Brett Welch | BC

Driving lessons with Spiderman's uncle

One of the most exciting things about Business Catalyst is the flexibility we give our customers. The system is extremely powerful, and it’s possible to bend that power to almost any effort. But, as many great people have said (including spiderman’s uncle): with great power comes great responsibility. Not on your part though - on ours. Why? Because we need to make sure you know you’ve got the power to do amazing things with Business Catalyst. We also need to teach you how to harness that power. After all, what use is a Porsche if you don’t know how to drive?

So this blog is a continual driving lesson – you’ll learn simple things like wiping your windshield, all the way to advanced power-slides and high speed stunt driving :)

Be welcome and we hope you enjoy.

P.S If there are any topics you’d like us to cover, leave your idea in the comments and we’ll pick it up!
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