Get a marketing kick-start

When you sign up for a paid Partner account, we'll help you get started with your new business - from whitelabeled marketing materials, to your ready to go Partner site and more.

Your own Partner site, ready to go

Every Partner receives a BC Online Business (like the ones you'll build for your clients) that is linked to their Partner account. Even better - our marketing team has loaded it up with pre-written sales copy to give you a kick-start and help you start selling the solution from day one.

White-labeled introduction video

Right on the front page of your free site we’ve included an unbranded Introducing BC video for potential clients to watch. This video is a powerful sales tool that helps you quickly explain the value of BC from your clients perspective. Try sending it to some clients and check their reaction - it works.

Pre-configured contact form and free trial buttons

Just like you tell your clients - contact forms and lead generation are an important part of every online business! That's why your marketing site comes complete with a pre-configured contact form and Free Trial Signup buttons – so you start generating leads straight away.

Boilerplate templates, re-usable PDFs and more

Paid Partners receive an even greater number of resources to help you get started faster. From proposal templates, PDFs and pre-made slide decks that you can use to help improve your sales process and close deals faster.