Cristinel Anastasoaie

Announcing the launch of the new webmail platform

On June 26, 2014  our webmail provider will update the mail platform to all email clients. The current webmail platform will be retired on the same day.

The new webmail platform has a brand new look and feel and it is is packed with new features. Here are the top 10 new features that will be available with the new platform:

  1. A brand new look and feel: the new webmail is modern looking, faster and a lot more intuitive.
  2. Mobile sync for calendar and address book: The most awaited feature. Webmail now supports mobile sync (not currently available. This feature will be available by June 26th).
  3. Conversation threads: conversations can now be grouped together. Users have the option to display conversations as lists or threads.
  4. Cloud storage for files: A simple way to manage files. Share, password protect and set an expiry date for the links you share (not currently available. This feature will be available by June 26th).
  5. More robust RSS reader: the RSS reader is easier to use and manage.
  6. A better HTML editor: the new editor offers users more options to format messages.
  7. Identity management with HTML supported signatures: manage multiple profiles and create HTML signatures for each profile.
  8. Extensive address book fields: more fields for you to keep your contacts organized.
  9. Extensive domain and user management capabilities: you can do a lot more when using the admin features.
  10. Ability to reorder columns: You can move columns around to customize your inbox.

For a sneak peek into the new interface, you can watch a quick demo video:

To have a closer look at the changes, a preview mode is already available to all email clients. You just need to select the Preview mode in the webmail login screen. Please make sure that your customers and team members are made aware of these important updates.

Thank you for your support,

The Adobe Business Catalyst Team

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OpenSRS related items, next steps

We'd like to apologize for the inconvenience caused by this recent email issue.
At roughly 9:30am ET on Thursday October 4th, 2012, our hosted email provider, OpenSRS <> , noted an issue affecting users on a particular cluster of their service. As a result, some Adobe Business Catalyst users experienced incoming email delays or intermittent issues logging in.
OpenSRS immediately contacted Adobe regarding the issue, and our support team quickly updated the Business Catalyst status page to communicate the issue to customers. During the following 15 hours, some customers continued to experience incoming email delays, as the backlog of email was slowly processed.
During this time, we provided regular updates across a range of channels – including our status page, live chat, community forums, and social media. You can review the complete timeline of updates at:
As of 12:25am ET on Friday October 5th, 2012, the service provider has communicated that all systems are fully operational and the backlog of queued email messages has been successfully processed. You can monitor their status updates directly at:
We continue to work closely with the vendor to minimize the impact of future service disruptions on users of the Adobe Business Catalyst hosted mail solution. We will keep you updated via this blog of the progress we make with OpenSRS. As more information becomes available from OpenSRS, we will update you here, for your reference.
We take this matter very seriously and are evaluating our options to provide the highest quality of service moving forward.
The Adobe Business Catalyst Team.

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Dragos Manescu

Major DNS Upgrade and Service Maintenance on February 8

The Business Catalyst  team has just finished a major upgrade of the DNS architecture that will increase the performance and the availability of the system.
This is an infrastructure upgrade that will improve both system scalability and resilience, while keeping the existing DNS management user experience unchanged.

The upgrade is scheduled for Wednesday, February the 8th,  from 05:00 to 11:00 AM EST (check local time) and during this time frame functionalities related to domain management,  website creation and new partner registration  will be suspended.

Please find below a schedule of the maintenance:
  • Time frame for this operation: 05:00 to 11:00 AM EST (check local time); the duration will be of about 6 hours.
  • Systems affected: 
    • DNS management for existing websites
    • Set-up of internal or external MX records or addition of new email addresses
    • Site Cancelation from the Partner Portal
    • Partner Activation:  if a customer has registered as a partner prior to the above time frame but hasn’t visited the Partner Portal to activate her account, she will have to wait until 11:00 EST (check local time) for this activation
    • New website creation
    • New partner registration
We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences generated by these service interruptions.
The Business Catalyst Team
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Cristinel Anastasoaie

Update: January 2011 Stability and Email Issues

Earlier this year we experienced a series of incidents that caused significant problems for a large number of customers. We had issues with our hosted email services followed by stability problems on our legacy Sydney data center.

In light of this, we are issuing a full month credit for all paid sites that were hosted on the legacy Sydney data center, and those that were using internally hosted email services.

To be more specific, the following sites will receive a full month credit:

  • All paid sites hosted on the AU data center that have been upgraded on or before January 31st
  • All paid sites using the internal Business Catalyst hosted mail service across all data centers, which have been upgraded on or before January 31st 2011

All customers that were affected by these incidents will receive an email announcing the full month of credit.

In addition, we have made some updates to the Partner Portal and site Admin Console, to help partners identify sites that have received the credit and also to help customers understand the period for which the credit has been applied. Thus, the site list in Partner Portal has been updated with a new “Credit” column:

The Partner Portal > Clients > Site details user interface has also been updated to include a notice about the credit:

We’ve updated the Site admin user interface to highlight the period for which the credit has been received:

To issue the full month of credit, we will skip a month of invoicing for websites with monthly billing, and simply postpone the invoice for one month for sites on annual billing. If your site is billed monthly, no invoice will be generated between 15 Apr and 15 May 2011. If your site is billed yearly, the next due invoice will be postponed by one month.

The updates are going to be rolled out in our next week release.

Since the series of incidents, we have managed to solve all email issues by shifting to an externally hosted email provider and migrating all sites from the legacy Sydney data center to a new location.

To prevent similar incidents on our other two legacy datacenters, we have accelerated the migration schedule for both legacy Europe (London) and North America (Ottawa) data centers and we plan to complete this in the first half of 2011.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by these outages and thank you for your support. If you have any other questions, please submit a Support Request via your Partner Portal or reach us on Live Chat.

The Business Catalyst Team

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Hello BC partners. My name is Paul Gubbay. I'm the VP of Product Development for Design, Web & Interactive at Adobe and one of the people responsible for the acquisition of Business Catalyst. We are very excited to add Business Catalyst to our Web Pro organization which includes Dreamweaver, Fireworks and BrowserLab. We believe that Business Catalyst is a critical component of a full solution to help Web Pros be successful building multi-screen online businesses.

Sydney Data Center

As you know, we've been going through some growing pains. We've faced several challenges over the past two weeks which have caused significant problems for our customers, including issues with hosted email services and the stability of our original Sydney data center. We are working around the clock to do everything we can to resolve these issues (please reference Eddy's earlier post). Of course these outages are unacceptable for our customers. Therefore, we will issue a full month credit for all sites that were hosted on the legacy Sydney data center & those that experienced issues with hosted mail (details coming soon).

In addition you should know that we have been heavily investing in Business Catalyst:

  • The team has grown to 3 times its original size at acquisition
  • We have recently moved operations to a dedicated IT department within Adobe
  • We have spent millions in brand new data centers that are built with new Adobe supported hardware

New Data Centers

Now, as you may know any new site created in Business Catalyst is automatically hosted in one of our spanking brand new data centers which were spun up to provide reliability and to handle a greater load. Our plan was to migrate sites from the original data centers to the new over the first half of this year.  However, the growth of BC has obviously out-accelerated our plan to migrate to the new data center.  Therefore, we are going to significantly increase the migration process over the next couple of weeks.  Once this is complete and the original data centers are shut down we will see considerably improved reliability.

We will do everything in our power to reduce the impact to the community during this time. However, please understand that we will not be able to accommodate everybody's needs. There is no one perfect time that works for everyone. However, we will try to get as close as possible based on your feedback. We are listening.


When an outage occurs we have an immediate response team that springs into action and within minutes they enter what we call the "war room". Rest assured that while some of you are waiting for a response, and wondering what is going on there is a full team actively working through every angle to resolve the issues ASAP. For the latest information on any issue and our plans to resolve it, please refer to:

  • Our Twitter feed provides the most recent information and should be updated frequently during the outage. The team has committed to this.
  • Our Blog is updated with more detailed information once we understand the situation and have something valuable to say.

If you are on a forum thread during an outage I would ask that as partners you help direct traffic to one of these two places. You will also see posts from us as well directing users to Twitter or the blog.

The Team

You'll be happy to know that the original BC team has been integrated within Adobe. This is not BC & Adobe. We are one company. Any autonomy that the original BC team maintains is to ensure that they have bandwidth to successfully run their business rather than have a larger company get in the way. There are several people on the Business Catalyst Management team:

  • Bardia Housman – Original founder of BC. Now responsible for strategy and product vision. Please note that Bardia does not run Engineering or Operations.
  • Rocky Offner – Dir. Of Engineering for Web Pro and oversees BC along with Dreamweaver and BrowserLab.
  • Eddy Chan – Product Mgmt. Of course you are all familiar with Eddy.
  • Bogdan Ripa – Dir. Of Engineering for Business Catalyst. Bogdan runs a team of 40+ exceptional engineers that work long hours improving the BC system.
  • Laurent Rouquette – Operations. Laurent is part of a newly formed IT group within Adobe and has recently taken on BC operations. He's been working diligently helping to get the new data centers operational and is overseeing the upcoming migration.
  • Matt Nade - Manager of Customer Support, driving live chat, our Twitter status account and formal Support channels.

Business Catalyst has a bright future at Adobe. And we know that this is possible because we have great Partners. It has been painful to watch some of the recent issues and our top priority is to resolve them and put this behind us. We will get through these growing pains and with the new APIs, BC V3 and many other plans we have in the works, we're setup for a very bright future.

Paul Gubbay
VP of Product Development
Design, Web & Interactive

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Final OpenSRS Mail Migration Instructions

Update: I've posted a link to a video tutorial that Kiyuco have produced to show Partners how they can use their Partner Portal to reset a password for a client if they've forgotten their original password. You can watch it here.

Our engineering team is still on track to perform the OpenSRS mail migration on Friday morning (US Pacific Time). As promised I have published an email which you can send to your clients to warn them of the upcoming migration and give them the steps they should take. There are two versions:

  • Whitelabled-email.html is the unbranded version and you should customize and use this version if you are a Premium Partner who has rebranded the CMS. You will need to change the logo at the top and put your own signature at the bottom before sending it out
  • Businesscatalyst-email.html is the BC branded version if you prefer to use our brand and name when sending the email to your clients. It has the same migration details and instructions
Please download them here: Emails with details and instructions for BC Partner clients

If you would like to direct your customers to a Business Catalyst page with only the instructions you can use this link:

Our friends at Kiyuco have kindly provided an instructional video tutorial on how Partners can use their Partner Portal to reset their clients email-only passwords. You can watch here:

Two things to note:

In addition to the Q&A published yesterday I'd like Partners to be aware of 2 extra points that engineering uncovered today:

  1. Manual Migration will not be offered going forward - as we cannot run the manual mail account migration process that's been offered thus far in parallel with our automated mass email account migration we are canceling this option effective immediately. If your clients request a manual migration please advise them to sit tight as they will be automatically migrated on Friday morning
  2. "Admin only" users who do not currently have email enabled for their user account will not be able to check the 'Enable Email' box inside their user settings after the migration - this is due to a limitation with provisioning OpenSRS email accounts that our engineering team are working to resolve by March. Post-migration, the workaround for this will be to first delete the existing "Admin only" user and then recreate the user with the "Enable Email" box ticked.

Final Migration Details

  • What is happening: Business Catalyst is releasing a system-wide security and email infrastructure upgrade. Business Catalyst is migrating mail accounts from existing infrastructure to new mail infrastructure
  • Migration Start Time: 1:00AM Friday 28 January 2011 (US Pacific) Check local times
  • Migration End Time: 1:00AM Monday 31 January 2011 (US Pacific) Check local times
  • Duration: 72 hours for full mail migration- although most accounts will be migrated in less time
  • Customer Impact: All users are required to reset/update passwords after the migration begins. Users with hosted email will not have access to existing mail in their mailboxes until it is migrated to their new mailboxes.

Final Migration Instructions

During the next few days, upon attempting to login either through your current desktop e-mail client (using POP3 or IMAP) or through the webmail interface, your login credentials will stop working and you'll receive an "Invalid username or password" error.

Upon receiving this error, the steps you'll need to take are:

If you have access to the site's Admin Console (ie. you're an Admin user with email enabled):

  1. Login in site Admin with the user account for which you wish to perform a password change
  2. Go Home -> My Details -> Change Password form
  3. Enter old password and new password twice, and save the changes

This will result in the password being changed for both Admin and email access.

Changing your password via the Webmail login interface ('re an "email only" user)

  1. Go to Webmail as per usual (eg:
  2. At the login screen you'll see a message that requests you perform a password update: "For security reasons, you will need to reset your password. Please go here to change your password."
  3. Clicking on Change password link will load a form where you can update your password.
  4. Enter your e-mail address, old password and new password twice, then save the changes

Once you have updated your password, you'll be able to login to the webmail interface, or through your desktop email client using the new password.

Please Note: Upon logging in with your new password, you will not see your old e-mail in the web interface or via IMAP, as we will be migrating e-mail to the new service following password upgrade. This means that your e-mail inbox and folders will look empty. Please wait a few days until the migration is complete for the older emails to appear.

Thank you very much for working with us through this process,
Eddy Chan
Product Manager, Business Catalyst
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Mail Migration Q&A

In the 24 hours since I published my last OpenSRS Mail Migration update yesterday a slew of questions have sprung up both in the comments thread and also in a thread on our own support forums called 'OpenSRS Transition'. These are all valid questions, I understand your concerns and I'm posting again today to do my best to openly and honestly answer as many of them as possible in one place:

Question: When the transition occurs (prior to password resets) will email continue to collect or does the password routine actually activate the email box creation?
Answer:Yes mail will collect inside the OpenSRS mailbox before the password reset. Any mail that was collected in the old MailEnable account prior to the cutover will be gradually migrated across to the OpenSRS mailbox as well

Question: If email box creation is not dependent on the password being created will aliases also receive / deliver email (including common domains). these are set in users in the dashboard? Will existing email forwards still be active or need to be manually created?
Answer: Yes, any Aliases and Forwards setup in the current system will be carried automatically over to the new mail system and mail will continue to be delivered via those

Question: If an email account is a catch all currently will it act as a catch all after the transition or will it need to be re initiated?
Answer: Catch-alls will no longer be available with OpenSRS - they are not supported because they contribute to spam since they do not trigger bouncebacks for non-existent email addresses. Customers will need to setup aliases to catch email sent to common email addresses such as sales@, help@ et.

Question: Will webmail address books transition across or need to be saved and reimported (can they currently be saved)?
Answer: Unfortunately Webmail address books can't be exported, this functionality simply doesn't exist in MailEnable so we will not be able to migrate these across.

Question: Do all users need to have their passwords reset? Do Admin users who do not user BC mail servers also need to reset their passwords?
Answer: Yes all users have to have their passwords reset including Admin users who do not use BC mail servers because we are making an upgrade to our security infrastructure. I would've avoided this if I could just so that those who had BC hosted email needed to update their passwords but there was no workaround.

Question: As "email only" users (i.e BC mail users) can not log in anywhere to change their passwords I presume that any such change will need to be performed by an admin user for that site or the partner needs to reset the user password and then convey the new password to the users. Is this correct?
Answer: No, email only users we need to go to this URL where they will be given a 'Change Password' portal that looks like the following screenshot.

Question: What is the timing for this change of password or "triggering" to occur?
Answer: Our current plan is to have it occur on Friday morning (US Pacific), this will be Saturday early AM in Asia-Pacific and Friday evening in Europe. Once I have the exact schedule I will be updating all partners with it.

Question: Is there any way in which partners can obtain a list of all users for each client site as a single report. I only have 28 sites but I hate to think of what this all involves for those with a lot of BC sites
Answer: Unfortunately not at this moment - we are relying on Partners to make contact site owners and provide them with the instructions that I have drafted here. Site owners can then pass the message onto their site users. Obviously, this process isn't optimal and this communication chain is something I'm looking to improve in the future.

Question: For users who have a mail client like Outlook and don't login to a user interface, how will they know when it is time, and how to go about updating their passwords?
Answer: As their BC Partner, you will need to send them an email. I've thought long and hard about this one, we had to take white-labeling considerations into account and if we were to send a very generic "Please Update Your Password" email with an unrecognized link it would've looked like a phishing scam. We would rather partners send out a email with their own branding from a trusted email address warning their clients that their online business hosting vendor is about to undergo a security and email upgrade. I will be publishing this email for you to send to your clients as soon as we have exact details

Question: Will there be extended coverage of support and 3rd party vendors support this coming weekend as a backup during the transition aftermath?
Answer: Given that we are on schedule to run the migration on Friday morning (US Pacific) we will have support and engineering teams to provide coverage for email related issues this weekend. OpenSRS will be providing our team with vendor support as well throughout the weekend. I met personally with a couple of their folks in San Francisco this morning and we have their assurance that we're in good hands from a vendor standpoint.

Question: Should I be notifying my clients of possible email black outs where they will lose emails relating to the new logins?
Answer: Your customers will not lose any emails throughout the migration. What will happen though is that once the DNS switch is made, it will take some time for the mail that arrived in their MailEnable account to appear in their OpenSRS account. I've allowed for up to 72 hours in my communications but the engineering team is quietly confident that we can keep it down to 36 hours at maximum and less in most cases.

Question: I'm hoping that BC will put out a "Tech Notice Email Newsletter" to all partners with step by step instructions of what's required for a smooth transition on new SRS, prior to the migration. (Not all the partners read the blog or dig out the info from forums). We will need a final definitive set of instructions to share with our customers to make it easy for them. An official email from BC outlining whats required would be great.
Answer: I will be sending out a final set of instructions to ALL BC Partners tomorrow via email. The reason I have held off sending it thus far is that I don't want you jumping the gun and updating passwords before we've even made the necessary system updates. I've also been waiting on the engineering work for the migration to be verified so we can be exact with dates and times as well.

Question: Just adding to this post - I agree with the comments in this thread - aside from the BC Blog post regarding the migration, can you provide specific step by step instructions that we can give to our clients, as there seems to be a lot of confusion here with exactly what needs to be done.
Answer: As answered once I finalize the client communications email, you will be able to download it, customize it and then send to your clients.

Question: What happens to email accounts that we manually migrated, on your advice, earlier in the crisis? Will they also experience the "reset your password" step?
Answer: Their OpenSRS accounts will not be affected by the mail migration, however they will still need to reset their Admin Console passwords or use the 'Change Password' portal for mail-only users as we are upgrading our security infrastructure in BC

Question: Will the users be required to clear their mailbox completely BEFORE the transition and if not will they lose whatever they have not retrieved (ie unopened emails)?
Answer:Yes, if your clients have IMAP or POP setup, they should be trying to download their latest emails. Whatever they do not retrieve will be migrated to the new accounts within 72 hours after the switch has been made.

Question: Why are customer accounts treated with less security than user accounts? Business Catalyst currently stores raw passwords for customer accounts, hence why I can view a customer record and see their password. I presume this is different for user accounts but why the difference? Anyone can create a BC site and collect passwords. I don't agree with it but that's how your current system works. I'm just wondering why a customer account (password) is deemed less important. Would love a reply to this one
Answer: Customer accounts on sites are not deemed any less important, they just run on different security infrastructure. This is something I will fix in the BC V3. I agree the CRM passwords should be made much more secure so people can't create BC sites to collect passwords.

Question: An end consumer here - what are you doing about CMS that are accessed using email address? Not being able to update web / post blog comment is going to be crippling.
Answer: Users will still be able to access the CMS using their existing password. They will have a full month to reset/change their password. The pressing issue here is giving them access to their new email accounts which means they need to reset or change their password immediately.

I hope this provides a lot of the answers that Partners have been looking for. My apologies for any confusion caused yesterday, it's my job to make everything as clear and concise as possible. Your feedback so far has been appreciated. I will continue to update this blog on a daily basis with news about Mail Migration until it is completed and all issues are resolved. Thanks for reading!

Eddy Chan
BC Product Manager
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Update: Blog Post was edited at 3pm Monday Pacific Time with details on how 'Email Only' users can update their passwords

With the ongoing intermittent IMAP service issues, our engineers have been working over the weekend to speed up completion of all the work necessary for a migration from MailEnable to OpenSRS. We're hoping this will happen towards the end of this week. Here's an update on what's happened so far:

  • Completed implementation of our DNS migration tool. This tool will be responsible for making the correct MX record and A record modifications only for sites which use Business Catalyst mail hosting. Code review and testing is currently in progress.
  • Because OpenSRS uses a different password tokenization algorithm we've also had to make some modifications to our authentication layer so we're able to pass the correct password token to them when you login to the Admin Console. Code review is in progress, we will begin testing this tonight
  • As a consequence of the changes to the BC authentication layer, we also need to add a few UI changes to notify users of said changes when they login. This notice will also provide them with steps they should take to update their password. I have covered this point in more detail in below in my 'Customer Action Required' section
These modifications are not insignificant and it means we also need to prepare a medium sized release to push all of them out onto production servers so we can get the mail migration going. I would've liked to make all of this happen quicker but please remember we're dealing with critical infrastructure level components. Our team needs enough time to make sure everything is reviewed and tested thoroughly, to ensure the disruption is kept to a minimum for you and your clients.

Customer Action Required

So what do all these changes mean from a customers standpoint? After the release with the above-mentioned changes has been completed, the next time you or your clients' sign in to Business Catalyst you will be provided with a notice including instructions which will tell you to update your password.

This is because we need to generate a new password token for the OpenSRS mail service based on the new password you provide for us. We never stored raw passwords for security compliance so we were unable to generate a new token automatically. This will affect ALL users, not just users with BC hosted email as the authentication changes we made are system-wide. For sites with BC hosted email there's several extra points to take note of: (edited 3pm Monday Pacific Time)

  • If you are an 'Email Only' user, you will need to go to a special URL that we will provide where you can reset or change your password. You will need to enter your current email address, current password, new password and then confirm the new password before you can login to your new Webmail interface. The URL you need to go to will be provided on the new Webmail login interface that will continue to be accessed from ''.
  • If you are a Site Administrator with 'Email Only' user accounts on your site you should pro-actively notify your users that they will need to go to a special URL to reset/change their passwords so they can login to their new new OpenSRS email account.
Even though we are providing system-wide 'Please Update Your Password' notices on login it's best if partners take steps to pre-warn their clients that they will need to change their passwords in the coming days using the information provided in this blog post.

Latest Migration Schedule

To be completely transparent about what is happening at BC, below is the latest tentative schedule for mail migration (all times are US Pacific):
  • Thursday (early AM) 27 January: Release DNS and Security related changes onto Production servers
  • Thursday (afternoon) 27 January: Provision all mail existing accounts with a new OpenSRS mailbox
  • Friday (early AM) 28 January: Switch DNS MX records for all sites from MailEnable to OpenSRS - at this point your mail will be redirected to your new mailbox. By 7:00AM, the DNS migration will be complete, you will be able to login to the new mail account after you have updated your password inside the Admin Console.
  • Friday (afternoon) 28 January: Start migrating existing mail across servers. Because we've had to accelerate this process we haven't had enough time to test and verify how long this will take. This will continue into the weekend and we y estimate it will take around 24 hours to move the mail across but could take anything up to 72 hours in the worst case

Throughout the week I'll be posting regular updates as we get closer to the Migration date especially if there are any changes, please watch out for these on the BC Blog. For on-going status updates, please also make sure you follow the bc_obnw Twitter account.

Thanks for reading,
Eddy Chan
Business Catalyst Product Manager
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Last night we had further intermittent problems with the IMAP service and the Operations team have made further changes which as of this morning have enabled the service to run. To give you a rundown of what happened here's the report from the Ops team:

  • Issue: Business Catalyst clients with hosted email were intermittently unable to use the IMAP service for MailEnable accounts. POP and Webmail service remained working throughout this incident
  • Time of Incident Start: 19 Jan 2011 11:00PM PST
  • Technical Action: IMAP has been moved and is working fine on the new machine running version 4.26 MailEnable. All IMAP traffic is now routed to the new machine. POP and Webmail remain on the old machine. Everything seems to be running smoothly. Monitoring will continue and if situation remains stable we will close out this case
  • Vendor Action: MailEnable were unavailable outside business hours.
Currently the service has been running for 5 hours without issues however, in light of the issues that have occurred over the past 48 hours, this is an advisory that we have made a decision on working with OpenSRS to expedite the migration of existing email accounts from MailEnable to OpenSRS from late February (original schedule) to some time before the end of January (next week).

What the Migration Involves

Migrating accounts is a 3 step process for us:

  1. Business Catalyst will need work with the vendor to provision an OpenSRS mailbox for every existing MailEnable mailbox
  2. Following that we will run a script to change DNS settings for all sites with hosted email to redirect all email to the new mailboxes
  3. We will then change your sites DNS settings so that when you go to you will be logging into the new Webmail interface hosted with OpenSRS
  4. Lastly we will use IMAP to migrate any mail from your old MailEnable account to your new OpenSRS account
Previously we had scheduled this in February to ensure the transition was smooth so that you didn't lose mail in the process or experience any protracted periods of scheduled downtime. With our new expedited schedule I want to keep you informed about how things might need to happen given that we are still monitoring the situation closely with the old service.

Current Plan for Mail Migration

MailEnable is currently stable and if we do not encounter anymore issues then we will be in a position to do the migration without adversely affecting your email service sometime within the next 2 weeks. The team will be able to do steps 1-4 in the shortest amount of time which will cut down the period in which you do not have access to your existing emails in your MailEnable account as they are migrated across to your new OpenSRS account. We are working to schedule the migration as early as possible and still ensure a satisfactory result. When we have scheduled the exact date and time I will post again to provide more details.

Contingency Plan if Issues Arise

If the current MailEnable service experiences any more issues in the next 72 hours we will have to force a migration over to OpenSRS by completing steps 1-3. This means you will be receiving email on your new account from that point forward and that you will also be able to login to your new Webmail interface. However, there is one issue:

  1. For those using IMAP and those others who use POP with the option “Leave a copy of the message on the server”, you will not have access to your emails on your account up to the point of the forced migration. This will last for a period of up to 60 hours while we complete step 4 and migrate the emails from the old account to the new account

Answering Some Questions from Yesterdays Post

  • @John - Unfortunately, communication issues arose yesterday because it actually takes time to research and investigate the issue to find out what's happening before I can post a meaningful update (something other than a copy of the twitter status) on the blog. In the meantime partners should always check our twitter status on the top right corner of the support home page to find out if there are any system issues. That's always the first thing to get updated whenever we have incidents
  • @Galija - what's cooking with the mail server is that we've known about our MailEnable issues and we had a plan to migrate to OpenSRS next month. It's unfortunate that these incidents have hit us before we could implement our plan
  • @Angela - they should be downloading now, if not please talk to Support using the Live Chat option on the bottom of the Support Home Page to get them to help you out
  • @Bret - thanks, we have updated our process to make sure that bc_obnw tweets any blog updates that go up about system incidents
  • @Jacob - currently I cannot authorize a refund or other types of compensation, this is a matter I have to take to executive management at Adobe. Meanwhile I've done all in my power to explain what went wrong, to apologize and explain what we're doing about it
  • @Laura - in an earlier blog post I said the switch would happen on Jan 15. My apologies, I didn't make it clear that the switch from MailEnable to OpenSRS was scheduled to happen 48 hours after the release so in the end it happened around Jan 16. I hope you've been able to move your client over to OpenSRS since their mailboxes were new it shouldn't have been a major issue to 'lose' the existing mail
  • @Carlos, @Karen and @Howard - the emails that you didn't receive while the service was down have probably bounced and therefore 'lost'
  • @Louise - I'm sorry we have lost your confidence. I can only hope with some the actions we are taking around the migration to OpenSRS and further behind the scenes work to shore up systems our record will improve this year. I know it takes a track record to earn confidence. It hasn't been a good start and as Product Manager I'm really feeling your pain :(
Apologies once again on behalf of Business Catalyst
Eddy Chan (Product Manager)
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Business Catalyst Mail Issues

Today we had an extended period of downtime for the Adobe Business Catalyst mail service. These issues have now been stabilized. I'd like to apologize on behalf of the team at BC and offer an explanation of what happened:

  • Issue: Business Catalyst clients with hosted email were unable to access MailEnable application. This was intermittent and affected all users
  • Time of Incident Start: 19 Jan 2011 8:32AM PST
  • Time of Incident End: 19 Jan 2011 5:48PM PST
  • Technical Action: The BC Operations team successfully applied a patch received from vendor (MailEnable). Additionally, they replaced the virtual and physical machine that the mail server was hosted on and investigated the network switch and firewall. Performance is looking good now.
  • Vendor Action: MailEnable are currently gathering more information to help determine the root cause
Although the situation is currently stable, our engineers are continuing to work with MailEnable in investigating the root cause to ensure this does not occur again.

Update on Migrating from MailEnable to OpenSRS

The ultimate solution to solving our mail issues is to move all users from MailEnable over to OpenSRS, our new mail vendor. With this move you will get a new webmail interface, improved performance and reliability and, 2GB of mail storage. 

We're making progress towards this goal, and the good news is that as of yesterday all new and existing trial sites will be provisioned with OpenSRS mail accounts when they are upgraded. Regarding seamlessly migrating existing customers; we are still working with OpenSRS to finalize a date, but I'm hoping that this will be in mid-late February at the latest. I will keep you updated as progress occurs. 

You Can Move to OpenSRS Now...

Update: Due to the upcoming mass migration to OpenSRS, we are no longer processing manual mail migrations. More details at:

Thanks for reading and apologies once again,

Eddy Chan
Product Manager at Business Catalyst

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