Build and manage your client sites

In order to sell more sites, you need to create them fast, so we've bundled a lot of features in our Partner portal to allow you to easily pitch and build sites for new customers.

Create new websites in just minutes

With just a few clicks, you can create a fully functional business website from one of our custom templates - complete with eCommerce, contact forms, email subscription boxes and more. A little customization and you're ready to go!

Manage your clients from one central console

Your Partner Portal allows you to centrally manage all your sites with us. You can view your customers sites, their invoices and what plan they're on. You can also easily give yourself access to sites, reset passwords, resend invoices and more.

Replicate existing sites with ease

Do you often find yourself repeating the same basic steps in building an online business? Now you can re-use your efforts by replicating an old site in an instant, then customizing the parts that need changing - all with a fresh customer database.

Get a head-start by importing existing sites

Our import tool reads external websites and recre

ates them within BC, giving you a head-start when working with an existing website. Once it's in the system, you can immediate start adding high-value business functionality - helping you impress your prospects and land the deal.