Unbelievable scale of online customization with Custom Templates from EZ-BC / Code Production

- Sunday, May 28, 2017

Code Production continues to invest heavily in the development of their new solution - Custom Templates service that allows BC partners to switch from being a freelance developer to creative digital agency.

And with the latest updates, opportunities for customizing the templates online and creating demo sites are endless. Watch the latest BC Sandpile to learn more. It gets even better, you get a 50% discount if you never used Custom Templates before! Here are the coupons for the next week:
50% OFF: N17250 – first-time user
25% OFF: C17225 – existing users


USA - May 31st, 11:59 PM PST
Australia - May 31st, 7:59 PM AET
UK - May 31st, 7:59 AM GMT


How it works

When you purchase the template, you only choose the pages and layouts you need for a particular project. On top of that, you can add client’s branding, styles, fonts, sitemap, etc. right away and upsell a demo site totally for FREE. After that, Code Production team will manually remove all unnecessary code, modules, prepare a site according to the customized demo and transfer it to your Partner Portal. Thus, Custom Templates provides you with maximum flexibility for further redesign by offering a team of templates’ original devs that will help you implement any of the requirements and ideas you have for the site in a matter of days.

Moreover, Code Production offers a free personal demo for anyone who want to know how solution Custom Templates can benefit his business.

About EZ-BC/Code Production
EZ-BC/Code Production is a BC partner since 2008. With over 1,000 BC projects delivered EZ-BC/Code Production team specializes in products and development services for the Business Catalyst community. For more info visit ez-bc.com.