

Up until now, our Terms of Use agreement has been signed by website, instead of by account, as should be the case. This is another change that is being implemented with the new release, together with an updated version of the Terms of Use document. In the initial step the TOU agreement will only need to be signed by Partners (the first time you login to your BC account) and we will gradually roll this out to your clients as well.

If you have a white-labeled website, the new TOU interface allows you to copy-paste your TOU agreement, instead of just inserting the link. This means your customer will see the full text of your TOU in the signature interface. You will have 2 weeks to complete this step in your Partner Portal.