Design Experts – Partner Success Stories

By Tim Gentle, Managing Director, Design Experts

The role Business Catalyst has played in our Web Agencies success

Design Experts is a full service digital marketing agency that works with businesses to reach their full online potential. We opened the doors in March 2008 after we identified a gap in the market place for quality web-design services in regional Australia.

To capitalize on this gap, a clear business strategy was required. A strategy with core foundations – to have a educative approach with our services, a continued focus on innovation, and a commitment to partnering with our clients long term to achieve their results.  Looking back, we strongly believe that it was these solid foundations, and our committing to Business Catalyst as a delivery platform, that has led to our great success.

We had some pretty strict criteria that we considered prior to choosing Business Catalyst, which included that it be:

In only 4 years, we have grown Design Experts from 3 part-timers in just one location, to 18 full-timers in three locations around Australia and have built and continue to manage more than 300 Business Catalyst solutions.

We service direct customers, marketing agencies and other Business Catalyst developers.  We continue to be very active in the Business Catalyst community, attending BC partner update sessions, BC conferences, join in on the online BC community sites and access the vast array of online BC resources to up skill our team.

If you’re interested in finding out how integrating Business Catalyst into your agency will benefit you, we are more than happy to have a conversation. Please feel free to contact us.

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What do your clients like about using BC?

Our clients consist of direct clients and indirect clients i.e. marketing agencies with their own clients. These two distinct client groups both have their own reasons for using Business Catalyst for their online marketing.

Our direct clients love the user-friendly nature of Business Catalyst.  After a short training session, even clients with limited technical knowledge are editing their websites with confidence. This makes their website a real asset to their business.  Our clients love the ease with which they can communicate with their customers.  The confidence and freedom our clients gain from not having to rely on a web-developer for simple tasks can only be achieved by using Business Catalyst and it saves them time and money and gives them a sense of achievement.

Our Marketing Agency clients also enjoy the same benefits, however they also have added bonus of confidently offering online marketing services to their client base with their own branding on the clients Content Management System.

Other benefits include the integrated analytics, Client Relationship Manager and the ability to upgrade to email marketing or eCommerce at any time.

How is developing on BC different from your previous development process?

Developing on BC is a much more stable process than the platforms we used previously.  We tried a number of different CMS providers, none of which come close to BC in terms of stability.  BC is also an “end-to-end” solution, with a unified toolkit that shortens our development times.  It eliminates the need to build server-side code, source 3rd party plug-ins and cuts lead times while saving our developers a huge headache. 

On many occasions, we have involved the client in the build process, getting them to add their content directly onto the pages as we’re building them.

What are the strengths of BC compared to other systems?

With over 300 clients using BC solutions, we need to ensure that the system is secure and robust so we don’t get hit with loads of support calls.  We have found that BC has been fantastic in reducing these occurrences.

The fact that Business Catalyst is a fully integrated product means that we can access a full array of modules to enhance our websites, including email marketing, photo galleries, calendars, eCommerce; the list goes on!

Data import/export is a lot faster in BC than on other systems we’ve used, leading to shorter lead times and less frustrated developers.  

Also, many platforms will make you pay for upgrades - Business Catalyst doesn’t (which makes the accountants happy!).

What are your favorite aspects of the Partner Program, and why?

By partnering with Adobe Business Catalyst, it allows Design Experts to focus on what we do best - planning, designing, developing and educating our clients. Adobe's role is to continually improve the solution so that it keeps up with the rapidly growing industry.

We love how BC handle the training videos, knowledge base and offer support to our team if required.

The Partner Console also allows us to view all of our clients, view other BC developers’ work and participate in the online discussions.

The Commission aspect of the partner program provides Design Experts with real incentives to continue to sell Business Catalyst and earn ongoing passive income. 

Design Experts has complete confidence in partnering with Business Catalyst.  We also leverage off the fact that it is an Adobe product and this builds confidence.

Looking back, how do you feel about your decision to become a BC Partner?

The decision to become a BC Partner has been a brilliant move.  We now have all the tools we need and the confidence to move forward and grow our business. We are now 4 years down the track and have more than 300 BC solutions to date.  We’ve even helped other marketing and web agencies adopt BC into their business and assist them to offer Business Catalyst as a solution to their clients.  We’ll stick with BC from this point on and have committed to becoming one of the world’s best BC solution providers.

How has BC helped you grow your design business?

Looking back, adopting Business Catalyst is one of the reasons for our rapid growth.  We’ve been able to deliver more solutions in a shorter space of time and have been able to say “yes we can” to the vast majority of requests from our clients due to the array of in-built functionality available to us to integrate.

Our clients love the fact that Business Catalyst is an Adobe product.  Adobe is a respected and well-recognized brand and when our clients see that logo they trust the product we’re offering them.

Thank you, Tim! 

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