R168 - Better SEO, Minor enhancements and bug fixes and ... major updates ready to be unveiled

Cristinel Anastasoaie - Monday, October 17, 2011

We are planning a new release on Tuesday that includes some service updates, enhancements and bug corrections. However, these represent the "minor" section of this release. The most important parts are going to be described in separate blog posts:

That being said, here are the small updates on this release:

Blog SEO updates

sitemap.xml and RSS feeds will have SEO friendly URLs for blog posts, instead of BlogRetrieve.aspx URLs, resulting in better SEO and this wish solved.

Support cases are now enabled for free partners

In our continuous effort to provide a better experience for all our partners, we have enabled support case submission for free partners (via Help & Support). Cases from paid partners have a higher priority though.

Other enhancements

Admin Console Help & Support workflow for your Small Business Owner clients is now similar to the partner experience: clean and straightforward. Next release will also replace "More Help" articles with the standard KB interface.

Online Editor Settings are now available to all partners (previously were available only to premium partners). From Partner Portal, Tools section, you can now control the behavior of Site Editor, including what CSS classes are available to your customer or what markup is generated for new lines. As a temporary workaround for the Site Editor bug which transforms DIVs to Ps in some cases, please go to Online Editor Settings, Other Settings, and check the option "When customers hit Enter create <br/>".

Minor enhancements and bug fixes highlights

  • Accessing a folder over the web now works even if there's no "/" at the end of the URL
  • If start page is not found for a site, BC will serve automatically pages named index.html, index.htm, default.htm from site root, instead of displaying 404 Not found.
  • "This customer is a wholesaler." checkbox does not remain checked
  • If products exist in the cart and a wholesale customer logs in, the products prices don't get adjusted.
  • Catalogues with lots of products on them render extremely slowly on the front end
  • When creating an order, the quantity for a product in stock is not always correctly adjusted
  • When the product that's "on order" is removed from the cart, all products "on order" get cleared
  • We have enabled localization for some of the APIs

Deprecating features

With the next release, we are considering dropping "Printer view" template support. If you'd still like to invest in building in support for different contents on print vs. online, we recommend to use CSS @media print. Using CSS, print preview will continue to work in the native browser print preview dialog, like on any other site. Let us know your feedback on this.


Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager