Cristinel Anastasoaie

System Update Planned for 16 March 2011 (updated)

Last update: Thursday, 17 March, 12:30 PM PDT

UPDATE: System update has been completed with issues. All systems are now operational, but Refer to a friend from custom web forms are NOT sending emails at this point. This issue is going to be fixed tomorrow.

We will be launching our March release on 16 March 2011 at 1:00 AM PST (check local time). The deployment will take a few hours but we anticipate no major disruptions to the Business Catalyst service during this time. The release includes an updated version of Triangle, a new version of the Business Catalyst menu module, email campaign improvement and bug corrections.

Email campaigns improvements

Customers who report an email as “spam” will be automatically opted out from future communications. The campaign results page will show how many customers have reported emails as “spam”. However, the report will not display detailed information about the spam reports, due to privacy concerns.

Updated Triangle version

Starting with 29 April 2011, the existing (2.60) version of Triangle extension will not be able to login to Business Catalyst servers due to a change in authentication protocols. To allow partners to continue using Triangle, we have released a new version (2.61) and made it available for download in your Partner Portal, Tools section. All partners using Triangle 2.60 version are required to update prior to the cut-off date (29 April 2011). Partners using the new Business Catalyst extension are NOT impacted by the change.

You can download the updated Triangle version from here.

New dynamic menus with support for multiple module templates and named parameters

This release includes the final version of the Dynamic Menu modules that include support for multiple module templates and named parameters. The feature has been released in a hidden mode last release and we've received some great feedback from our prerelease community. It is time to make it available for all our partners.

The new version brings support for multiple module templates, named parameters and versioning. Default module templates are now on visible on FTP in a new system folder, named “ModuleTemplates”. We will be publishing a detailed blog post to provide more information on how you can use this new module backed-up by some samples.

Updates on web forms and bookings modules to help enforce security standards

  • Web forms with payment point to secure URL: starting with this release, the system will automatically update the form action to point to the secure URL each time you will create a web form that includes payment information. This way, you will not have to manually update the form action after inserting it in the page. This will not apply to existing websites, since you've already included the form code into pages.
  • Updated bookings module: In order to seamslessly support the bookings requiring payments, we have added a new checkbox in Booking details page (Requires Payment), by default set to false. If customers need to create a booking for which they require payment, they can do that by simple checking this box. If the booking details are accessed from the bookings list, the system will then automatically redirect visitors to the secure URL to safely submit payment information. If the booking details page is opened/linked directly, then the system will ignore the setting and partners will have to manually update the form action to point if to the full secure URL.
  • Supporting multi-currency websites: the recent security policy updates made difficult if not impossible to support multi-currency websites due to the fact that each URL can have a single currency and we only have a single secure URL. To avoid this, the system allows users to redirect visitors to the secure URL at the time of the purchase and then provide a way to redirect back on the right URL/domain when the purchase is completed. To do that, partners will have to:
    • Append the SITEURL={module_siteurl} to the form action
    • Add a button/link to the confirmation page that links to "http://{module_url,SITEURL}" e.g.: <a href="http://{module_url,SITEURL}">Continue</a>
    • The steps described above can already be implemented since the modules are already in production.

Issues fixed by the March 2011 release

  • Fixed search on Support Central page (bug id: 2779931)
  • Fixed an issue with Payment Express Gateway where payment status was set to SUCCEED, even though an exception was thrown; now if any error occurs, payment status is set to FAIL (bug id: 2781985)
  • Updated copy product feature to generate a new product code and a new URL while preserving the ones of the original product (bug id: 2792783)
  • Fixed an issue with PayPal Websites Payment Pro gateway causing recurrent orders older than 1 year to fail (bug id: 2793826)
  • Fixed an issue causing QuickBooks to stop synchronizing for a site when account(s) are reset (bug id: 2807078)
  • Updated Create Site REST API to assign the rebranded domain for the site and not the generic domain (bug id: 2815935)
  • Fixed product export to include product grouping in exported product list (bug id:2818264)
  • Fixed a bug causing Google Maps to no longer display the position markers but only the shadow markers (bug id: 2824427)
  • Fixed a bug causing workflows to not include invoice in email notification when using PayPal Websites Standards (bug id: 2566992)

Thank you,
Cristinel Anastasoaie
Adobe Business Catalyst Product Manager

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What's Up at Business Catalyst in November

Apologies for it being a bit quiet on the BC blog lately, we had a large portion of the team preparing for and attending the Adobe Max conference in LA a couple of weeks ago. A big thank-you to all the Partners who made it out there, we genuinely enjoyed meeting with you. It was an enriching experience especially for our engineers to meet both new and established customers and talk all things BC over the course of the conference.

Now back onto topic; we'll be making our November release on 17 November at 1:00AM US PST (check local times here). This is a maintenance release with bug fixes only because the team has been tied up on longer term initiatives.

List of Bug Fixes to be Delivered in this Release

  1. Corrected a web app export bug which was generating an incorrect format error when trying to export
  2. Fixed a webpage copy bug so that users can now correctly copy pages that include the '|' character in the page name
  3. Culture and country code are now preserved from when going from a standard URL to the secure URL. This problem was generating incorrect currencies on invoices and within payment processing
  4. Fixed a redirect issue that was causing the system not to use HTTPS protocol when communicating with payment gateways (SagePay 3D secure)
  5. For our UK based sites we've fixed a payment processing issue where we were sending incorrect country codes to payment gateways. We now send "GB" instead of "UNITED KINGDOM" which has fixed payments processed by Sagepay
  6. For sites using the Mollie Payment Gateway, we are now passing the error messages from the gateway directly to the customer checking out so it's easier for them understand the issue if the payment fails
  7. We've updated our nameservers to point to rebranded nameservers i.e instead of when doing a NS lookup
  8. Newsletters quotas are now consumed in the correct month (the month they are sent) when a campaign is scheduled for delivery on the first of the month
  9. Updated the email newsletters report counter to accurately reflect the number of newsletters sent
  10. Fixed an intermittent email campaign bug causing one-off campaigns to hold for all BC sites when somebody tried to send a campaign with zero recipients
  11. Product search results tag { module_productresults,1,,,weight,,,} can now use the weight attribute (if specified) when sorting products
  12. Updated affiliate programs to correctly record commissions when using non-seamless gateways
  13. Fixed a Blogs bug causing articles to be published before their set release date
  14. Updated site invoices to display the discount value when using a promo code at site upgrade
  15. Fixed a problem that occurred when validating email addresses between the BC system and Paypal admin where case sensitivity was preventing the order from being created inside BC even though the payments were processed inside Paypal

Why we won't be implementing Customizable Web App URLs (in the near term)

I've been receiving mail on this topic as well as other high-ranking wishlist items. Earlier in October I asked the team do some estimating on how long it would take to develop Customizable URLs for Web-Apps hoping we could squeeze it in before the end of the year after completing the DNS work. The outcome is as follows: due to the major changes we have to make to the web-app import/export engine to accommodate this combined with the complexity in making the new Web-App URLs work with legacy Web-App URLs meant that this feature was going to take 2-3 months. As a Product Manager, I've decided that this is not the best use of our engineering resources and I've made a final decision that we won't be going forward with this in the near term, the engineering cost is too high.

I look back at 2010 and sure enough we've made some big modifications to DNS, we delivered Customizable URLs for Products and Announcements, we gave you a Redirect manager, we opened new Datacenters, we gave you FTP access to layouts/templates etc etc but none of these developments has really changed the core of the BC Application. I understand that some of you are eagerly waiting for more features like Customizable Workflow notifications and custom CRM fields populated via Webforms. I'd love for us to work on adding those features BUT for the record our focus has to be kept strictly on BC V3 for now and the medium term, we really need to get the core of our new platform built as quickly as possible. 2011 is all about BC V3 and our primary goal is upgrade core functionality for BC. Every time we divert resources away to do a small feature here or a small feature there we slow this process down.

A Sneak Peak at BC V3

I thought I'd sign off these release notes with a sneak peak of the preliminary UI design for the new dashboard - click below to enlarge. BC V3 is going to have more of a 'desktop' feel where each module or feature is contained within an App that is launched from the BC Dashboard. For example, to manage your blogs, you will open the Blog App, for your photos you will have a Galleries App, ecommerce gets a Store App, the CRM gets a Customers App and well, you get the idea. The aim of this approach is to provide for all of your end-to-end workflows within individual apps rather than trying to make you skip around the system. You would only turn on the Apps that your customers needed to run their Online Business to keep the system easy for them and the side dashboard navigation menu uncluttered.

BC Dashboard Preliminary UI Design

Furthermore we will be building the whole UI in HTML not Flex (turning BC into an Air App) as some have feared so it will work in all your favorite browsers. One of our primary UI requirements is to be accessible from iOS devices as well so you and your clients will be able to use BC from an iPad! As the team builds more and more of the App we'll be able to sneak more previews and details over the coming releases. Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Our engineers have worked hard to push this release in only 3 weeks to get us back on track. We've got a system update to be deployed next week on 19 October 1:00AM US PDT (check local times). This one is an important one as we've got some DNS enhancements that the partner community has been requesting for a while now and we're also pushing out a truckload of bug fixes. The deployment will take a few hours but as usual we don't anticipate any major disruptions to BC service, however it will still be prudent to not time customer demos or site launches around this time.

DNS Enhancements

Redirect non-WWW domain to WWW domain - the most important enhancement we've made is to allow users to redirect "" to "". Here are the instructions on how to change your existing setup to take advantage of this change:

Case 1: is the default URL, is a forward to

What you should do:

  1. Delete the Forward entry
  2. Delete the entry
  3. Use the "Add a Hostname(A)" option on the right in the Action Box to add and set it as default URL:
  4. Use the "Add a Forward" option on the right in the Action Box to add as a forward to www version:
Case 2: is added, is a forward to

What you should do:

  1. Edit the record and set it as default:
Case 3: and are both added as A records (hostnames). Neither of them is a forward.

What you should do:

  1. Delete the entry
  2. Use the "Add a Forward" option on the right in the Action Box to add as a forward to www version:
  3. Edit the record and set it as default:


Case 4: You don't have any domain added yet or you want to add a new domain

What you should do:

  1. Use the "Setup a Domain Name" option on the right in the Action Box to add your domains. Configure the interface like this:

Set WWW domain as default URL for your site - since you can redirect non-WWW domains to WWW domains, we've also added the ability for you to set the WWW domain as the default URL for your site. That means all absolute links that are rendered on your site will use this default WWW URL.

Edit the Country and Culture set for your system and secure URLs - another much requested enhancement, we've updated the DNS Manager interface so you can now set the country and culture for your system and secure URLs. This is really important as although your site might be in one language i.e American English you need to collect payments in the currency of another country i.e British Pounds. In this case you can now go to your secure URL settings and change the country for the secure URL to be United Kingdom.

De-coupled the Default Domain for Site and Email - starting with this release we have decoupled the default domain for your email and your site. What this does is allows you to change default domains for your site without having to delete your mailboxes as they can remain on the old domain. Mail sent to the new site default domain still gets received as it has aliases setup on the new domain which redirects the mail back to the original inbox.

Important: Changes to Newsletter Overage Purchase Workflow

In the release that we are going to push live next week, we’ve also changed the email notification logic so now the behavior will be the same as for disabled sites:

  • If the customer billing relationship is with the partner only - then only the partner users will receive warnings for blocked email campaigns
  • If the customer billing relationship is directly with Business Catalyst, the notification is sent to all site users
  • If the customer is on the billing plan where the partner is billed in the 1st year but the customer is billed by BC in the subsequent period then the notifications for blocked email campaigns will be sent to all site users
  • If the customer is on bill-on-account the notification is sent to all site users

Our (Long) List of Bug Fixes that will be Delivered

In no particular order:
  1. Fixed WYSIWYG editor problems affecting Safari and Chrome including an issue where text was being deleted when changing font face and also an issue where font size or CSS styles were not being applied in
  2. Updated System Messages to differentiate between "404 - Page not found" and "Credit card failed" errors
  3. Fixed a system problem causing forum notifications to not be sent
  4. Updated the Change Billing Type user interface to display invoice date & number for each invoice in the list
  5. Improved performance on the FTP server to avoid timeouts when browsing folders with large number of files
  6. Fixed a bug in the new web form builder to prevent duplicate Field ID's
  7. Fixed a bug causing "{tag_producttaxrate}" tag to generate extra zeroes in invoices
  8. Fixed a performance problem in the web app item export to prevent timeouts when exporting a large number of items
  9. Corrected a problem in web apps that was causing the web app item template to reset to default after the item is updated on the front-end
  10. Deleting a default domain as a rebranded partner will no longer delete all A records of your partner sites (free or paid)
  11. Fixed DNS user interface to allow customers to move a domain name from one site to another (by deleting it on the first site and adding it on the second)
  12. Fixed and email management problem causing email accounts to stop working after changing the default domain
  13. Blog posts are now being published automatically when the release date is reached
Until next time, we hope you make good use of the DNS enhancements!
Your Friendly BC Product Manager
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We’re planning to deploy our next system update on 29 September 1:00AM US, Pacific Daylight Time. The deployment will take a few hours but we anticipate no major disruptions to the Business Catalyst service during this time. This is a smaller release consisting of various improvements and bugfixes, as the Engineering team have been working on larger features you’ll see further down the release pipeline

What new features are being delivered in this release?

  • Assign Newsletter Templates to multiple/all sites in one go - we've upgraded the workflow inside Partner Portal > Tools > Newsletter Templates to make it easy for you to select multiple sites or all sites when assigning custom newsletter templates.
  • Improvements to Newsletter Overages - starting with this release, we’re improving the way we charge your clients for additional newsletters. You will now have to pre-purchase credits for your sites inside the Partner Portal. These will get consumed after the 10,000/month free emails are exhausted. Any unused newsletter credits will rollover to the next month and last for up to 12 months from the day of purchase.
  • Added extra parameters to {tag_totaltaxpercentage} - to display the sales tax amount where the product price is inclusive of sales tax we've added 2 parameters so you have {tag_totaltaxpercentage, percentage, calculateBeforeShipping, calculateBeforeDiscount}. Using 'true' for both new parameters will calculate the tax on the product before shipping and discounts are applied.
  • Blog Post List Default Layout Updated - so that it no longer renders comments and trackbacks as hidden divs in the list; they are now rendered as links that will take the user to the post detail page where the comments and trackbacks are accessible. This change applies only to new sites and existing sites that don't have the list layout customized yet. If you want to take advantage of this change, just reset the "Blog Post List" to original; however, this change will revert any changes you may have made previously to "Blog Post List" layout.
  • New Payment Gateway enabled for Affiliates - customers will now be able to use Payment Express (PX) Gateway with Affiliates

Bug Fixes that will be delivered in this release

  • Re-use domains from canceled sites - when canceling a site, the domains associated with it are now also deleted. You can use re-use these domains on other BC sites
  • Domains are now prevented from being added to multiple BC sites - each time a new domain or a new hostname is added, we now check to see whether or not it is in use within our system even if it is hosted externally. If it is already in use we won't allow it to be added.
  • Search Engine Referrals Report fixed - for sites with large numbers of visits you will now be able access you reports for Search Terms and Referrals without it timing out
  • eCommerce Report fixed - customers can now create eCommerce Sales reports where the payment was successful and the time period covers the last 6 months without receiving an error
  • Inquiries Report fixed - in the Reports Summary page under Leads > Inquiries, reports can now be generated for periods exceeding one month
  • Affiliate Program tag fixed - {tag_clickthrustotal} has been fixed to display accurate values
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Business Catalyst has scheduled it's next major system update on 25 August 1:00AM US PDT. The deployment will take a few hours but we anticipate no disruptions to the Business Catalyst service during this time. The scheduled release includes new features as well as fixes for some of the most important issues reported by our customers.

What’s new in this release of Business Catalyst?

  • Customizable SEO Friendly URLs for Announcements: Continuing the work started with Catalogs and Products, we're extending the support for customizable URLs to the Announcements module. To take advantage of this feature for your announcements, you will need to enable it from Admin > Search Engine Optimization settings page. The new URL will look like: You will also have the option of customizing the 'announcements' folder name not only the 'announcement-title' segment.
  • Updated "Training" Section in Partner Portal: with this release we're rolling-out a number of new training videos to provide standard and premium partners with on-demand advanced technical training. Look in your Partner Portal in the Training Tab and you'll see the new Core Courses and Advanced Courses tabs. You will find a series of training videos covering eCommerce, Webforms & CRM, Email Marketing and Web-Apps. We hope this helps our new Partners build more sites on BC!
  • Improved Image Thumbnail Generation: We’re introducing a simplified method to generate image thumbnails which will replace the exiting ShowThumbnail.aspx method. To use the new functionality to generate an image thumbnail for an image located at /images/cat.jpg users can query parameters in the URL like so: /images/cat.jpg?action=thumbnail&width=80&height=80. By default, the output format of the thumbnail will match the original image i.e if you request a thumbnail for a jpeg image, it will also be generated as a jpeg. A specific format can be forced using the “format” parameter, with possible values including 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif' and 'png'. The old method of using ShowThumbnail.aspx will remain available for at least a few months, but we plan to deprecate it eventually as it's usage decreases.

Over the coming week, we will be publishing articles on this blog to describe some of the new features in-depth and show how to take advantage of them. In addition to building new features, the team also worked on fixing the following key bugs.

Bug fixes that will be deployed with the August Release

  • Updated DNS management to allow users to set domain names hosted externally as default URLs
  • Fixed a tax computation issue that was causing the {tag_productsubtotal} to add 0.01 cents to the total price of some combinations of 3 products
  • Deleting an URL redirect from the Manage URL redirects interface no longer deletes the source page
  • InContext Editing Save and Save & Publish buttons are now correctly functioning even when page does include widgets (ex: twitter, bookmark/share this)
  • Fixed an InContext Editing issue which didn't allow users to Save and Publish when the template contained a link to a css file on another domain
  • Updated site search engine so that deleted web app items and products are removed from the search index.
  • Fixed a currency symbols display issue in the secure PDF sent via "Process Offline" payment gateway
  • Added better messaging & warnings describing the steps required to prevent automatic payment of already issued invoices when disabling a recurring payment
  • Fixed a site enable/disable issue causing user disabled web app items to become enabled when the site is globally enabled by the system
  • Fixed a resource problem causing the Main menu in Admin section to remain in English, even when language changed to something else; note: some resources are available only in English;

These fixes will be deployed along with the system update next week.

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Business Catalyst has scheduled its next major system update on 28 July 1:00AM US PDT. The deployment will take a few hours but we anticipate no disruptions to the Business Catalyst service during this time. After receiving constructive customer feedback relating to recent releases, we're now announcing it early so you can be prepared for the changes that will be occurring next week. The scheduled release includes new features as well as fixes for some of the most important issues reported by our customers.

What’s new in this release of Business Catalyst?

  • Adding a detail blog post layout: an individual blog post will now have its own layout, enabling a more granular customization.
  • Updating the Admin Console interface for managing blog layouts: to add more clarity in the layout list, we have regrouped the blog layouts list, renamed some of the layouts and updated their description.
  • Locked editable regions in InContext Editing: to prevent data loss, InContext Editing now locks editable regions that contain content which has used Javascript widgets to alter runtime presentation and behavior
  • Updating Sitemap.xml: when SEO Friendly URLs are enabled, Sitemap.xml will contain the new links in its next refresh (within 24 hours). Disabling SEO Friendly URLs will trigger Sitemap.xml to revert to the legacy URLs.
  • Updating "Training" Section in Partner Portal: with this release we're rolling-out a number of new training videos to provide new partners with more on-demand training

Over the coming week, we will be publishing articles on this blog to describe some of the new features in-depth and show how to take advantage of them. In addition to building new features, the team also worked on fixing bugs.

Bug fixes that will be deployed with the July Release

  • Recurring payments on SagePay are now processed
  • Print View now works correctly on pages displaying catalogs or products after enabling SEO Friendly URLs
  • Site Search has been updated to exclude all items using “&OT=” statement
  • InContext Editing causing issues sites using Cufon has been fixed by locking editable regions whose content is updated at runtime by AJAX libraries
  • Fixed a French translation issue in shopping cart summary and placed the euro symbol after the amount
  • Required and optional attributes are now correctly marked in the exported Product List
  • Updated Culture drop-down in the Add domain user interface to display “Please select” as default value instead of “Check”
  • The “Amount paid” column in “Customer > Orders” screen now displays only successful payments and excludes pending payments
  • Fixed a display issue in billing screen to avoid the “set-up fee” defined for consolidated billing being carried over and displayed with “Invoice me directly” payment type
  • Added a form validation on the PayPal Payment Data Transfer Token field in Admin > Ecommerce > Payment Gateways > PayPal Website Standard (Optional) section

These fixes will be deployed along with the system update next week.

Introducing a new Product Manager to the Community

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce Cristinel Anastasoaie to our Partner Community. Cristinel is one of the Product Managers at Business Catalyst and is based in our Bucharest office. He brings a lot of experience to the team having worked at InterAKT Online as a Product Manager releasing Dreamweaver Extensions including MX Kollection and KTML until the company was acquired by Adobe in 2006. At Adobe, Cristinel continued focusing on releasing Dreamweaver extensions for web developers and then moved on to managing The Adobe InContext Editing service until it was merged into Business Catalyst in 2009. You will be seeing a lot more of him around as we focus on better engagement and improving communication with the BC partner community in the coming months.

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This morning Business Catalyst deployed release 150 to our production servers across all data centers. When you login to your BC Sites or your Partner Portal you'll see that you've now got access to some much anticipated new features...

Improved DNS Management Tools

We're now giving you full control over the DNS settings for your BC sites. Go to Admin > Manage Your Domain, the interface has been updated to allow you to:

  1. Setup Domain Names - as with the previous DNS manager this allows you to add your own domain names choose whether you want to host your Domain name externally or re-delegate to your Business Catalyst sites.
  2. Forward Domains - this is a big win! Any of the domains and sub-domains that you setup on BC can be forwarded to other domains that are hosted on your site (save for circular forwarding). You are now able to setup your www records to forward to your non-www records for your domains to solve canonical domain issues and stop search engines treating "" and "" as two different sites.
  3. Setup A records - create subdomains for your site and choose the start page for them. You'll also be able to choose the country and culture which will help in building multi-lingual sites with different subdomains.
  4. Setup CNAME records - will give you the ability to add any number of sub-domains and point them to externally hosted websites and services, or you can point them to another A record that you've created on your site
  5. Setup MX Records - setting up your sites to use an externally hosted mail service is a breeze now because you have the option to add your own MX records.
  6. Setup Advanced records - you can create TXT, SPF, SRV or AAAA records just by choosing a name, a TTL and entering in your record data.
As is standard practice with releasing new features the new DNS Tools will be in Beta for a couple of releases while the engineering team fixes any outstanding usability issues that are reported by you. With the canonical domain issue resolved, the ability to create sub-domains, and the ability point them to 3rd party services the new DNS tools are a great addition to BC.

Automatically Invoice and Charge Your Clients for Hosting at Prices You Set

For Premium Partners at BC, you now have the ability to use BC to set your own hosting prices and then automatically invoice and charge your clients for their hosting on a monthly or annually recurring basis. This high-value feature is called 'Consolidated Billing' and is accessed via Partner Portal > Billing > Consolidated Billing.

When you enable it, it works by creating a set of products inside your Partner Site that correspond to the different standard plans offered by BC and rebranded by you. You can set the prices of these products by editing them in your Partner Site. In addition you will need to add a Payment Gateway such as which allows recurring billing so that your Partner Site is able to send invoices to your clients.

On creating a new site, you will have the option of selecting 'Bill-on-Account' as the billing method for this site and your clients will be charged at the rates you set. In addition, trial sites will now have a 'Upgrade' button in the corner so your clients can upgrade their own sites and pay the hosting rates that you've set.

With your Partner Site sending out the monthly or annually recurring invoices to your clients BC will send you 1 bill at the end of each month to charge you monthly in arrears for all the sites that are using 'Bill-on-Account' as per out standard pricing structure. Learn more about Consolidated Billing by downloading the guide here.

Upgrade Site Search Goes Live on Friday!

With this release we've upgraded the engine powering site search running on BC sites. The new site search will provide much faster search performance for sites and better keyword matching. In particular the search results for multiple keywords will be more accurate and more complete.

Although the feature has been released, the indexing of all sites hosted on BC will only be completed by this Friday morning (US PST). Once the indexing is complete, the engineering team will be able to switch the site search from the current engine to the new engine and I'll be posting to communicate this change. This is a seamless upgrade and does not require any action from BC Partners or Site Owners.

Some More Little Enhancements…

As an added bonus our engineers have worked on some minor improvements to BC including:

  1. Enable/Disable Menu Items- there is now a checkbox at the bottom of each dynamic menu item that lets you choose whether a menu item is displayed live on your site. Toggling these on or off means that you don't have to delete a menu item to remove it from the live view anymore.
  2. Recurring Billing now pays Affiliate Commissions- when affiliates refer customers who purchase products that have generated a recurring order the affiliate will now be paid commission each time instead of just paying on the initial order.
  3. Allowing Recurring Billing for "Process Offline" Gateway- a much requested feature, you are now able to use 'Process Offline' as a payment gateway type for recurring billing. However, please keep your encrypted customers billing details handy as these are only sent once on the initial recurring order.
  4. New Tags introduced for ECommerce (Shopping Cart)- for countries such as Australia where store owners are entering prices inclusive of sales tax we now have {tag_producttaxpercentage,percentage} and {tag_totaltaxpercentage,percentage} to use on the shopping cart and invoice layouts which will calculate and display tax based on the retail or sale price entered for the product
Thanks for reading, we hope you find these enhancements useful!
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