Page SEO metadata

We are introducing a new interface for editing Page SEO metadata by both Partners and Clients. It can be activated by going to this URL on your site: /AdminConsole/#!/Utilities/SEOsettings.aspx

This will involve migrating some of existing metadata from internal BC system into page content itself.

Optional reading: Here are the effects of activating the new interface.

Handling the following page metadata: description, title, robots noindex

Both of these can be set now when editing pages by using this dialog:



Search results will replace existing "Exclude from Search results" option. If enabled, it wil place <meta name="robots" content="noindex"> inside the page.

When a page is saved, if it contains the above meta, the following actions will also be performed:


Notes on handling page title

Page title can be set now both in HTML <title> tag (via the dialog above, Dreamweaver or the code editor of your choice) (recommended), but also in the following field:

When a page is rendered, it will use the title set in this field, if specified, and otherwise the value set in HTML <title> tag.

Change: Title will always be saved in HTML <title> tag.
{ tag_pagetitle } will continue to work in templates, and will render the value set in HTML <title> tag.

Pages with metadata set with V2 interface

This is no longer available in V3 UI. Please see above the recommened way to work with metadata going forward.

When New interface for Page SEO metadata is enabled, the metadata assgined with pages with V2 UI, if any, will no longer be rendered.


What is not being changed?

How about keywords metadata?

Search engines do not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking. If you'd still like to use keywords though, feel fre to edit the HTML content.


Migrating existing sites

In order to activate the new UI, we will migrate existing data first.

1. Page titles

For all pages which have the title set in this field

we will move the title inside page content itself, using HTML <title> tag.

2. Exclude from search results page setting

Pages with Exclude from search results set will have this added to page HTML code
<meta name='robots' content='NOINDEX'>

3. Page metadata assigned with V2 interface

For each metadata, we will move the contents in page contents.

Example: This page

<title>Contact Us</title>
<meta name='description' content='Contact ABC company'>

has the following metadata assigned

description: Contact XYZ company
robots: NOINDEX

After moving the data, the page will contain

<title>Contact Us</title>
<meta name='description' content='Contact ABC company'>
<meta name='robots' content='NOINDEX'>

and have no metadata assigned in the V2 interface.


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