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Carolyn Frost - Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Centratech Systems Pty Ltd (CTS) is an Australian, wireless monitoring and control solutions company which developed a lighting monitoring and control system for a range of open-space facilities in major municipal councils across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne & Darwin.

Code Production, along with another experienced BC partner, Beatwave Australia, have assisted CTS to create the Fieldmouse* wireless, monitoring and control system. It took considerable time to fully develop the system, which is undergoing further update and enhancement, to provide the users with the best possible experience.

The project development included:


  • Storing the switching states in BC web apps and maintaining a CRM with a booking calendar system for the secure, automatic activation/deactivation of lights in nominated locations for authorized users.
  • PHP server, responsible for the server logic (processing the queries for activating/deactivating the lights), automatic triggering of the devices (controllers), CRM management by roles (booking officer, master account, customer, etc)
  • Gmail account (used through Gmail API) in order to send and receive emails to the SMS-to-Email service.
  • Switches (devices or systems) - activate/deactivate the lights, depending on the command sent via a formatted SMS.

Among the key components, Code Production assisted to develop the BC integration (the interface itself) and PHP, (the business logic and the connection between the Gmail account and BC through API), which is housed in an Amazon Data Centre.

To clarify this, BC is used as a data repository (devices’ states and CRM) and as an interface, to interact with the devices, and schedule an auto switch on/off of the devices, as well as an interface to manually control the device. This is one of the most efficient and viable ways to use BC, particularly when utilizing the additional benefits of BC’s security within the Amazon environment.” (Alex, Code Production).

The Fieldmouse* system is being updated regularly and has expanded greatly since the first release. The CTS business is growing rapidly and the site obviously has to meet all of the needs as they occur.

With the latest update, support for the MQTT protocol was added, so Fieldmouse* can now manage the AWS IoT devices, which communicate via cellular through the MQTT protocol. AWS IoT device cloud has huge potential, and will give a major boost to the business by opening new management possibilities for Fieldmouse*.

“The biggest challenge was to integrate all of the APIs and services so the connection between them is absolutely stable. But once everything was done, it’s amazing how well BC integrates with a range of third party services, providing clients with a limitless range of opportunities for expanding their website.” (Alex, Code Production)

PHP provides the interaction to all components according to the business logic. Front-end development was created using AngularJS for an easy output, and in order to reduce development time (the code is more stable, easily expandable and allows easy implementation for quite complex interface solutions).

“Keeping track of all the features and new possibilities in BC, so you don’t miss out on some vital functionality for your sites, or have false perceptions of the solutions you can and can’t implement, is wise advice for those using BC for the first time.” (Alex, Code Production)

The CTS/Fieldmouse* project is the largest that Code Production have developed on BC, and it is an excellent example of Custom Development service, which shows the variety of possibilities for integrating BC with third party services.

Code Production is a premium BC partner and BC partner advisory board member, with more than 1000 projects accomplished on Business Catalyst since 2008. Code Production’s services range from Custom BC Templates to the full development of the site.

Fieldmouse* is a registered trademark.