Next Major System Update Scheduled for 25 August

- Thursday, August 19, 2010

Business Catalyst has scheduled it's next major system update on 25 August 1:00AM US PDT. The deployment will take a few hours but we anticipate no disruptions to the Business Catalyst service during this time. The scheduled release includes new features as well as fixes for some of the most important issues reported by our customers.

What’s new in this release of Business Catalyst?

  • Customizable SEO Friendly URLs for Announcements: Continuing the work started with Catalogs and Products, we're extending the support for customizable URLs to the Announcements module. To take advantage of this feature for your announcements, you will need to enable it from Admin > Search Engine Optimization settings page. The new URL will look like: You will also have the option of customizing the 'announcements' folder name not only the 'announcement-title' segment.
  • Updated "Training" Section in Partner Portal: with this release we're rolling-out a number of new training videos to provide standard and premium partners with on-demand advanced technical training. Look in your Partner Portal in the Training Tab and you'll see the new Core Courses and Advanced Courses tabs. You will find a series of training videos covering eCommerce, Webforms & CRM, Email Marketing and Web-Apps. We hope this helps our new Partners build more sites on BC!
  • Improved Image Thumbnail Generation: We’re introducing a simplified method to generate image thumbnails which will replace the exiting ShowThumbnail.aspx method. To use the new functionality to generate an image thumbnail for an image located at /images/cat.jpg users can query parameters in the URL like so: /images/cat.jpg?action=thumbnail&width=80&height=80. By default, the output format of the thumbnail will match the original image i.e if you request a thumbnail for a jpeg image, it will also be generated as a jpeg. A specific format can be forced using the “format” parameter, with possible values including 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif' and 'png'. The old method of using ShowThumbnail.aspx will remain available for at least a few months, but we plan to deprecate it eventually as it's usage decreases.

Over the coming week, we will be publishing articles on this blog to describe some of the new features in-depth and show how to take advantage of them. In addition to building new features, the team also worked on fixing the following key bugs.

Bug fixes that will be deployed with the August Release

  • Updated DNS management to allow users to set domain names hosted externally as default URLs
  • Fixed a tax computation issue that was causing the {tag_productsubtotal} to add 0.01 cents to the total price of some combinations of 3 products
  • Deleting an URL redirect from the Manage URL redirects interface no longer deletes the source page
  • InContext Editing Save and Save & Publish buttons are now correctly functioning even when page does include widgets (ex: twitter, bookmark/share this)
  • Fixed an InContext Editing issue which didn't allow users to Save and Publish when the template contained a link to a css file on another domain
  • Updated site search engine so that deleted web app items and products are removed from the search index.
  • Fixed a currency symbols display issue in the secure PDF sent via "Process Offline" payment gateway
  • Added better messaging & warnings describing the steps required to prevent automatic payment of already issued invoices when disabling a recurring payment
  • Fixed a site enable/disable issue causing user disabled web app items to become enabled when the site is globally enabled by the system
  • Fixed a resource problem causing the Main menu in Admin section to remain in English, even when language changed to something else; note: some resources are available only in English;

These fixes will be deployed along with the system update next week.