Cristinel Anastasoaie

Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney) data center migration summary

Last updated: 8:21, February 24, AEDT

With two days gone without any incidents on the Australia data center, I think we can safely say that we are approaching completion on the migration project. This is good time to share a short overview of the project and list our next projects.

Asia Pacific data center migration summary

  • Over 25 people spread across 3 continents have contributed to the project. It combined operational, engineering, support and communication effort.
  • We had two weeks of planning and rehearsal to make sure everything will go smoothly
  • Team completed the migration within the estimated time, and had limited errors with almost no customer impact
  • Following the migration, all services are operational and are working as planned
  • Internal and customer reports show sites are loading a faster from the new data center, thus delivering a better browsing experience
  • Customers can start updating DNS settings to fully take advantage of the new data center capabilities; for more information on what you need to do, please read the main page

Known issues following the migration

  • FTP does not work for sites with external DNS formerly located on Asia Pacific (old Sydney) DC. Customers need to update DNS settings to fix the problem
  • Peak hours on Monday (February 21) revealed a network connectivity issue due to unexpected increase in traffic; we've worked with the vendor to make the necessary configuration and hardware changes to handle additional traffic; furthermore, network traffic returned to estimated values within the next day
  • 0.03% sites reported errors after migration; we are currently investigating the problems
  • Some sites report DNS problems that are causing email connectivity issues; support and engineering are working to fix the issues.

Overall, we believe the migration has been successful and we're way past the stage where we could have major system failures or data loss. We still have some work to do before completion, but we are confident that all the problems are going to be fixed within a few days. Before that, I want to thank you all for your helpful and supporting feedback from before and after the migration. Please report any problem you'll notice on your website to our support team and we will fix it as soon as possible.

What's next?

I've seen some questions on the forums asking about our plans for the remaining part of year, and bug corrections and Business Catalyst v3 got the most attention. While I will not detail the plan in this post, I am going to list the most important milestones we're working on.

  • Complete the Sydney migration - we need to fix the remaining open issues and assist customers into updating DNS settings
  • Monitor the DNS settings updates and assists customers to expedite the migration when needed. We will be contacting partners or customers with high traffic websites to assist them into updating DNS as soon as possible. While the reverse proxy solution works, it doesn't offer the same level of performance as the direct link to the new data center
  • Launch a new monthly release next Monday (February 28th). I will cover the details about it in a dedicated blog post tomorrow
  • Start working on plans to migrate the remaining two legacy data centers (North America and Europe). Despite the fact that we've completed one migration, we would need an equal amount of time to plan and execute the migration of the remaining DCs, especially because we will face different problems, the most difficult one being transferring data from one data center to another given their geographic location
  • Prepare another release in March, which will include a lot of changes around our security policies; this will also have a dedicated blog post this week, because it will require partners to update sites
  • Migrate the remaining data centers and bring the infrastructure work close to completion. Assist customers into migrating DNS on the new data centers and finally shut down the legacy DCs
  • Get full steam ahead on the Business Catalyst v3. The plan for v3 is completed and we'll share it on the blog next week. Just to set the right expectations in term of schedule and releases, the v3 is a huge product and a final version will be ready around the end of the year.

Looking forward for your comments.

Thank you,
Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager

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Cristinel Anastasoaie

Asia-Pacific data center migration is completed

Last update: 10:45AM February 20, 2011

We have just finnished the migration of all sites from the Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney) data center to our new data center in Sydney.

Quick summary

  • Sites previously hosted on Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney) DC are now hosted on the new Sydney DC
  • All Sydney sites with internal DNS are now delivered from the new data center and are loading really fast
  • Old Sydney sites with external DNS are delivered through the reverse proxy solution and working fine, performance seems to be stable
  • FTP service does not work for sites with external DNS previously hosted on Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney) DC; you will need to update DNS information to fix this problem
  • Sites hosted on other data center are fully operational, all services are working

At this point systems are stable and we are confident that the migration was successful. Our operations and engineering team are working on final configurations on the new Sydney data center but we can declare that the migration is completed.

You can proceed with updating DNS settings:

If you discover any problem with your site following the migration, please report it to our support team.

Thank you all for your support through the process,
Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager

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Cristinel Anastasoaie

Update on migration schedule and duration

Last update: 3:00 AM February 19, Australian EDT

During this week, our engineering and operations teams executed a series of dry-runs to better predict the maintenance window duration as well as identify potential roadblocks.

While we haven't discovered anything that might stop us from going ahead with our migration plans, the exercises revealed that fact that we are reaching the 6 hours limit while executing the plan and therefore have no buffer time left.

In order to mitigate this risk we have decided to add 2 additional hours to the maintenance window. Thus, the migration will start at 12:00 AM February 20 Sydney time and last for 8 hours. Please use a time zone converter to find out the time in your local time zone.

I have udpated the already published communication on the website to include these updates. Please expect the final email communication to be sent on Saturday, February 19.

Thank you,
Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager

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Cristinel Anastasoaie

Important: Final Migration Schedule

Important: For all future updates surrounding the migration, please refer to the dedicated website.

Last update: 2:00 AM February 19, Australian EDT

This is the final announcement of the Sydney datacenter migration plan. The dry-run has been successfully completed and we have a green light to proceed with the migration plan previously made public.

Important notice: While confident that the migration will take place at the scheduled date and time, we are continuing to investigate migration scenarios. If between this announcement and the scheduled migration time we discover anything that might put the migration at risk, we are going to put our plan on hold until we find a solution.

As part of this migration, all sites located on the legacy Sydney datacenter will experience an offline maintenance window of up to 8 hours. Action will be required on your behalf - please read on for further details.

  • What is happening: We are migrating all sites and BC application infrastructure from Sydney Primus to Sydney Ultimo in one bulk-move
  • Target Start Date/Time: 12:00AM Sunday 20 February 2011 (Australian EDT) | 5:00AM Saturday 19 February 2011 (US Pacific) | 1:00PM Saturday 19 February 2011 (London) | Check local times here
  • Target End Date/Time: 8:00AM Sunday 20 February 2011 (Australian EDT) | 1:00PM Saturday 19 February 2011 (US Pacific) | 9:00PM Saturday 19 February 2011 (London) | Check local times here
  • How Long Will It Take? We will have a scheduled maintenance window of 8 hours, during which all sites hosted on Sydney Primus will be unavailable. Partner Portal access and new site creation will be unavailable at this time as well.
  • What are we doing? We will be replicating all databases between Sydney Primus and Sydney Ultimo. We will also setup a high-speed direct datalink between the 2 locations, to ensure databases are kept in sync prior to the migration. At the scheduled time of the migration we will reconfigure DNS settings and make other related BC architectural changes to point to the new Ultimo Datacenter. We will also need to restart all web servers.

Customer Impact

During the migration Business Catalyst services will be entirely or partially not available. See the below table for a high-level overview of the impacted services depending on their location:

Data centers Impact Details
Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney DC) 8 hours downtime; all services will be unavailable More details below
All other data centers Some services will not be available More details below

Actions required

Following the migration some actions are required on your behalf. Check the below for a summary of necessary actions:

Customers Action required Reason Details
Sites previously hosted on Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney) DC with external DNS Must update their DNS settings to point to the new data center IP address. Sydney legacy data center IP address will be decomissioned 60 days following the migration. More details below
All customers with domains redelegation to BC (including customers on Sydney) Must update nameserver information to point to new Business Catalyst nameservers. Legacy nameservers will be decommissioned  in 60 days following the migration More details below

Customer Impact - details

  • All Customers (on any data center): During the 8 hour maintenance window, you will experience the following:
    • BC Extension for Dreamweaver and Triangle will not work
    • BC Partners won't be able to login into Partner Portal
    • All user management functions will be unavailable (i.e. create user, edit user, delete user)
    • DNS management tools will be unavailable
    • Setting a start page will not work
    • Clicking "Webmail" from the Admin Console will not work
    • Users will receive an error upon logout
    • Users may experience intermittent logouts as session tokens expire
    • Users who are associated with a Partner Site on the legacy DC will be unable to login to all sites
  • Sites hosted on legacy Sydney data center: In addition to the above, all sites hosted on legacy Sydney data center will be offline for the maintenance window of 8 hours. There will be no front-end pages being served or Admin Console access.

If you have sites on the Legacy Sydney DC (Primus) with externally hosted DNS, you will receive a list of these affected sites via email on Friday, February 18.

Once the migration is completed, all sites will be fully functional with two exceptions:

  • Search will be unavailable for up to 2 days for All sites hosted on Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney) data center
  • FTP will be unavailable for Sites hosted on Asia Pacific (legacy Sydney) data center with internal DNS until DNS settings are updated.

Steps you need to take - externally hosted DNS

In order to ensure a smooth migration for your customers, please action the following steps:

Step 1. Email your affected clients our pro-forma notice email

We have published a set of pro-forma notification emails which you can send to your clients to warn them of the upcoming migration and the impact it will have on their site. There are two versions:

  • Whitelabled-email.html is the unbranded version and you should customize and use this version if you are a Premium Partner who has rebranded the CMS. You will need to change the logo at the top and put your own signature at the bottom before sending it out
  • Businesscatalyst-email.html is the BC branded version if you prefer to use our brand and name when sending the email to your clients. It contains the same migration details.

You can download the notification email package here.

Step 2. Set TTL down to 1800 for all client sites that have externally hosted DNS

For partners or site owners with externally hosted DNS, we advise you to set the TTL for your records down to 1800 (30 minutes) during the next week in preparation for the migration so that when you do make the required IP address change following the migration, the settings will take a shorter amount of time to propagate.

In the coming days you will receive a separate email from including a complete list client sites under your Partner Portal that have their DNS hosted externally.

Step 3. Following migration, change the IP address of A-Records for all sites with externally hosted DNS

For all sites with externally hosted DNS, you will be required to update your DNS settings with your DNS host following the migration. This involves updating the IP address your domain points to, to match the IP address of the new Sydney Ultimo data center. We recommend that you update your external DNS settings as soon as possible following the migration.

Please refer to this page for detailed instructions on updating your external DNS settings.

The engineering team will be keeping a proxy server in the legacy Sydney Data center so that all requests coming in to the old legacy IP addresses will get routed through to the new data center transparently. Likewise the pages being served will come from the new DC through the proxy server back out to customers. This is not a permanent solution but gives you a longer window in which to make your DNS changes and also lessens impact to your customers when you do make the change. We will likely keep the proxy server running for a minimum of at least 30 days after the migration before we fully decommission the legacy data center.

Steps you need to take - internal (redelegated) DNS

For all other sites (including those hosted on all other datacenters) with domains redelegated to Business Catalyst, you will need to update your DNS redelegation to use our new nameservers. This process involves redelegating your domain from our legacy name servers (which use sub-domains), to our new name servers (which use sub-domains). For instructions please refer to this knowledgebase article. You will have a time window of 60 days to do this following completion of the migration.

Following this date, we will be decommissioning our legacy nameservers.

Stay up to date

For the latest information regarding this upcoming migration, please bookmark and refer to:

As the BC Blog is itself hosted on the legacy AU datacenter, it will be unavailable during the migration. To keep you up to date, we've launched an independent site at where you'll find all the latest news during the migration period.

Kind Regards,
Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager 

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Cristinel Anastasoaie

New Updates on Sydney Datacenter Migration

Date: 14 February 8:00AM Australian Eastern Daylight

I am posting to give you some updates on the Sydney legacy DC migration status.

Today we were scheduled to have a migration dry-run, but we ran into some last minute problems while setting up the rehearsal. More specifically, we were missing power adapters for some drives and they're not something you could find at the local store. This means the migration dry-run has been moved to Tuesday, February 15th.

Although we're moving the dry-run date, the scheduled migration date on Saturday is NOT in jeopardy.

However, until we are absolutely sure that the migration will happen on 20th, we will not be kicking off any email communication. This has been placed on hold until Wednesday, February 16th. I know this will be short notice, but the we don't want to risk having people make plans for Sunday only to have to cancel them a day later.

I've also updated the previous post to make sure it includes the new dates. I will keep you posted once I will get more information.

Thank you,
Cristinel Anastasoaie
Business Catalyst Product Manager

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Hello BC partners. My name is Paul Gubbay. I'm the VP of Product Development for Design, Web & Interactive at Adobe and one of the people responsible for the acquisition of Business Catalyst. We are very excited to add Business Catalyst to our Web Pro organization which includes Dreamweaver, Fireworks and BrowserLab. We believe that Business Catalyst is a critical component of a full solution to help Web Pros be successful building multi-screen online businesses.

Sydney Data Center

As you know, we've been going through some growing pains. We've faced several challenges over the past two weeks which have caused significant problems for our customers, including issues with hosted email services and the stability of our original Sydney data center. We are working around the clock to do everything we can to resolve these issues (please reference Eddy's earlier post). Of course these outages are unacceptable for our customers. Therefore, we will issue a full month credit for all sites that were hosted on the legacy Sydney data center & those that experienced issues with hosted mail (details coming soon).

In addition you should know that we have been heavily investing in Business Catalyst:

  • The team has grown to 3 times its original size at acquisition
  • We have recently moved operations to a dedicated IT department within Adobe
  • We have spent millions in brand new data centers that are built with new Adobe supported hardware

New Data Centers

Now, as you may know any new site created in Business Catalyst is automatically hosted in one of our spanking brand new data centers which were spun up to provide reliability and to handle a greater load. Our plan was to migrate sites from the original data centers to the new over the first half of this year.  However, the growth of BC has obviously out-accelerated our plan to migrate to the new data center.  Therefore, we are going to significantly increase the migration process over the next couple of weeks.  Once this is complete and the original data centers are shut down we will see considerably improved reliability.

We will do everything in our power to reduce the impact to the community during this time. However, please understand that we will not be able to accommodate everybody's needs. There is no one perfect time that works for everyone. However, we will try to get as close as possible based on your feedback. We are listening.


When an outage occurs we have an immediate response team that springs into action and within minutes they enter what we call the "war room". Rest assured that while some of you are waiting for a response, and wondering what is going on there is a full team actively working through every angle to resolve the issues ASAP. For the latest information on any issue and our plans to resolve it, please refer to:

  • Our Twitter feed provides the most recent information and should be updated frequently during the outage. The team has committed to this.
  • Our Blog is updated with more detailed information once we understand the situation and have something valuable to say.

If you are on a forum thread during an outage I would ask that as partners you help direct traffic to one of these two places. You will also see posts from us as well directing users to Twitter or the blog.

The Team

You'll be happy to know that the original BC team has been integrated within Adobe. This is not BC & Adobe. We are one company. Any autonomy that the original BC team maintains is to ensure that they have bandwidth to successfully run their business rather than have a larger company get in the way. There are several people on the Business Catalyst Management team:

  • Bardia Housman – Original founder of BC. Now responsible for strategy and product vision. Please note that Bardia does not run Engineering or Operations.
  • Rocky Offner – Dir. Of Engineering for Web Pro and oversees BC along with Dreamweaver and BrowserLab.
  • Eddy Chan – Product Mgmt. Of course you are all familiar with Eddy.
  • Bogdan Ripa – Dir. Of Engineering for Business Catalyst. Bogdan runs a team of 40+ exceptional engineers that work long hours improving the BC system.
  • Laurent Rouquette – Operations. Laurent is part of a newly formed IT group within Adobe and has recently taken on BC operations. He's been working diligently helping to get the new data centers operational and is overseeing the upcoming migration.
  • Matt Nade - Manager of Customer Support, driving live chat, our Twitter status account and formal Support channels.

Business Catalyst has a bright future at Adobe. And we know that this is possible because we have great Partners. It has been painful to watch some of the recent issues and our top priority is to resolve them and put this behind us. We will get through these growing pains and with the new APIs, BC V3 and many other plans we have in the works, we're setup for a very bright future.

Paul Gubbay
VP of Product Development
Design, Web & Interactive

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Great news for our Business Catalyst Partner community in Australia! Earlier this week the systems and engineering team flicked the 'On' switch for our much anticipated Asia-Pacific Datacenter. Located in Sydney, Australia, it's now online and all new sites that are being created with "Australia" chosen as the data center location will reside on the brand new hardware there.

This is an important milestone in building a more reliable and scalable platform for you to deploy Business Catalyst sites on. Since the Adobe acquisition of Business Catalyst, we have now built and deployed 3 new data centers in 3 geographies across USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. They are now all accepting new customers.

Closing the Legacy Datacenters

With 3 of 3 planned datacenters online, one of our highest priority engineering goals shifts to closing down the legacy data centers. The engineering team continues to focus on developing the site migration tools that will enable us to move existing sites from the legacy datacenters to the new datacenters automatically. Building tools for moving sites for an all-in-one hosted application like Business Catalyst are complex and latest indications are that these will be available in sometime in the first half of 2011. I will of course keep the community up-to-date with our progress along the way.

In the meantime we will continue to monitor and maintain the existing data centers with the same level of effort as our new data centers. Moving sites from legacy data centers to new ones will not be possible and Business Catalyst cannot assist with this until our migration tools are available.

Until next time, your friendly neighborhood Product Manager :)
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It's been just over half a year into BC's integration with Adobe and we're beginning to see some exciting synergy both from a business and an engineering perspective between the pre-existing BC team and the Adobe Group.

So far our top priority over the last 6 months have been to stabilize the existing business and prepare for the growth we need to be successful. To put things in perspective:

  • BC's new European data center went live this morning. What this means for you is all new sites created in Europe will now be hosted on the new data center for improved performance. Combined with the new North America data center this means we've had major wins in capacity expansion with 2 out of 3 planned new data centers now online. We will be following up with the Asia Pacific data center (based in Sydney, Australia) targeted to come online by the end of June.
  • In terms of product improvements we've replaced Sitewalk with In-Context Editing, delivered a new Extension for Dreamweaver and added FTP access to site-wide templates and module layouts.
  • Our engineering team has invested heavily on improving system stability and reliability 'under the hood' with more work to come in this area.
Now that we've achieved some integration milestones, improved system stability and ramped up our development team we will be shifting our priorities on 3 major development tracks over the remainder of 2010.

Features for Customer Satisfaction

In the next few releases we're going to deliver 5 major features driven by the most popular wishlist requests. These will include:

  1. DNS Management Tools so you can create sub-domains for your site, redirect your www records to your non-www records, in general give you greater control over your sites DNS records (A, C, MX, TXT).
  2. Customizable URLs for products, catalogs, web-app items and blog posts to improve SEO. URLs will be editable from the root folder level. We'll then extend this URL system to cover all other content modules.
  3. Allowing Modules to be Rendered inside Content Holders so you can place lists of web-app items, catalogs, literature items, webforms and much more inside a repeatable content region that you can place on different parts of your sites.
  4. Adding a Workflow Notification Editor To Your Partner Portal so you can customize the workflow notifications that are sent from your partner portal to your clients when they receive orders, webform submissions and other workflow triggers.
  5. Integrating Custom CRM Fields with the Webform Builder - when you extend your customer database with custom fields these will be made available in the webform builder so that you can create forms to collect details directly into the extended CRM forms and allow your customers to login to a secure zone to update them again.

Data Center Migration

Now that all of our new Adobe data centers are on track to be online by end June the focus turns to migrating customers from the pre-existing BC data centers. Some of you may be thinking: "Why didn't they just copy the entire database?". By looking at this from a long-term perspective it's a better investment of resources to build the tools that will enable you to migrate your own sites from one data center to another at the click of a button.

This is because building site migration tools gives us the software architecture to also build site backup tools and following on from that we will develop the ability for partners to download sites as 'BC template zip files' and sell them to customers who can then load them onto their own sites. We'll be rolling these out over the rest of 2010 starting with a pilot program to migrate some sites in July as the quality assurance effort involved with site migration will be tremendous. I will be blogging more about the site migration program over the next couple of months.

Strategic Projects For the Long Term

To make sure we don't just build a faster horse, some of our development team will be devoted to projects that are contributing to further long-term integration with other Adobe products. Luckily for you these projects will have a tangible customer impact. For the remainder of the year they will be working on:

  • Multiple Module Layouts - we will be providing the ability for web designers to specify multiple module layouts for blogs, web-apps, catalogs, products and more.
  • APIs will be extended around the CMS capabilities of the system for example the ability to access Web Apps items via an API. Most modules will gain the ability to access a list (such as a list of announcements) or a single item. The aim is to extend our API to cover much more of the system and provide XML and JSON layers to give our partners the ability to integrate BC with a much wider range of 3rd party applications.

"Slow and Steady" wins the Race

Although we've got a number of new and exciting projects in the pipeline the underlying drive to improve system stability remains and any new features must pass a high quality bar before they can be released even in Beta. We will be taking a cautious approach to make sure service levels continue to improve hence progress will be slow and steady.

In spite of this we have been at Adobe for a little more than half a year now so we're working much more closely as a unit. Overall we feel confident about sticking to the plan and as we achieve the goals listed I will be happy to share more and more of the BC roadmap especially around the medium term blogs and e-commerce overhaul with our partner community.

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In an exciting development in Business Catalyst’s integration with Adobe, BC’s engineering team deployed a software upgrade this morning to enable our new Adobe datacenter for North America to start accepting new customers. When you choose the North America datacenter to host any sites you create from now on, it will be automatically hosted on the new Adobe datacenter in the United States.

Over the next 2 months, BC engineers will also bring online new Adobe data centers in Asia-Pacific and Europe to meet the needs of our fast expanding community in those regions.

Adobe is committed to ramping up Business Catalyst over the coming years and the new data center is just the first piece of a significant investment in our future. It will provide capacity for growth for our existing partners and room to accomodate new partners and their clients coming onboard.

Migration from Old Data Centers to New Data Centers

One of the most common questions being asked is how to migrate sites from the old data centers to the new data centers. Once all 3 new data centers are live, we will be sharing our plan for migrating all existing sites to the new data centers. This will be taking place using a staged approach until August/September 2010. Rest assured we will give you plenty of notice and communication. We are also currently building tools to automate the process as much as possible to facilitate a smooth migration for you and your clients. Keep in mind that we do not recommend you manually migrate any sites until our automation tools and plans are made available.

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The BC Blog, A New Beginning...

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

Just kidding. It's been a bit over 2 months now since Business Catalyst became a part of Adobe and we're slowly starting to settle in and harvest the fruits of the acquisition. On that note, we felt it was a good time to take a new direction with this blog. In the past we helped you with tips on how to market yourselves and sell BC, whereas now we're going to be more product driven to help keep you up-to-date with new and planned product features and enhancements. And what better way to begin than with a look at our roadmap for the next 3 months.

Major Feature Releases over the next 3 months

Following the discontinuation of the GoodBarry brand we're now sharpening our focus on creative Web Professionals like yourselves and that means our short term feature roadmap out to March 2010 contains a number of tools to streamline Web Design on BC.

  • Dreamweaver Extension - The number 1 feature that excites me is the release of the next generation Business Catalyst Extension for Dreamweaver. A beta version will be available in January. What I can promise here is an extension that's much better integrated with Dreamweaver and a more intuitive interface that gives you improved access to edit the assets on your BC sites. As we test this internally I'll be releasing more details towards Christmas.
  • Billing Tools - Shortly following the release of the next-gen Dreamweaver Extension we're aiming to release Partner Consolidated billing. I know our Rebranded Partners have been hanging out for this one for a while now. If you're a full Partner, you're going to be able to set your own hosting prices inside your Partner Portal and this will automatically use the eCommerce system inside your Partner site to bill your clients. If your clients don't pay their bills, the system will automatically suspend their service so you're not out-of-pocket.
  • DNS Management Tools - to be added in February/March 2010 - although the DNS requests run in at slightly lower priority on the wishlist we believe it's important for you to be able to manage your own DNS records from within a BC site. This way you can use an external mail service, add multiple hostnames and aliases.
  • Data Center Migration - one 'behind-the-scenes' area that our engineers are working on is preparing our new Adobe data centers, with shiny new top-of-the-line equipment and even greater capacity for growth. We're also working on making the migration to these datacenters as seamless as possible. This is a big investment for Adobe and a big project that will be completed around February/March 2010. We will be keeping our partner community in close communication surrounding these developments.
The Slightly Longer Term View

So what happened to E-Commerce, Web-Apps, Modules, CRM and Blog improvements? I'm re-developing a more in depth plan for all of these aspects of the system, given we now have an expanded engineering team. I will be incorporating the feedback you've given us on our wishlist. However, rather than rushing things we want to make sure that:

  1. We first deliver on the 4 items I've listed above in the 3 month plan
  2. We complete a number of other back office and integration tasks
  3. We have a detailed and feasible plan that our expanded engineering team can implement in the timeframe communicated.
Once we’re on the road with the above, we will release further details of our product roadmap. I personally read and moderate all of your wishlist requests every day and I also monitor the voting to adjust the priorities. So I do feel that I have my fingers on the pulse of the partner community's sentiments in regard to the product. In that spirit, I want to make sure we construct our roadmap in the best way possible.

Stay Tuned For More!

To all of our Partners out there who use our product and promote BC to the small business community - thank you! We owe it to you to really ramp up product development in 2010 and beyond. With our new engineering resources and the backing of Adobe I have great confidence that we're really going to kick some goals next year for you and your clients. Stay tuned for more posts as we continue to tease out the details of the longer term roadmap.
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