R169 - Special characters in product names, Admin UI V3 preview, send campaigns to multiple lists and many other enhancements

Cristinel Anastasoaie - Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last update: Tuesday, 16 November, 9:30 PST

UPDATE: The new user role interface has been removed from this release and it's going to be launched at a later date.

We're announcing a new Business Catalyst release, scheduled for next Monday.

R169 includes lots of enhancements, bug fixes and overall improvements. Three highlights of this release are the partner preview for Admin V3, and some wish list requests that will help customer better manage their online business: special characters in product & catalog names and the ability to send an email campaign to multiple lists. In addition to these great improvements, we've streamlined various user interfaces, added extra overage packages and fixed many critical bugs. 

Admin V3 UI partner preview

With R169, we are launching a public preview (for partners only) of our new user interface for the Admin section (link available in the upper right section of the Admin).  

For more details on how we're approaching releasing BC improvements, please read the “Business Catalyst V3 - Partner preview” article on our blog. As we are soon going to start transitioning customers to the new version, we encourage everyone to take a look at this new user interface, use it and help us make it better by giving us feedback.

Special characters in product and catalog names

With this release, we're sticking to our commitment of fixing top wish list items and will be releasing one great enhancement that will help customers achieve better SEO and save time while creating and managing products or catalogs.

You are now able to add catalogs & products containing special characters in their names, directly from the BC Admin interface. In addition, we've also updated our import/export and API functionality to make sure customers can take advantage of this feature outside the Admin UI.

The product URL will automatically be generated based on the product name having the special characters replaced. To take full advantage of this feature, users will need to have SEO friendly URLs turned on, otherwise the system will use the dynamic product URL (CatalogRetrieve.aspx)

Send email campaign to multiple lists

This enhancement is another wish list request that will give customers using our email marketing feature more flexibility when managing mailing lists.

We've updated the email campaign wizard so that customers can now choose to send the campaign to all customers, one or more existing mailing lists, or to a new list. When selecting to send to multiple lists, customers will simply mark the check box next to multiple existing lists or customer reports.

Upon sending, the system will automatically search for contacts present in multiple lists, remove any duplicates and make sure that each subscriber receives the email once.

Updated training

We have updated the Training section in Partner Portal. Besides a better organization of the videos, we're proud to announce the inclusion of valuable free and paid content provided by BC Partners. Check it out, and let us know your feedback!

Spam moderation workflow - preview

To help customers reduce spam and unwanted posting on the forums, we are starting to test a spam moderation workflow for forums. Thus, in this release we're enabling this feature for websites with more than one forum (to be extended to all sites in an upcoming release).

Partners can update forum layouts to include a report spam link (using a system tag) to allow forums visitors to report a thread or comment as spam. Site Admins can then moderate these reports from the forum Adminconsole user interface and delete unwanted comments.

Minor enhancements

  • For all existing and new sites, we enabled APIs and removed the option to disable them. This has no effect on the site behavior, and now APIs are readily available on any site in case you'd like to use them.
  • Based on customer requests, we've added new overages packages 2000 MB w/ 10% discount at $18 and 5000 MB w/ 20% discount at $40.

Issues fixed by R169 release

  • Fixed a series of encoding problems causing web app items, web app, forum, email lists, affiliate programs and gift voucher names to be displayed incorrectly in Admin user interface
  • Fixed a problem causing multi-screen templates to not render correctly for web app items (bug id: 2963406)
  • Fixed spelling errors on the overage engine and multi screen feature (bug id: 3017345 & 3010433)
  • Corrected a problem preventing product attribute cost to be added to order total (bug id: 3010227)
  • Updated the list of users receiving payment failed email notification. Starting with this release, the email goes to Partner and the payer of the order if the invoice method is Partner or, it goes to Partner, the payer of the order and to the site Admin users if the invoice method is Customer. (bug id: 3011040)
  • Fixed a problem preventing Support users to change a site's Partner when the Partner name contains " ' " character (bug id: 3018276)
  • Updated the cart behavior so that it adjusts the prices for products in cart when a wholesale customer logs in or logs out (bug id: 2567277)
  • Fixed possible vulnerability in Business Catalyst Admin login form (bug id: 3017298)
  • Fixed a problem with our shopping cart generating an invalid order status and preventing the system from triggering workflow notifications (bug id: 2650309)
  • Fixed a bug causing an incorrect currency display on multi-currency websites: (bug id: 3011662)


Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager