Earn commissions and increase revenues

Business Catalyst's philosophy is to share the success with Partners. This is why we do share our recurrent revenues with Standard and Premium partners.

Flexible billing options

As a Standard or Premium Partner, we give you access to flexible billing options – we can bill your client directly, we can bill you and then you manage your own billing, or for Premium Partners only, you can automate the process and roll your own hosting plans.

Build a revenue stream with attractive commissions

For each client you sign up using BC, you'll receive a 20% commission on their subscription fees. Over time, as you build more and more client sites on BC, you’ll see your commissions develop into a healthy source of recurring revenue for you and your business.

Earn recurring subscription revenues

As a Premium Partner, you can set your own hosting fees for our plans. Set up a payment gateway and start collecting hosting fees every month! We then bill you on a monthly basis for the wholesale cost of your client subscriptions.