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Unwrapping Project Falcon

We had a few big wins with our analytics framework this year. When we launched our action-based reporting we really gave a glimpse as to how closely we can track customer behavior and measure ROI when it comes to email marketing campaigns. You can read about it here. However throughout this year we've been quietly working on something much bigger and it gives me great pleasure to finally reveal and tell you about project Falcon.

Falcon is a whole new way of tracking and analyzing visitor behavior on your website. In fact I'll put it on the line that it will turn existing website reporting and analytics tools on their heads. As a business owner you will no longer be satisfied with metrics such as page views, visits and unique visitors if you want to remain competitive.

Falcon can be divided into two parts.

Firstly, Falcon tracks visitors much more deeply that ordinary analytic tools. Falcon is able to identify and link all past (and future) visits by a customer to that customer. This allows us to paint a complete picture of that customer's activity on your website and understand how they go about learning about your products and services, all the way to buying these.

For example, a customer enquires about one of your products on your website. Would it be useful to know how long this customer has been visiting your website before they made their enquiry? Would it help to know what they've been doing during those past visits? After the customer makes an enquiry it may take another few visits before they actually buy your products. Falcon aims to pull all this information together so you understand your customers and the paths they take to buy your products and services.

The second (fun) part of Falcon is its ability to provide infinite linking of your content and customers. For example you will be able to view a given web page and instantly see a list of those (by name) who have visited this web page. Click on a customer of interest and view a complete history of their activity on your website.

Complimenting all this is the Actions panel which'll allow you to quickly filter and group selected customers with similar behaviors and add them to marketing campaigns, give them discounts to particular catalogues in your shop amongst many more actions.

Our goal with Falcon is to give you a deep understanding of your customers' behavior on your website. This is something that business owners have not had the luxury of but one that will prove necessary to run a successful online business.

I'll provide more detail in the coming weeks with plenty of screenshots. We are working hard so we can get the beta release out towards the end of Q1 2008.
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bardia housman

The evolution of web hosting

For 4 years we've been preaching online businesses, not websites. In the first few years, it was difficult to make people understand and really appreciate what we were saying. Although a little to our detriment it's been well worth it. This vision has ensured that we stayed on the right track throughout.

The tide of online businesses is here. Business owners are much more engaged with their websites than ever before. They appreciate that their website is their business, an online business. When a business owner has this realization, they'll think of and treat their websites fundamentally differently henceforward. The conversation moves away from web pages, content and hits. They look for key business metrics such as leads and conversions. They think of their customers as the core, rather than their content. They use tools to automatically build profiles around customers so they can understand them better and therefore increase their profits. They look for ways to automate and streamline business tasks using workflows and so forth.

In 2-3 years this is how your typical web hosting will look like for all business owners.
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