Super Templates from BC Gurus

Diana Iliescu - Thursday, February 16, 2017

You asked and they delivered. BC Gurus created their ultimate "Super Templates" package, perfect for those who want the framework functionality and then are able to add their own design styling. Saving time with a template that already has most of their functionality and modularity baked in.

Layout Variations

The Super Template pack includes several layout variations for each page. The Home page features 4 layouts, and the About, Service, Pricing, Portfolio, Team, Blog, Contact and Store list-view have 3 layout options.

Bootstrap 4 & Foundations 6 Frameworks

You have the option to chose between the templates built on either the Bootstrap 4 or Foundations 6 frameworks. As a bonus, a developer in the BC App Community has released Foundation Builder and Bootstrap Builder that plug into these templates and allow you to customize the CSS from the app, without having to slog through hundreds of lines of CSS code. You don't have to have the app to use these templates, and the apps are good for all your other sites as well, not just these templates. Have a look here:

Included Extras

  • The SASS files used to build them
  • Pricing Tables
  • Modular Sections
  • Sticky Headers and Mega Menus

Important Note

These templates are setup for agencies that want the framework structure to work with, but want to add their own design to meet their client needs. For instance, the sliders do not come set up with images and/or webapps, they work at a structural level and then it's up to you and/or your development team to add slider images using the technique that makes the most sense for you (as background images or with img tags for instance).

Not a BC Gurus member?

With these templates coming out there has never been a better time to be a BC Gurus Pro Member, so for a limited time they are offering a 14 Day Free Trial.
The template is yours to keep whether or not you continue with a Pro Membership. On top of that, there are over 240 Premium Tutorials you can view as well!


1. Visit This Page
2. Login with your BC Gurus info
3. Enter payment information(this will only be used if you stay on past the trial period)
4. You will immediately have a template credit in your account which can used for any of BC Gurus premium templates.

To view these and the other 50+ templates available, go to