Upcoming Book: Website Breakthrough 10 Easy Steps

bardia housman - Saturday, January 05, 2008
Recently I was honored to be asked by Luke Hayes to participate in an advanced reading of his upcoming book "Website breakthrough 10 Easy Steps". Luke is an extremely successful internet marketer and has been in the game for a long time. I respect his mission (and drive) to help business owners succeed online. I found his book to be an easy read. He cleverly breaks down all the concepts so that those new to the game can grasp them quickly. More importantly it covered everything a business owner needs to know to start-up and begin to run a successful online business. 

You may have read about my 4C's of online success (Content->Credibility->Conversion->Customer). In his book, Luke sets the foundations for a perfect lead-in to the critical 4th C (the Customer) where Business Catalyst plays such a vital role. Our approach to see the customer (rather than content) as the centre of an online business enables business owners to understand their customers so they can increase their profits. After all it's cheaper to market to existing customers rather than pursue new ones.

Make sure you read Luke's book when it's published, as to get to the 4th C, you need to have covered the first three.