R172 - Extended Business Catalyst V3 Beta, Improved Code Editor, Security updates and bug fixes

Cristinel Anastasoaie - Monday, January 23, 2012

Last update: Friday, February 3rd, 2012

We are announcing a new Business Catalyst release scheduled to go live on February 8th.

Our R172 brings Business Catalyst V3 Beta to all users, further updates security for CRM users and solves some bug fixing. The release includes a large list of updates for Business Catalyst V3, some cross platform bug corrections and an improved code editor.

Business Catalyst V3 available to all users

Starting with the R172 release, we are extending the Business Catalyst V3 beta to all customers (Partners and Business owners). V2 will continue to be the default user interface, but users will be able to switch to the new user interface and the system will remember the selection.

Security update - CRM passwords

Effective February 8th 2012 we will further update the way we handle CRM user passwords, for security reasons. The new release will impact lost password workflows, add or update System Messages / System Emails and alter the way customers retrieve their passwords.

For more details please read the update announcement - Important Security Policy Updates for CRM Users - Effective February 8th

This is the second step in a larger update process. The first phase was released during December and was detailed previously as part of the Important Security Policy Updates - Effective December 14th blog post.

Security update - SOAP APIs will no longer work over HTTP

Starting with our R172 release, we are going to enforce the usage of our SOAP APIs over HTTPS. Any API calls over HTTP will be denied. For mode details about the change, please read the Security Policy Updates blog post.

This policy enforcement will also affect Triangle 2.60 users. Thus, starting with 8 February 2012, the Triangle 2.60 extension will not be able to login to Business Catalyst servers due to a change in authentication protocols. To allow partners to continue using Triangle, we have released a new version (2.61) and made it available for download in your Partner Portal, Tools section. All partners using Triangle 2.60 version are required to update. Partners using the new Business Catalyst extension are NOT impacted by the change.

You can download the updated Triangle version from here.

Trial sites will not be indexed by search engines

While a site is in Trial mode, we will automatically serve a robots.txt file which prevents search engine indexing. This will help you avoid having your site show up in search results while it's still in development, via the businesscatalyst.com or worldsecuresystems.com domains.

Once you've upgraded the site, we will stop serving the robots.txt file. You can then use your own robots.txt, if you choose to.

Enhanced code editor for File Manager

The file manager code editor has been enhanced to support syntax highlight and other features. This is just a start to make code editing more productive inside BC, more will come :)

Updated reports interface

In order to improve usability and navigation, we are going to update the menu structure on all Business Catalyst reports and refresh the graphs designs. The changes are going to apply to both old and new version of Business Catalyst.

Starting with R172, the Reports are going to have the following menu structure:

  • Visitors is going to include: Overview, Geographic location, Visits and Page views, Unique visitors, Visitor loyalty, Browser and Operating Systems
  • Traffic Sources will include: Overview, Referrals, Search Phrase, Search Engine Referrals and Spider
  • Website Content will include: Overview, Pages, Entry Pages and Exit Pages
  • Web Forms Usage will include: Overview, Inquirer Geographic Location, Inquiries and Top Web Form Usage
  • e-Commerce will include: Overview, Shopper geographic location, Sales, Top products and Abandon rate
  • Email Campaigns will include: Overview, Campaign, Subscriber Geographic Location, Subscriptions vs Unsubscriptions and Newsletters sent
  • Custom Reports will include: Customer Reports, eCommerce Reports and Website Reports
  • Special Reports will include the former Custom Reports (custom built report by BC engineers and linked into specific sites, only 31 still active)
  • Admin Reports will include: Admin Usage and Total Traffic Reports

Issues fixed by R172 release

  • BC photo galleries will no longer affect jQuery-based JavaScript functionality which you might have added to your site
  • Update:  Issue 2977696 - starting with the R172 release, the secure zone logins will run through HTTPS. Existing secure zones will continue to run on HTTP, but we will turn on the possibility to make logins through HTTPS; future secure zones will have the login HTTPS enabled
  • Updated: Issue 3076457 - Fixed a bug making the Affiliates Performance Reports unusable
  • Issue 2986635 - Fixed reset password feature from Partner portal
  • Issue 3070753 - Fixed a bug causing shipping currency for all the countries to be shown as US dollar $ when creating an user defined shipping
  • Issue 3070416 - Fixed a bug blocking users from changing site theme
  • Issue 3073436 - [Payment Gateways] Fixed a bug causing shipping name to be stored as a billing name on the billing receipt because CardName is not being passed to the Authorize .NET payment gateway
  • Issue 3082100 - Fixed a bug allowing admin user (under some conditions) to see the unpaid invoices for a site on a Partner All billing type
  • Issue 2719638 - Fixed a spelling error in the 'refer a partner' email message within partner portal
  • Issue 2566849 - Updated forgot password workflow; in the new workflow the forgot password form will validate the username and password against existing entries in the CRM database
  • Issue 2929248 - Fixed a bug causing multiple templates to be displayed as default for a site
  • Issue 2940328 - Fixed a bug causing multiple random web app modules present on the same page to render the same items
  • Issue 3050994 - Fixed a bug allowing any logged in user to edit web app items
  • Issue 3067079 - Fixed a potential security issue

Business Catalyst V3 beta updates

With UI v3 we're putting more emphasis on user permissions: effective on R172, these directly affect the visibility of main navigation menu items.Although many of the Admin sections are controlled by their own permission, some of them rely only on the "Administer System" permission.

In order to give you more control, we're taking a step forward and separating a few sections to have their own permission, while still keeping permissions at a reasonable count to be usable. While we're not introducing a permission for every item in Admin Console, we're improving the permissions management for the most common situations.

Here are the changes:

Manage Categories
Old: Administer System
New: Add new set of permissions "Add/Edit/Delete/View Categories"

Discount Codes
Old: Administer System
New: Add new set of permissions "Add/Edit/Delete/View Discount Codes"

Gift Vouchers
Old: Administer System
New: Add new set of permissions "Add/Edit/Delete/View Gift Vouchers"

System Pages
Old: Administer System
New: Add new permission "Manage System Pages"
Note it's a single permission rather than 4 separate ones (Add/Edit/Delete/View).

System Emails
Old: Administer System
Proposed: Add new permission "Manage System Emails"
Note it's a single permission rather than 4 separate ones (Add/Edit/Delete/View).

For every role having the "Administer System" permission, we will add the new permissions listed above as a one-time action. Also, these permissions were renamed:

  • View Usage Reports permission => "View Reports"
  • View Admin Reports permission => "View Admin Activity Reports"

Some menu entries were also renamed:

  • "Sitewide templates" to "Page Templates"
  • "Site Manager > System Messages" to " Site Settings > System Pages"
  • "Site Manager > System Emails" to "Site Settings - System Emails"

Besides the menu update, the release also includes the following fixes for V3:

  • Update: Fixed a bug causing Admin V3 to generate a "WYSIWYG editor could not be found, please relaunch the Module Manager." error when trying to insert a module using Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a bug causing pop-up windows to lack the close close button; Read the Hidden close button for - Preview Pop-ups GetSatisfaction thread for more details and user reports.
  • Enhanced all filters behavior to fade-out when clicking outside the filter UI
  • Update: Fixed a bug causing Upgrade button to not display in V3 for sites under Consolidated Billing
  • Fixed a bug causing link manager to open in new window instead of popup, if previous selection was literature item
  • Fixed a bug causing visits charts to reload when zoom in or out was at max
  • Fixed a bug causing "Copy this webform" button to be displayed as a link positioned between "Save" & "Delete" buttons
  • Fixed spacing and positioning for the Preview & Copy page footer buttons displayed on Site manager -> Pages -> Page details user interface
  • Fixed search box positioning in webapp item list
  • Fixed a bug causing floating action menu to not be displayed after save
  • Fixed breadcrumbs on e-commerce and website reports
  • Fixed a breadcrumb bug causing Dashboardv4.aspx to be opened instead of Development or Business Dashboards when using Home breadcrumbs
  • Updated design on tasks list
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from inserting images in rad editor using image manger (Bad request error)
  • Fixed a bug in Export Product List causing loading indicator to remain on screen after file is successfully downloaded
  • Fixed a bug in IE8 causing pop-up windows to display with the Title header
  • Updated Business Dashboard layout
  • Updated padding on all popup windows
  • Fixed a bug in Create web form user interface causing the Web Form Details screen to be displayed under the main menu
  • Fixed a breadcrumb problem on dashboard
  • Added Add Field button in the second step of the Add Web AppWizard
  • Fixed a bug causing browsers to load V2 screens when trying to open user interfaces in new browser windows or tabs
  • Updated: Added Copy Menu, Menu Preview & Add menu actions to page actions
  • Fixed a bug causing Delete button to be hidden after saving one system user
  • Updated message displayed after importing web app items
  • Fixed a bug in IE8 forcing logged in admin users to authenticate again when opening webmail
  • Fixed a bug causing webmail to open inside V3 UI instead of a new window
  • Fixed a bug making a causing a new WebApp entry to not be automatically in menu

Deprecated functionality

Refer-a-friend form has been removed from the new module manager UI and it will no longer be available for insertion. Existing forms will continue to work, and the confirmation page is still customizable only for sites created until March 2012.

As a replacement, we recommend to use Social Sharing modules which we keep enhancing. Visitors which aren't using Social networks will be able to tell their friends about a site by composing an email in their mail client and sending them the link. This is easier than using the old refer-a-friend form as they already have the contacts available in the email client and no captcha is needed.

If you still want to use the built-in Refer a friend functionality, create a form and embed the set of fields from Marketing > Refer a friend. Then customize or insert this form in a page as desired.

The existing forms, with action=/ReferAFriendProcess.aspx, will continue to work.

Managing meta tags has been removed from UI v3 and will no longer be available. Please see the SEO improvements plans for better alternatives on managing meta tags.

For web pages, we are also looking at removing the ability to notify users in a role when a page is about to expire (Web pages > Role responsible field), either for all sites or for pages which don't have this set to a value.

Visitor Details, Visitors by IP address and Spy Lens reports will be deprecated for privacy reasons.

What's next

We'd like to give you a heads-up with upcoming changes in the following release, without setting anything in stone though.

  • Social modules templates will be removed from FTP. We learned there was almost no need to customize them, and having them on FTP prevents BC upgrading them to the latest supported markup by social networks.
  • System_visitorDeviceClass and visitor.device will always return the correct detected device (no matter if multiscreen templates are enabled or not)


Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager