We’ve started this year by announcing the Open Platform, enabling partners to create custom applications on top of Business Catalyst to enhance the existing core functionality and match their diverse customer needs. Shortly after that, we’ve added new responsive templates and updated our support center and documentation, with a dedicated developer section.

We’ve had great feedback on those enhancements, but we were already working on another track that we hope will be even cooler!

As partners started to build more and more complex websites, they’ve been facing a collection of limitations of the Business Catalyst platform and had to use extensive client side coding to get around those. Some of these limitations have been set by the same design that makes the platform easy to use in the first place.

So, with our next release, a public beta in July and a full launch in Fall, we plan to change all that and introduce absolute design freedom when it comes to creating websites on the Business Catalyst platform.

To accomplish that, we’ve focused on three vectors of innovation:

  1. Enhance the rendering engine and the BC mark-up language
  2. Data accessibility and output
  3. Improved editing experience

The next generation rendering engine

With sites growing more and more complex readability of the templates and the used modules becomes increasingly important. The current markup, without any indication on what the parameters are, make it really hard to work with it. Furthermore, current tags allowed limited to no possibilities to format, filter or change the presentation in any way. Partners were always relying on the BC team to release new modules, tags, or filters to better handle data.

Liquid Markup is the way to achieve total creative freedom with Business Catalyst. Bringing full control over generated content, server-side support for conditionals and loops, and more, Liquid markup enables easier building of amazing sites without many of the JavaScript hacks you had to use in the past.

For example, here is an example of how you will be able to check if a GET parameter was passed on to a page and do your own logic accordingly:

{% if globals.get.mygetparam %}
     A GET.mygetparam parameter was passed to the page and it has the value: {{globals.get.mygetparam}}
{% endif%}

In order to facilitate a seamless and gradual transition from the current mark-up to Liquid, you will be able to use both the old tags and the new Liquid tags in module templates and pages. For example, in a news list layout you can use both {tag_announcementid} and its Liquid equivalent {id}}. The same goes for {url}}, {{subject}}, etc.

And of course, we are really trying to make sure the new engine is very fast, so we did a great deal of work to optimize the speed of rendered sites.

For more information on rendering engine improvements, read the BC.Next - New Module/Tag Syntax, Liquid Templating & Improved Rendering Performance article.

Open data access with JSON and REST APIs

Have you ever wanted to filter / sort / display data in other ways than the ones provided by BC tags? Or interact with a third party system? Or wanted to create a different product feed? Or a site map that’s different that the standard one? We know the answer is yes and we know that creating endless views to current data output is not feasible as there will always be a different need.

The new release will enable many of these workflows with simple features:

  1. Ability to generate dynamic .json files with modules (create your own JSON output of a module)
  2. Added module_json that allows using a JSON file as data set and a liquid template
  3. Added a mechanism to export all data used in a page as JSON  by adding a GET parameter to the URL of the page (anypage.html?json=true)
  4. A new engine for REST APIs to allow faster development of OpenAdmin applications

For more about data accessibility, read the BC.Next - Access All BC Data: JSON Output Everywhere, More REST APIs article.

Admin console improvements

We've seen again and again customers trying to change their logo or homepage slider on a website and rarely succeeding. We want to change that and make the first contact with Business Catalyst a WOW experience, helping you close more deals and help your customers manage their content in a better way.

Today, the suggested way to edit a website is by using the "Edit" tab in the Admin Console. However, the current in browser editor is too limited. You can only edit some narrow sections of sites, and never data coming from database. And we all know that the current admin editor has a significant set of limitations.

We plan to change all that! The new rendering engine sets the foundation on which we will be able to enable very usable experiences for both partners and small business owners. First, we’re going to update the admin editor to a more modern and streamlined version which will overcome most of the limitations currently present when editing website content.

And right after that, we’ll release the next generation of the In-Context Editor where you can imagine an interface where you’ll be able to edit static and dynamic text, right in the context where it is displayed.

More about the improvements in the content editing experiences in the BC.Next Admin Editor article.

What’s next

We’re eager to see these changes being used by Partners and looking for feedback that will help tune platform and make it ready for a prime time use. Therefore, we’re happy to announce our public beta version release in July, which will include a working version of the Liquid engine, the new module syntax, updated visual editor and source code editor in admin interfaces as well as caching improvements.

We’ll continue the updates through the Summer and Fall, with focus on additional APIs and a new version of In-Context Editing that enables dynamic data editing.

To see those improvements at work please attend the webinar next Wednesday!

Stay tuned for a great second half of 2014,

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team.

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Cristinel Anastasoaie

BC.NEXT - New Admin Editor

Editing content in Business Catalyst admin could sometimes be a daunting task for partners and customers alike. The standard editor found in pages and in any other interface from the Manage tab has many limitations, such as the lack of contextual information (styles, fonts, etc.), improper automatic code formatting and stripping, or an unusable code view. The In-Context Editor available in the Edit tab is more user friendly, but it only allows edits of static content.

With the upcoming release and continuing through the year, we plan to change all that. Both editors have reached their limitations and we plan to replace and/or greatly improve them, as webpage editing is the most used feature in Business Catalyst.

A new content editor for admin

With the Public beta version, we’ll start by replacing the standard admin editor, found in all interfaces from the Manage tab, with a more modern one (redactor.js) which we already use in the In-Context Editing and Email Campaign editors. Moreover, we’re changing the editor available when using code view, with the same one used in File Manager. This provides a much better editing experience when editing code. 

Overall, the new editor will come with:

  • Modern visual editor that presents the option for contextual formatting
  • New file manager and link manager interfaces
  • New code view editor with code formatting and highlighting
  • Future capabilities like paste image with transparent upload (to be enabled later

At first, the new editor will be disabled and Partners will be able to switch sites to the new editor from the Beta features section in the Site Settings admin menu. Take the time to try it out and provide us feedback to improve the integration and add any critical functionality that is missing.

Visual InContext Editor with dynamic data support

Since version one, In-Context Editing aimed to make web pages easy to update with little or no training by providing a tool similar to what business owners are used to when creating offline documents. Furthermore, it has always been meant to help designers and developers protect the design integrity by restricting the areas a business owner can edit. 

The current version of the editor partially achieves that, but it is limited in terms of which sections of a page can be edited, while also requiring developers to manually set-up editable regions. Thus, ICE can be an effective selling tool, but less of a site management tool.

With the new rendering engine in place, we now have the foundation that will allow us to enable stunning editing experiences for partners and customers alike. So yes, we’re going to update ICE once again, to solve the two major limitations it has: inability to edit dynamic content and the sometimes tedious process to set-up editable regions.

Although it will be only partially be available in the public beta, the new version of the editor will allow you to:

  1. Automatically detect editable content in the page and highlight it - including site wide templates, page content, content holders and module layouts.
  2. Enable in-context editing of dynamic data (like a product name, or product image)
  3. Link to the admin user interfaces when editing is not possible in context (e.g., product pricing, which is too complex to edit in-line)
  4. Seamlessly work with the Liquid language for dynamic data editing
  5. Preserve backwards compatibility with old ICE mark-up
  6. Automatically detect module generated content and allow users to edit just the content without damaging the module definition

We hope these updates will make editing content on BC a stunning experience.

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

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[Update] Due to some last minute optimizations, we've decided to push the release to Tuesday, 25th February.

On Monday, February 24th, a new release of Business Catalyst is scheduled to take place. The release continues the improvements on search engine optimization, anti-spam measures and admin interface performance. Additionally, a lot more smaller tweaks and bug corrections have been included in the release. Check out below what you can expect.

Canonical URL for products

A Business Catalyst e-commerce site has multiple URLs for products, depending on the number of catalogs a product is included in. This raises a problem with search engine rankings and page scores, as they are distributed amongst the various product URLs.

Our February release takes a step forward in helping partners and business owners make their e-commerce sites more SEO friendly by introducing canonical URL for products. This will allow marketers to choose a preferred URL for a each product and instruct search engines to use that. The page rank and related properties will be consolidated into the selected URL, making it more visible in search results.

By default, BC will pick the first product URL and make it canonical, insert a link rel=canonical in page head and response header to instruct browsers and search engine which is the preferred URL of the product. Customers will be able to change the canonical URL through the edit product interface from admin console or through the import engine (for bulk updates).

SPAM filters for forums

In a continuous effort to reduce spam on customer sites, we have updated our anti-spam engine to also filter forum posts. Starting with this release, we're going to apply IP blacklisting and content filtering to forum posts as well. Additionally, all existing sites settings have been updated to enable content filtering for forum posts (the engine was in place, but a lot of sites did not have it enabled).

Following the release, we will continue to monitor the level of spam getting through and consider additional measures to keep it under control.

Admin user interface updates

For this release we have continued to optimize the new admin user interface performance so that customers get a better experience when managing their site. While the process is not yet complete as there is still room for improvement, we have made some major steps towards a faster and more flexible admin user interface. The change required us to make radical updates on the admin interface structure, as well as the decommission of the old admin interface. Here are some details about the changes made:

  • Admin user interface V2 has been removed completely
  • Admin URLs now start with /Admin and we've dropped the hash convention from the URL; old admin v3 URLs will be redirected to the new pages to preserve backwards compatibility (ex: /AdminConsole/#!/Admin/AdminPage.aspx will be redirected to /Admin/AdminPage.aspx)
  • The iFrame used to display main admin content has been removed
  • The custom menu items (config.json) are still loaded using hash URLs
  • Open Admin (closed beta) applications URLs are loaded at /Admin/AppLoader.aspx?client_id={{CLIENTID}}

Other updates

  • More than 100% improvement when importing email lists on databases of more than 50,000 already imported contacts
  • More powerful passwords are now required for admin users. A password should now contain small and capital letters, a number and a special character; existing users will not be forced to change passwords
  • A new admin report has been introduced to enable site admins to see the list of failed login attempts
  • Paragraph styles support has been added in the new InContext Editing editor 

As always, we have a series of bug fixes and feature improvements that are listed on our forums, so check out the Technical release details there.

We hope you will enjoy this release and look forward to your feedback.

The Business Catalyst team



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We are announcing a new Business Catalyst release, scheduled to go live on Monday, July 2nd.

With this release, we have focused on improving the new user interface and make it ready for prime time, added additional reports and continued updating the new file manager. Additionally, we started to deliver on a series of fixes and product improvements that have been requested by our partners during the last few months.

Read through the following sections to get detailed information about this release:

You can jump to the corresponding section by clicking the above links.

Infrastructure updates

To ensure the highest security and performance levels for our services, we're applying a software update on all our database servers. For more details about the update, read our Business Catalyst Service Maintenance, June 2012 - Updated blog post.

Features and enhancements

New admin interface is now the default interface for new users

With this release, the new admin user interface will become the default interface for new users and customers, regardless of when the website has been created. To ensure a smooth transition to the new interface, we will continue to allow customers use the interface of their choice and the system will remember their selection the next time they login to admin.

Customers and secure zones report

Secure zones are a great way of creating membership websites which were lacking some basic reporting features that would have enabled customers to view detailed information about their subscribers or send them email campaigns related to their subscription.

With this release, we are enhancing our reporting system by allowing customers to create and save reports of customers and secure zone subscriptions. This report will automate many of the manual tasks a site owner has to do today to extract actionable reports for customers subscribed to secure zones. Additionally, once such a report is created it can be used in the email marketing system to send email campaigns to these customers.

For the next release we are looking into exposing the opt-in status so that customers can view their subscribers communication preferences and act based on this information.

Redirect system domain and URLs to default domain for better SEO performance

Starting with this release, we are allowing users to redirect system domains and URLs to the default site domain or corresponding URL using 301 redirects. This will help customers achieve better SEO performance and avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines. To enable this redirect, users will have to edit the system domain and check the Redirect to default domain check box.

With the July release, we are going to enable the same functionality for secure URL as well, with the exception of payment pages and POST requests, which will remain on the secure domain.

Note: when admin user is logged in admin using the system domain, the system will not redirect front-end pages while session is still active; user must log out of admin for the redirect to work.

User interface consistency for renamed modules

The new admin user interface has been updated to consistently use new names for these modules:

  • Media downloads (former Literature)
  • News (former Announcements)
  • Events (former Bookings)

There are still two areas where the old naming is being used:

  1. Module & tag names (e.g. { module_announcement }, { tag_announcementurl_value })
  2. FTP folder names (e.g. /Layouts/Announcement)

These will take a significant engineering effort to update, as we need to support existing sites that could be already checked out to local file systems, or replicating existing sites. Together with some of the partners that are using this features intensively, we decided to leave these areas with the old naming for now, and redirect the engineering effort in two larger projects currently under way: handling partner enhancement requests and a better web apps engine.

Offline payment security improvements

The security of the current offline payment workflow has been improved in order to meet international security standards for offline payments:

  • A new, additional “Offline payment password” must be set, and updated every 90 days
  • Pass phrases are now unique to each order. You can no longer use the one pass phrase to access every secure PDF

This will help transactions be more secure and protect business owners from potential attacks. Here's a more detailed view of this feature.

Delete paid and Creative Cloud sites from the Admin Console

We moved the "Delete Site" functionality to the Admin Console of the website in order to help Creative Cloud users and beginners cancel an existing paid website that they don't need anymore. Here's a snapshot of this new feature.

Other changes

  • Invite Partner user: starting with the release, partners can add other partners as site admins through the Site Details screen in the Partner Portal. This functionality has been moved from the User Management interface and it is enabling partners to collaborate on developing a site without impacting the site admin limit
  • File Manager alpha: drag'n'drop can be used to move one file at a time between different folders
  • File Manager alpha: expired sessions will prompt you to re-enter your password and resume your work on already opened files
  • Billing Settings admin menu is hidden for all users of trial or Creative Cloud redeemed sites
  • MetaWeblogAPI switch to https - Starting with this release, we will push a security update for the MetaWeblogAPI of Business Catalyst to disallow use of an unsecured connection (http) as that sends login credentials in plain text.
  • Updated time zone for CRM entities: we have updated several CRM screens so that they display entities based on site's time zone instead of the Asia Pacific datacenter time. The following lists have been updated: Customers, Orders, Cases, Event Bookings, Opportunities and Modules>Comments
  • Updated free trial sign-up: Free trial sign up with an existing Business Catalyst or Adobe ID user now creates an additional trial site and places it under the user's partner portal

Deprecated functionality

  • CRM User Passwords will no longer be exposed through API and custom reports - with this release we are completing our security policy update for CRM passwords and will stop delivering CRM user passwords through API and Custom Reports. For more details about the security update, read our Important Security Policy Updates for CRM Users - Effective February 8th announcement
  • Blog trackbacks, not present in new user interface, have been removed from the new sites templates as well. While existing trackbacks will continue to work, we recommend to remove them from your sites due to spam issues, and use instead social modules for significantly more effective content sharing
  • Triangle Dreamweaver extension for versions CS3 and CS4 will stop functioning after July 30th. Please use these newer alternatives.
  • Separate menu visibility setting has been dropped from the new admin user interface and replaced with a more granular permission system that also control the menu visibility. More details about the new permissions system on our February release notes blog post

Issues fixed by May release

  • Updated caching engine to refresh cache when resizing images under 52 KB 
  • Added single sign-on between Creative Could and Business Catalyst
  • Dreamweaver: the free partner site for standard and premium partners appears in sites listing
  • Issue 3085538 - Fixed an issue that caused a blank page to be displayed when trying to download a literature item that does not have a physical file on the disk
  • Issue 3186843 - Fixed an issue that was causing changes to the template to not propagate to the pages
  • Issue 3188096 - fixed an incorrect logic in template caching mechanism causing preventing users from seeing the changes in the template
  • Issue 3189902 - Updated the system limit recipients list to remove the email only users
  • Issue 3192349 - Removed search/new case from old PP support
  • Issue 3192268 - Updated the "Syndicate this Blog RSS" option tooltip from the Blog details page to specify that only new blog post will be added to the feed once the setting is activated
  • Issue 3201622 - Fixed a Creative Cloud integration problem forcing users to purchase an website when they still had available entitlement sites
  • Issue 3199468 - Fixed an issue preventing new business owner users that on sites created by free partners to post cases
  • Issue 3120761 - Fixed a bug causing 'An error occurred' message to be displayed when trying to add a Hyperlink in a Message from a Case
  • Issue 2991429 - Fixed a bug causing deleted field in a Web Form from a Template site to be carried on a new site when replicating sites from a template site
  • Different internationalization small bugs for French and Japanese

Business Catalyst new admin interface updates

  • Removed Advertising Group permission from user roles permission selection screen
  • Updated permissions to stop requiring Administer system permission for creating email accounts
  • Changed the corresponding permissions for import screens so that users can import entities if they have permissions to edit or delete
  • Updated the CRM>Customers>Customer Detail>Subscriptions screen stop displaying an "ERROR: You do not have any catalogs. Please create one." error message when site has no catalogs
  • Updated the generate the XML feed screen behavior to display the resulting URL clearly and allow users to copy and paste it
  • Updated invite user email content to include links to the site admin so that invited users can use the email to retrieve the admin URL
  • Fixed a push site live issue resulting in a crash when used by admin users that were also partners
  • Updated the edit web app item screen to have a single default action
  • Fixed an issue causing a Java Script error when trying to open link manager from within radTree link picker
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from resending the invitation email for an email account right after adding it as admin user
  • Fixed an issue causing the "Lost your password" link to open the "Retrieve Password" dialog with in the old interface when used in a "Sign-In" dialog triggered by 401 exception
  • Added e-commerce & website reports in the recent items menu
  • Fixed an issue causing the CRM search results to be displayed over the search field
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from adding catalogs using the quick actions menu, right after adding another catalog
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from adding web apps using the quick actions menu, right after adding another web app
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from creating or updating blog posts when the interface language wasn't set to English
  • Removed delete action for system and secure domains
  • Updated email campaign wizard to open the email preview in the new browser window
  • Updated an error message displayed in the domain management user interfaces when trying to add a domain that exists on another site
  • Added workflow approval process link in page details
  • Removed sales quota from forecast report
  • Updated "Add Domain" link behavior in webBasics sites to display the "Push Site Live" button when trying to add a domain on a trial site
  • Updated the new File Manager to prevent users from removing the "{tag_pagecontent}" from a template; starting with this release, the system will display an warning and will not save the template
  • Fixed a bug preventing the system from saving a web app when users were selecting a template and moved to the next step
  • Fixed a a bug causing web app fields to not be saved when creating a new web app
  • Fixed an issue causing the left navigation menu to break when switching between the File Manager and the admin dashboard
  • Fixed a bug in the client site validation in the "My Details" screen that was generating a Java Script error
  • Fixed the scrolling in email marketing reports on the Mac OSX/Safari configuration
  • Fixed an issue causing the link manager to stop working when loaded in a pop-up window
  • Fixed an icon rendering issue on the recent items menu
  • Fixed several issues generating Java Script errors when managing users and email accounts
  • Fixed an issue in the File Manager making the "[See Details]" buttons to open the image manager in the old admin interface
  • Fixed an issue on Internet Explorer causing the admin interface to remain in a loading state after downloading the import template
  • Fixed an issue causing quick actions menu to stop working when trying to add a page after editing and saving a page
  • Fixed an issue making the breadcrumb info to change in the current displayed page after subsequent clicks on a selected web app entry in the menu
  • Updated the Websites Report interface to correct a design issue
  • Updated the Customer Reports>New Customer Report>Fields interface behavior to stop forcing users to select a data field when trying to go back to report type selection step
  • Fixed a bug generating a error when trying to insert an image with the Image Manager when editing a page
  • Fixed an issue in website reports causing an error when trying to export as PDF
  • Added the "Upgrade" button for sites under consolidated billing
  • Updated error messages for TOU management, billing management, sign-in dialogs, API errors
  • Fixed an issue causing the system to send the password recovery email when pressing ENTER in the "Edit Admin" user screen
  • Fixed a Java Script error preventing users to access the File Manager
  • Fixed a rendering issue with the File Manager on Internet Explorer 9
  • Updated File Manager to allow customers upload files in site root
  • Increased the indentation depth level to enable file list indenting to work for level 4+ folders; we should increase the depth level of indentation
  • Fixed several issues causing interface to freeze or crash after moving files or folders

What's next

  • Setting page and template properties from new File Manager (mockups)
  • Consistent Save & related action buttons in the new user interface (mockups)
  • Redirect secure domain to default domain
  • Other smaller improvements including use of absolute links in the email marketing editor, display email address in events subscribers list, random display web app items by category

For up to date and more detailed information about near term improvements, join us in one of our June Partner Townhall meetings.

Thank you,

Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager

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Last update: Friday, February 3rd, 2012

We are announcing a new Business Catalyst release scheduled to go live on February 8th.

Our R172 brings Business Catalyst V3 Beta to all users, further updates security for CRM users and solves some bug fixing. The release includes a large list of updates for Business Catalyst V3, some cross platform bug corrections and an improved code editor.

Business Catalyst V3 available to all users

Starting with the R172 release, we are extending the Business Catalyst V3 beta to all customers (Partners and Business owners). V2 will continue to be the default user interface, but users will be able to switch to the new user interface and the system will remember the selection.

Security update - CRM passwords

Effective February 8th 2012 we will further update the way we handle CRM user passwords, for security reasons. The new release will impact lost password workflows, add or update System Messages / System Emails and alter the way customers retrieve their passwords.

For more details please read the update announcement - Important Security Policy Updates for CRM Users - Effective February 8th

This is the second step in a larger update process. The first phase was released during December and was detailed previously as part of the Important Security Policy Updates - Effective December 14th blog post.

Security update - SOAP APIs will no longer work over HTTP

Starting with our R172 release, we are going to enforce the usage of our SOAP APIs over HTTPS. Any API calls over HTTP will be denied. For mode details about the change, please read the Security Policy Updates blog post.

This policy enforcement will also affect Triangle 2.60 users. Thus, starting with 8 February 2012, the Triangle 2.60 extension will not be able to login to Business Catalyst servers due to a change in authentication protocols. To allow partners to continue using Triangle, we have released a new version (2.61) and made it available for download in your Partner Portal, Tools section. All partners using Triangle 2.60 version are required to update. Partners using the new Business Catalyst extension are NOT impacted by the change.

You can download the updated Triangle version from here.

Trial sites will not be indexed by search engines

While a site is in Trial mode, we will automatically serve a robots.txt file which prevents search engine indexing. This will help you avoid having your site show up in search results while it's still in development, via the businesscatalyst.com or worldsecuresystems.com domains.

Once you've upgraded the site, we will stop serving the robots.txt file. You can then use your own robots.txt, if you choose to.

Enhanced code editor for File Manager

The file manager code editor has been enhanced to support syntax highlight and other features. This is just a start to make code editing more productive inside BC, more will come :)

Updated reports interface

In order to improve usability and navigation, we are going to update the menu structure on all Business Catalyst reports and refresh the graphs designs. The changes are going to apply to both old and new version of Business Catalyst.

Starting with R172, the Reports are going to have the following menu structure:

  • Visitors is going to include: Overview, Geographic location, Visits and Page views, Unique visitors, Visitor loyalty, Browser and Operating Systems
  • Traffic Sources will include: Overview, Referrals, Search Phrase, Search Engine Referrals and Spider
  • Website Content will include: Overview, Pages, Entry Pages and Exit Pages
  • Web Forms Usage will include: Overview, Inquirer Geographic Location, Inquiries and Top Web Form Usage
  • e-Commerce will include: Overview, Shopper geographic location, Sales, Top products and Abandon rate
  • Email Campaigns will include: Overview, Campaign, Subscriber Geographic Location, Subscriptions vs Unsubscriptions and Newsletters sent
  • Custom Reports will include: Customer Reports, eCommerce Reports and Website Reports
  • Special Reports will include the former Custom Reports (custom built report by BC engineers and linked into specific sites, only 31 still active)
  • Admin Reports will include: Admin Usage and Total Traffic Reports

Issues fixed by R172 release

  • BC photo galleries will no longer affect jQuery-based JavaScript functionality which you might have added to your site
  • Update:  Issue 2977696 - starting with the R172 release, the secure zone logins will run through HTTPS. Existing secure zones will continue to run on HTTP, but we will turn on the possibility to make logins through HTTPS; future secure zones will have the login HTTPS enabled
  • Updated: Issue 3076457 - Fixed a bug making the Affiliates Performance Reports unusable
  • Issue 2986635 - Fixed reset password feature from Partner portal
  • Issue 3070753 - Fixed a bug causing shipping currency for all the countries to be shown as US dollar $ when creating an user defined shipping
  • Issue 3070416 - Fixed a bug blocking users from changing site theme
  • Issue 3073436 - [Payment Gateways] Fixed a bug causing shipping name to be stored as a billing name on the billing receipt because CardName is not being passed to the Authorize .NET payment gateway
  • Issue 3082100 - Fixed a bug allowing admin user (under some conditions) to see the unpaid invoices for a site on a Partner All billing type
  • Issue 2719638 - Fixed a spelling error in the 'refer a partner' email message within partner portal
  • Issue 2566849 - Updated forgot password workflow; in the new workflow the forgot password form will validate the username and password against existing entries in the CRM database
  • Issue 2929248 - Fixed a bug causing multiple templates to be displayed as default for a site
  • Issue 2940328 - Fixed a bug causing multiple random web app modules present on the same page to render the same items
  • Issue 3050994 - Fixed a bug allowing any logged in user to edit web app items
  • Issue 3067079 - Fixed a potential security issue

Business Catalyst V3 beta updates

With UI v3 we're putting more emphasis on user permissions: effective on R172, these directly affect the visibility of main navigation menu items.Although many of the Admin sections are controlled by their own permission, some of them rely only on the "Administer System" permission.

In order to give you more control, we're taking a step forward and separating a few sections to have their own permission, while still keeping permissions at a reasonable count to be usable. While we're not introducing a permission for every item in Admin Console, we're improving the permissions management for the most common situations.

Here are the changes:

Manage Categories
Old: Administer System
New: Add new set of permissions "Add/Edit/Delete/View Categories"

Discount Codes
Old: Administer System
New: Add new set of permissions "Add/Edit/Delete/View Discount Codes"

Gift Vouchers
Old: Administer System
New: Add new set of permissions "Add/Edit/Delete/View Gift Vouchers"

System Pages
Old: Administer System
New: Add new permission "Manage System Pages"
Note it's a single permission rather than 4 separate ones (Add/Edit/Delete/View).

System Emails
Old: Administer System
Proposed: Add new permission "Manage System Emails"
Note it's a single permission rather than 4 separate ones (Add/Edit/Delete/View).

For every role having the "Administer System" permission, we will add the new permissions listed above as a one-time action. Also, these permissions were renamed:

  • View Usage Reports permission => "View Reports"
  • View Admin Reports permission => "View Admin Activity Reports"

Some menu entries were also renamed:

  • "Sitewide templates" to "Page Templates"
  • "Site Manager > System Messages" to " Site Settings > System Pages"
  • "Site Manager > System Emails" to "Site Settings - System Emails"

Besides the menu update, the release also includes the following fixes for V3:

  • Update: Fixed a bug causing Admin V3 to generate a "WYSIWYG editor could not be found, please relaunch the Module Manager." error when trying to insert a module using Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a bug causing pop-up windows to lack the close close button; Read the Hidden close button for - Preview Pop-ups GetSatisfaction thread for more details and user reports.
  • Enhanced all filters behavior to fade-out when clicking outside the filter UI
  • Update: Fixed a bug causing Upgrade button to not display in V3 for sites under Consolidated Billing
  • Fixed a bug causing link manager to open in new window instead of popup, if previous selection was literature item
  • Fixed a bug causing visits charts to reload when zoom in or out was at max
  • Fixed a bug causing "Copy this webform" button to be displayed as a link positioned between "Save" & "Delete" buttons
  • Fixed spacing and positioning for the Preview & Copy page footer buttons displayed on Site manager -> Pages -> Page details user interface
  • Fixed search box positioning in webapp item list
  • Fixed a bug causing floating action menu to not be displayed after save
  • Fixed breadcrumbs on e-commerce and website reports
  • Fixed a breadcrumb bug causing Dashboardv4.aspx to be opened instead of Development or Business Dashboards when using Home breadcrumbs
  • Updated design on tasks list
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from inserting images in rad editor using image manger (Bad request error)
  • Fixed a bug in Export Product List causing loading indicator to remain on screen after file is successfully downloaded
  • Fixed a bug in IE8 causing pop-up windows to display with the Title header
  • Updated Business Dashboard layout
  • Updated padding on all popup windows
  • Fixed a bug in Create web form user interface causing the Web Form Details screen to be displayed under the main menu
  • Fixed a breadcrumb problem on dashboard
  • Added Add Field button in the second step of the Add Web AppWizard
  • Fixed a bug causing browsers to load V2 screens when trying to open user interfaces in new browser windows or tabs
  • Updated: Added Copy Menu, Menu Preview & Add menu actions to page actions
  • Fixed a bug causing Delete button to be hidden after saving one system user
  • Updated message displayed after importing web app items
  • Fixed a bug in IE8 forcing logged in admin users to authenticate again when opening webmail
  • Fixed a bug causing webmail to open inside V3 UI instead of a new window
  • Fixed a bug making a causing a new WebApp entry to not be automatically in menu

Deprecated functionality

Refer-a-friend form has been removed from the new module manager UI and it will no longer be available for insertion. Existing forms will continue to work, and the confirmation page is still customizable only for sites created until March 2012.

As a replacement, we recommend to use Social Sharing modules which we keep enhancing. Visitors which aren't using Social networks will be able to tell their friends about a site by composing an email in their mail client and sending them the link. This is easier than using the old refer-a-friend form as they already have the contacts available in the email client and no captcha is needed.

If you still want to use the built-in Refer a friend functionality, create a form and embed the set of fields from Marketing > Refer a friend. Then customize or insert this form in a page as desired.

The existing forms, with action=/ReferAFriendProcess.aspx, will continue to work.

Managing meta tags has been removed from UI v3 and will no longer be available. Please see the SEO improvements plans for better alternatives on managing meta tags.

For web pages, we are also looking at removing the ability to notify users in a role when a page is about to expire (Web pages > Role responsible field), either for all sites or for pages which don't have this set to a value.

Visitor Details, Visitors by IP address and Spy Lens reports will be deprecated for privacy reasons.

What's next

We'd like to give you a heads-up with upcoming changes in the following release, without setting anything in stone though.

  • Social modules templates will be removed from FTP. We learned there was almost no need to customize them, and having them on FTP prevents BC upgrading them to the latest supported markup by social networks.
  • System_visitorDeviceClass and visitor.device will always return the correct detected device (no matter if multiscreen templates are enabled or not)


Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager

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Last update: Tuesday, 16 November, 9:30 PST

UPDATE: The new user role interface has been removed from this release and it's going to be launched at a later date.

We're announcing a new Business Catalyst release, scheduled for next Monday.

R169 includes lots of enhancements, bug fixes and overall improvements. Three highlights of this release are the partner preview for Admin V3, and some wish list requests that will help customer better manage their online business: special characters in product & catalog names and the ability to send an email campaign to multiple lists. In addition to these great improvements, we've streamlined various user interfaces, added extra overage packages and fixed many critical bugs. 

Admin V3 UI partner preview

With R169, we are launching a public preview (for partners only) of our new user interface for the Admin section (link available in the upper right section of the Admin).  

For more details on how we're approaching releasing BC improvements, please read the “Business Catalyst V3 - Partner preview” article on our blog. As we are soon going to start transitioning customers to the new version, we encourage everyone to take a look at this new user interface, use it and help us make it better by giving us feedback.

Special characters in product and catalog names

With this release, we're sticking to our commitment of fixing top wish list items and will be releasing one great enhancement that will help customers achieve better SEO and save time while creating and managing products or catalogs.

You are now able to add catalogs & products containing special characters in their names, directly from the BC Admin interface. In addition, we've also updated our import/export and API functionality to make sure customers can take advantage of this feature outside the Admin UI.

The product URL will automatically be generated based on the product name having the special characters replaced. To take full advantage of this feature, users will need to have SEO friendly URLs turned on, otherwise the system will use the dynamic product URL (CatalogRetrieve.aspx)

Send email campaign to multiple lists

This enhancement is another wish list request that will give customers using our email marketing feature more flexibility when managing mailing lists.

We've updated the email campaign wizard so that customers can now choose to send the campaign to all customers, one or more existing mailing lists, or to a new list. When selecting to send to multiple lists, customers will simply mark the check box next to multiple existing lists or customer reports.

Upon sending, the system will automatically search for contacts present in multiple lists, remove any duplicates and make sure that each subscriber receives the email once.

Updated training

We have updated the Training section in Partner Portal. Besides a better organization of the videos, we're proud to announce the inclusion of valuable free and paid content provided by BC Partners. Check it out, and let us know your feedback!

Spam moderation workflow - preview

To help customers reduce spam and unwanted posting on the forums, we are starting to test a spam moderation workflow for forums. Thus, in this release we're enabling this feature for websites with more than one forum (to be extended to all sites in an upcoming release).

Partners can update forum layouts to include a report spam link (using a system tag) to allow forums visitors to report a thread or comment as spam. Site Admins can then moderate these reports from the forum Adminconsole user interface and delete unwanted comments.

Minor enhancements

  • For all existing and new sites, we enabled APIs and removed the option to disable them. This has no effect on the site behavior, and now APIs are readily available on any site in case you'd like to use them.
  • Based on customer requests, we've added new overages packages 2000 MB w/ 10% discount at $18 and 5000 MB w/ 20% discount at $40.

Issues fixed by R169 release

  • Fixed a series of encoding problems causing web app items, web app, forum, email lists, affiliate programs and gift voucher names to be displayed incorrectly in Admin user interface
  • Fixed a problem causing multi-screen templates to not render correctly for web app items (bug id: 2963406)
  • Fixed spelling errors on the overage engine and multi screen feature (bug id: 3017345 & 3010433)
  • Corrected a problem preventing product attribute cost to be added to order total (bug id: 3010227)
  • Updated the list of users receiving payment failed email notification. Starting with this release, the email goes to Partner and the payer of the order if the invoice method is Partner or, it goes to Partner, the payer of the order and to the site Admin users if the invoice method is Customer. (bug id: 3011040)
  • Fixed a problem preventing Support users to change a site's Partner when the Partner name contains " ' " character (bug id: 3018276)
  • Updated the cart behavior so that it adjusts the prices for products in cart when a wholesale customer logs in or logs out (bug id: 2567277)
  • Fixed possible vulnerability in Business Catalyst Admin login form (bug id: 3017298)
  • Fixed a problem with our shopping cart generating an invalid order status and preventing the system from triggering workflow notifications (bug id: 2650309)
  • Fixed a bug causing an incorrect currency display on multi-currency websites: (bug id: 3011662)


Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager

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We are planning a new release on Tuesday that includes some service updates, enhancements and bug corrections. However, these represent the "minor" section of this release. The most important parts are going to be described in separate blog posts:

That being said, here are the small updates on this release:

Blog SEO updates

sitemap.xml and RSS feeds will have SEO friendly URLs for blog posts, instead of BlogRetrieve.aspx URLs, resulting in better SEO and this wish solved.

Support cases are now enabled for free partners

In our continuous effort to provide a better experience for all our partners, we have enabled support case submission for free partners (via Help & Support). Cases from paid partners have a higher priority though.

Other enhancements

Admin Console Help & Support workflow for your Small Business Owner clients is now similar to the partner experience: clean and straightforward. Next release will also replace "More Help" articles with the standard KB interface.

Online Editor Settings are now available to all partners (previously were available only to premium partners). From Partner Portal, Tools section, you can now control the behavior of Site Editor, including what CSS classes are available to your customer or what markup is generated for new lines. As a temporary workaround for the Site Editor bug which transforms DIVs to Ps in some cases, please go to Online Editor Settings, Other Settings, and check the option "When customers hit Enter create <br/>".

Minor enhancements and bug fixes highlights

  • Accessing a folder over the web now works even if there's no "/" at the end of the URL
  • If start page is not found for a site, BC will serve automatically pages named index.html, index.htm, default.htm from site root, instead of displaying 404 Not found.
  • "This customer is a wholesaler." checkbox does not remain checked
  • If products exist in the cart and a wholesale customer logs in, the products prices don't get adjusted.
  • Catalogues with lots of products on them render extremely slowly on the front end
  • When creating an order, the quantity for a product in stock is not always correctly adjusted
  • When the product that's "on order" is removed from the cart, all products "on order" get cleared
  • We have enabled localization for some of the APIs

Deprecating features

With the next release, we are considering dropping "Printer view" template support. If you'd still like to invest in building in support for different contents on print vs. online, we recommend to use CSS @media print. Using CSS, print preview will continue to work in the native browser print preview dialog, like on any other site. Let us know your feedback on this.


Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager

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Hi everybody,

We’ll release R167 tomorrow – a release that continues our track of BC improvements. As the Adobe MAX conference is coming, we’ve decided postpone some bigger announcements post MAX, so please bear with us until Oct 13th :)

Facebook signup improvements

As some of you know, the BC Pro plans feature a deeper Facebook integration, where you can sign up or sign in a secure zone on BC using Facebook. However, the current implementation wasn’t finalized, as it was missing some key functionality, which we have now built:

  • Automatic redirect to a member zone after login
  • Request additional information on signup
  • Sell membership to secure zone on signup

Continued improvements of the UI v2 interface

In our quest to improve the usability of the administrative interface, we’ve continued to touch up a lot of the screens, improving the way we render forms in the backend. We hope you’ll appreciate the quick improvements here and there; they are laying the foundation of a future, more significant improvement of the admin that will be announced soon.

  • Fields were rearranged with labels aligned to the right followed by input field, for better readability
  • Some sections available through tabs navigation (eg. in Orders -> Payments) or links (eg: Show More Options) became collapsible panels for easier navigation
  • Improved list look and feel by converting them to grids with actions (View, Edit)

We’ve also added Dutch language support, the vast majority of which was contributed by our partner Promate Internet Products!

Improving the site creation wizard

One area that received improvements this sprint is the new partner registration and site creation wizard – we’ve both improved the look and feel of the wizard (featuring a great HTML5 "cover flow"-style UI for selecting the template), but we’ve also improved the foundation of the site creation, fixing many problems related to DNS reliability. An empty template was also added to allow you to get started with an blank slate.

More fixes and improvements

I'll list only the most significant ones, but as you might expect we've continued nailing down bugs and fixing issues with BC:

  1. SSL enforced when logging into the admin – to improve backend security.
  2. Tuned the frontend rendering engine for some performance improvements for serving content – requests should be served almost twice as fast now :)
  3. Improved email campaign reliability  by implementing a smart retry mechanism for our e-mail queue
  4. Invoice management improvements – when a site is globally disabled for nonpayment of the subscription, invoicing will be paused to allow an easier re-activation of the site later
  5. Added the "Credit Card Processing" form which the user can use to add a required minimum amount (useful for "donation" forms where the user inputs the transaction amount)
  6. Added the "Web Form Security" form field which can be added to any web form to improve anti-bot protection

Deprecated functionality

As we continue to add new features, we also need to cleanup old functionality which might no longer be useful, but to requires time to maintain.

One of these is Manage Meta Data in Admin menu. It might be used to specify meta tags in HTML head, for example charset="utf-8" or keywords="my site keywords". This has been removed from the menu, although the functionality will continue to work. We recommend to use the site template itself to put metadata, or Page Properties dialog in page Design editor. You could also setup a content holder with these if needed to be edited by your SBO customers.

We also removed old WebForms building UI. Only the new UI, which has been the default since July, is now available.


Alexandru | BC General Manager

P.S. Post-MAX, we’ll be announcing several important improvements to the platform. Stay tuned :)

P.P.S. Check out this great video from Adam, we’re all pumped up about where we’re going :)

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We will be launching our next release (R165) on the 3rd of August 2011 at 1:00 AM PST (check local time). The deployment will take a few hours but we anticipate no major disruptions to the Business Catalyst service during this time.

This release includes new features on our blog engine, additional social integration features, bug corrections and infrastructure updates. As you can see, the speed has decreased a bit, as we're focusing most of the engineering team on several major initiatives you'll hear about soon :).

Free additional mailbox storage

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide customers with the best email platform possible, we have upgraded the standard mailbox size to 5GB of storage, up from 2GB. There's no additional cost to you, and there's nothing you need to do to implement these changes.

The upgrade has been already completed, allowing both new and existing sites to take advantage of the additional storage.

Site plans infrastructure updates

To streamline our support process and help you avoid waiting a couple of days for upgrading a site plan or changing billing frequency for your sites, we planning on automating these tasks and allow you or your customers upgrade plans or change billing frequency directly from your Partner Portal or site admin.

One of the first steps in this release is to consolidate the myriad of plans we currently have on our system into a limited set that matches our current offering. As a result, we will update the names and limits of our older plans. This change comes at no cost for you or your customers and will result in increased limits for some of the sites on our system. The change will be effective immediately after release, and reflected in the System usage panels displayed in My Admin or Client detail in Partner Portal.

Facebook login

With the R165 release, we are extending our social integration functionality by offering site owners the possibility to allow their customers to login in secure zone or forums using their Facebook accounts. This will increase customer retention and, with additional improvements from our side, increase the interaction between the site and its visitors.

Enabling Facebook login on a site requires you or the site owner to register your website with Facebook and get an App ID and a Secret Key. The App Id is a unique identifier for your site that ensures that Facebook has the right level of security in place between the user and your website. Once done, you can go ahead and update the login screens on your site and add the Facebook login module. As configuration options, you will be able to select to which secure zones customers can login with their Facebook account, and configure the button appearance and text. Furthermore, you can also allow site customers to Link/Unlink their site and Facebook accounts directly from the "Update Customer Details" form.

Because Facebook login automatically creates an account if one does not exist, login with Facebook only works for simple authentication flows, and cannot (yet) be integrated with flows like adding the user automatically to a secure zone, subscribing to a newsletter, or initiating a workflow.

This feature is only available in our Pro 1, 5 and 10 user plans for now, but we're considering an approach where you will be able to add it as an add-on to other plans - stay tuned.

Blog improvements

Similar to other blogging platforms, we are now allowing customers to change a blog post author by selecting it from a list of site admin users. Additionally, site users can now enter a short biography and profile image that can be included in the blog post layouts using the: {tag_blogpostauthorbiography}, {tag_blogpostauthorpictureurl} and {tag_blogpostauthorpicture}. The user can change both user biography and avatar from My Account interface, while site administrators can update them from the user management interface.

Site settings

We are starting to consolidate some of the site wide settings in a new section called Site Settings. With this release, we're enabling you to define Facebook, form security (Captcha) and shop setting. In future releases we plan to allow customers use this interface to update site timezone, country and other global settings.

  • Shop settings: we're giving you or your customers the possibility to set the shopping cart lifetime (let's you define how many hours a cart content is kept in the system for returning customers) and the ability to enable/disable the productfeed.xml which you can use to publish your products on product directories like Google Product Search.
  • Captcha settings: this is used to enforce server side check on Catpcha for the Refer to a Friend, Campaign Subscription and Comments forms. The forms built with our web forms engine have this setting incorporated and they check for Captcha only if you've added the field when you've created the form
  • Facebook settings: this is where you can enable Facebook login for your site and enter your Facebook application details (URL, App ID and App Secret Key)

Pre-built mobile templates

To further improve our multiscreen support and provide you the tools required to build modern sites, we have started to update our templates to add tablet and phone support. The first template made available on all devices is Impressum and we'll continue to add more in the near future.

Other updates

  • Social integration updates: we've improved our social integration support by adding two new modules: Facebook Activity Feed and Facebook Send. Additionally, all social modules are now them available in the Insert Module menu from Admin and in our Dreamweaver extension as well.
  • Alternate email address: we have added an additional email field for every user, that will be used to send forgot password emails. This is particularly useful for those users hosting their business email with us and had to go back to their partner or our support team to recover their password. Starting with this release, they will be able to receive the email on a secondary email address at their choice.
  • Remove related DNS records: when customers remove a domain name or its "www" counterpart, the system will automatically delete all related records (redirects, mail records, etc.) after requesting and receiving a conformation.
  • Added subscribe & unsubscribe to newsletter confirmation pages - this will prevent automatic mailing list subscription or unsubscription to mailing caused by search bots indexing web mail; as consequence, instead of automatically subscribing or unsubscribing users to mailing lists, we have added a page requiring users to press a button to confirm their action. You or your customers can modify the page content and appearance by updating two additional System Messages layouts: Subscribe Confirmation Form and Unsubscribe Confirmation Form.
  • Replaced modal session alert - starting with this release, we have replaced the modal session time-out alert with a non-window-modal one to reduce disruption when working on a Business Catalyst site
  • Payment gateways infrastructure updates - payment infrastructure updates for enhanced security and reliability.
  • Updated our WYSIWYG editor to the latest version which includes better support for iPad and lots of bug fixes

Issues fixed by the August 2011 release

  • Enabled video streaming for iOS by adding byte-range support - (bug id: 2764788)
  • Fixed a bug that blocked user login if password contained quotes (bug id: 2889483)
  • Fixed an issue in Email Marketing causing {tag_recipientusername} and {tag_recipientpassword} to not work in email campaigns when placed inside links (bug id: 2912306)
  • Corrected an issue in our APIs which template list unavailable in Triangle Extension (bug id: 2914399)
  • Fixed an bug URL engine generating invalid web app items URLs in site search result list (bug id: 2914555)
  • Updated the Online Business Builder to display the signup domain in the registration screen (bug id: 2916036)
  • Fixed a bug in order management preventing users from printing package slips when the order was attached to a company (bug id: 2920372)
  • Web app items can now be edited in front-end even if they contain special characters in their name (bug id: 2919503)
  • Corrected an issue on the URL engine causing SEO Friendly URL starting with the URL of an Web Page to displayed instead of the URL of the page when Partial URL Matching is ON (bug id: 2920535)
  • Fixed a bug in web app item display causing image tags to get rendered as is ( {tag_photo 1,470,390}) when the source image is not present (bug id: 2921912)
  • Correctly export numbers in Excel reports


Alexandru Costin
Adobe Business Catalyst Segment Owner

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Hello BC partners,

We will be launching our June release (R163) on 8th of June 2011 at 1:00 AM PST (check local time). The deployment will take a few hours but we anticipate no major disruptions to the Business Catalyst service during this time.

With the next several releases, we've decided to start addressing the most important wishlist items while continuing the advancements on the Business Catalyst next version. Please find the highlight of the ones we fixed in 163 below, that are mostly related with workflow and e-commerce improvements:

Customizable workflow notifications (107 votes)

One of the most requested features on our wish list was to give partners or site administrators a way to customize workflow notification emails to include relevant information or to have it translated in the site user's language. With this release, we are providing a solution that offers the ability to customize those workflow notification emails from the "Customize System Emails" area.

This notification template will work for all  workflow notifications and can be customized by adding different tags, changing From: address or email Subject: fields. Configuration window will be similar to other system emails.

Order status change notifications (25 votes)

This is an essential e-commerce feature for keeping paying customers up to date with the status of their online order. We want to make sure that when a order status is changed, customer will be notified of the new order status. For example, when an order is shipped, an automated email is sent to that customer with a proper notification.

Partners and site administrator will be able to configure automated emails to customers when their order status changes. The e-mail message template used for customer notifications will be available in the System Emails section. The system will generate an email template for every order status and will allow partners and site administrators to pick which order statuses will require a notification. By default, no status types will have any associated notifications set.

Packing slip and package labels (62 votes)

Site administrator or drop shipping supplier needs to have a way to print packaging list and package label for each order received. Also the site administrator should be able to customize the templates for both the packaging list and package label. Starting with the June release, developers and site administrators we’ll be able to:

  1. Customize Packing Slip and Package Label as 2 separate templates from “Admin -> More Customization Options -> Shipping Layouts”
  2. Print Invoice, Print Packing Slip or Print Package Label from within each Order details page
  3. Print Invoice, Print Packing Slip or Print Package Label for multiple orders selected/filtered in Orders list page using “Actions” button
  4. Automatically send Packing Slip and Package Label as email attachments to the warehouse if you have products configured accordingly with “drop shipping” email on

Important note: With the June release, the system will automatically attach to the drop ship email the package slip and package label documents, based on the default non-branded templates we deliver with the system. There is no option to disable this functionality, so please make sure that you announce your customers about these feature to avoid surprises.

AWB tracking number and tracking URL support in orders

One piece of information missing from the Business Catalyst order system was the ability to save a tracking number (AWB) and an URL to the shipping provider web page so that customers can access information about their shipment status in the MyAccount section or through an order notification email. The June release will enable the following workflows:

  • Site owners can assign a tracking number (AWB) and tracking URL to the order once the shipping providers picks up the package. The Update Order user interface now includes these two fields allowing site owners to manually inlcude this information; Automation integration with shipping providers is planned for a future release.
  • Partner can use this information in Order notification emails layouts and site front-end layouts to make it available to site customers
  • Once the changes are made on the site, customers will be able to track their orders effortlessly

Content holders management via FTP

Content holders are now available via FTP, in the /_System/ContentHolders/ folder. You can create, edit and delete them just by using your code editor of choice.

A content holder named "Home Adrotator" has the filename _System/ContentHolders/Home Adrotator.html and is included in a page or template with

Another advantage of having content holders as FTP files is allowing you to easily manage multiple copies of the same content holders between multiple sites: just have a "master" repository of content holders, as you probably have with templates, widgets, styles and other regular site assets, and copy this to all desired sites.

Other improvements

  • Email marketing: campaigns with 20 or less subscribers are now automatically approved by the system
  • Extended FTP support: With the June release we've extended the FTP support by making email campaigns and content holders available through FTP. As a partner you don't have to switch between your code editing tool and admin panel when you need to tweak content in any of these. Still, you won't be able to create new campaign through FTP.

Important note: due to restrictions in the FTP protocol, special characters in content holder names and campaign names are no longer allowed. Existing content holders will be renamed and special characters have been replaced with underscores ("_").

Issues fixed by the June 2011 release

  • Fixed a browser compatibility issue on Firefox 4 preventing users from creating a new contact or order because some required fields were not displayed (bug id: #2843041)
  • Updated workflow notification templates to remove images retrieved from Business Catalyst server and thus revealing BC to rebranded partners customers (bug id: #2766384)
  • Updated subscribe to newsletter form to prevent spam signups (bug id: #2867869)
  • Fixed an issue in campaigns causing tags do not render when viewed in browser using {tag_viewinbrowser} (bug id: #2567189)
  • Security update on campaign process to no longer allow open redirects for links tracking (bug id: #2879502)
  • Updated the zip code calculation method to provide more accurate results when searching web app items by zip code (bug id: #2791376)

Please check the Business Catalyst Knowledge Base for detailed documentation on the new features:

Thank you,
Alexandru Costin
Business Catalyst Segment Owner

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