North American data center migration - August 31st

- Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our migration project is approaching its second major step, with our North American data center moving to its new location. On AUGUST 31st, 2013 the Business Catalyst North American data center will be migrated to the new Amazon Web Service infrastructure. As part of the migration process all sites located on our North American data center will experience an offline maintenance window of up to 8 hours. Please see below the full details of the maintenance and downtime expected.

  • Procedure: Migrating all sites currently hosted on the North American BC data center to the new AWS infrastructure
  • Target start time*: 12 AM EDT (9 PM PDT) (Check local times here)
  • Target end time*: 8 AM EDT 
  • Duration: We are targeting an 8 hour migration window. During this time, all sites hosted in North America will be unavailable. The migration window may vary, and we will be sure to keep you informed of any changes.

* Start time and end time are estimates. Depending on actual conditions on the day the start and end of the migration may vary. 

Services unavailable during the migration

During the migration window all sites and services will be unavailable for sites hosted on the North American data center for the duration of the move. A list of areas affected can be found below:

  • Site front-end and Admin Console will display a maintenance page
  • Email campaigns scheduled during migration window will be sent once the migration is complete
  • SFTP - file upload/download
  • Dreamweaver extension will not be available for the duration of the migration
  • Publish site in Muse will be unavailable
  • Email notifications - operational emails will not be received
  • The webmail link in the Admin console will be unavailable

All other areas of sites hosted on the North American data center. Sites located on other data centers of Business Catalyst will not be affected. 

Updating your DNS settings

If you have not already updated the DNS settings for your client sites, please do so in the next 2 weeks. If you fail to do so, your sites may be unavailable following the migration. For further instruction on how to migrate your DNS settings, please refer to the dedicated migration site.

Stay up to date

Our team will provide constant updates during the migration process. To keep up to date, please follow our blog and Twitter feeds. There, you will find constant updates prior to and during the migration, while our dedicated page on the migration website will provide constant updates during the migration itself. 

Thank you,
The Adobe Business Catalyst Team