Site of the Week: FiDUS Power

- Friday, December 23, 2016

Business Catalyst Site of the Week is FiDUS Power, designed by Urban Element

FiDUS Power is a new business that needed a strong ecommerce site to compete with the leaders in their market. Aimed mainly at engineers, the site had to be clear but also provide a lot of technical detail to those that need it. The developer created a website with a clean look that makes use of colour to clearly signpost users to next steps.

"This build followed our typical development process. We built the site over a 4 week period followed by 2 weeks of iterations based on client feedback. Business Catalyst helps us to keep to these tight deadlines with its strong core functionality and easy extendability. This allows us to produce sites that meet our clients' needs quickly and to a high standard." (Luke Micallef, Urban Element)

FiDUS have a complex product catalogue. The biggest challange was to find a way to filter the products to make this manageable for users and make it easy for them to find what they're looking for. The developer used a range of BC features and innovative solutions to get around this. First they had to expand the functionality of the existing ecommerce module using webapps. This provided all of the additional product fields and details that users require and helped them to provide more options for filtering. Then they used JavaScript to allow users to filter products based on the power rating and number of outputs. They created a simple UI with a slider and clear category buttons that makes it easy for users to find the right products for them.

Urban Element made extensive use of Web Apps during this build to extend the functionality of the ecommerce module and to ensure that all parts of the site are easy for the client to update. Liquid is also invaluable for reusing content across multiple areas of the site.

A piece of advice from the designer of FiDUS, for a person who just started using BC: "When it comes to ecommerce sites, it's really important to understand as much as you can about the range of products before you start to build. Take time to think about what's important to the users of the site so that you can include all of the fields that you need for each product first time. This will save you a lot of time and stress!"

Urban Element is a Web Design and Digital Marketing agency that takes pride in creating cutting edge, modern websites that look great, provide rich user experience and deliver measurable results for your business. With over 7 years' experience in building sites with Business Catalyst, it is an ideal partner for all kinds of web development projects.

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