Prototyping Business Catalyst apps with Adobe XD

- Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Prototyping Business Catalyst apps with Adobe XD

Sometimes, one Adobe product just isn't enough to do the job you have set out to do. And in order to complete the task you resort to another program to help you out. This is what the developers at Webmosphere discovered when they set out to build a custom BC app. Here is in their own words the experience they had with using Business Catalyst and Adobe XD together.

Prototyping a Business Catalyst app

Developing Custom Business Catalyst Apps can be challenging and time consuming. This complexity can be compounded by the almost inevitable design and functionality revisions that clients might request, midway, or in worst case scenario, after a projects conclusion. Adobe XD should allow you to minimise or do away with this scenario completely, by allowing you to quickly make any changes a client might want, well before you begin coding the application.

If you want to save time, and more importantly, keep your clientele happy, you ought to consider adding Adobe XD (Experience Design) to your arsenal of time saving applications.

Adobe XD allows for lightning-fast prototyping of websites and mobile apps, and for this matter, Custom Business Catalyst Apps, with full interactivity that simulates what the finished product’s user experience will be like.

Having tried Adobe XD ourselves, we are so happy with it, and would like to share, free of charge, a template of the BC Admin, featuring a couple of sample apps. It is licensed under the category of ‘do with it as you please’, so download away and prototype to your hearts content!

Adobe XD is available in beta for Windows and Mac. Download it here.

About Webmosphere

Webmosphere specializes in application design and development, directly working with businesses and BC Partners to help create highly personalized online experiences that boost revenue and customer satisfaction.

From their offices in Liverpool, England, they carter to a global audience, and have built a list of discerning clientele that includes hoteliers, equestrian clubs, financiers, investors, realtors and charities, all helping us reimagine what is possible with BC.