BC Partner Webinar & BC Sandpile join forces

Diana Iliescu - Friday, February 03, 2017

Over the last 4 years, the monthly Partner Orientation Webinars (hosted by the BC team) and the weekly BC Sandpile sessions (hosted by Scott Reynolds, Urszula Richards and Penny Elbery) have increased understanding of BC’s features and capabilities, facilitated knowledge sharing between BC Partners and most important – helped us strengthen the BC community.

This year we’ve decided to join our forces, so from now on the monthly BC Partner Webinars will be held on the Sandpile’s hours and Connect room, hoping this way to offer more visibility to both training resources and to merge and increase the audience.

This month we'll meet Tuesday February 28th (US) / Wednesaday March 1st (AU) with Michael Sallander to discuss how to Unlock the Potential of Business Catalyst with Web Apps.

Web Apps are a simple way to add complex functionality to Business Catalyst websites, while making the backend editing experience for customers easier. In this webinar, Mike Sallander from Chicago Digital will explain what web apps are, how they are used and show basic and advanced implementations. For advanced users, Mike will discuss how you can get around one of the limitations of Web Apps in Business Catalyst.

Tue/Wed, February 28th/March 1st: Unlock the Potential of Business Catalyst with Web Apps

To help you put your learning into practice, webinar participants will be receive a 15% discount on their next website. (*Some conditions apply, see below)

Registrations are now open for the March and April sessions as well:

Tue/Wed, March 28th/29th: Here's to Making JSON Part of Every Developer's Vocabulary

Most people know that Business Catalyst is a very secure, simple, and powerful platform to build websites, but what you may not know is that Business Catalyst is also flexible and customizable. To unlock the full potential of Business Catalyst you will need to learn more than HTML and CSS. If you are ready to take Business Catalyst to the next level, then demystifying JSON is the next step. If the word JSON intimidates you, this webinar is for you. If you struggle with liquid or working with APIs, this webinar is for you. While Mike Sallander from Chicago Digital cannot make you a JSON expert in this webinar, he will help you understand the importance of JSON and make you feel more comfortable with it so you can begin to unlock the power of the platform.

Tue/Wed, April 25th/26th: Personalize Your Website and Email Marketing

Business Catalyst is an amazing Content Management System that has the website hosting, CMS, CRM, Ecommerce, secure zones and Email Marketing combined, in one product. This enables developers to build web experiences that are more personalized to their audiences. Mike Sallander, President of Chicago Digital, will show you the potential of personalization in Business Catalyst by walking you through practical examples:
1. Display different Home Page Sliders based on the country of the visitor
2. Send email marketing campaigns to users based on their country or state without asking for the information
3. Change calls to actions on your website based on users past interactions with your website

If you have any questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to send them over to BCPartner-Team@adobe.com. We will be happy to answer all your inquiries.

*15% discount coupon applies for new site upgrades on any desired plan, for the first year. Coupon validity: 30-Jun-2017, only available for the webinars’ attendees. The discount code will only be offered live, during the webinar session.

Thank you and see you there!
The Adobe Business Catalyst Team